God of War (2018): How To Free All 3 Dragons | ‘Dangerous Skies’ Guide

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Make the skies a little more dangerous in God of War with these three dragon side-quests. Completing the trio will earn you the ‘Dangerous Skies‘ trophy, and you’ll get a bunch of rewards — including dragon materials — for completing each one. Dragons are pretty impressive creatures, and there’s one to find in three different regions. Don’t worry, you can’t miss these guys. Even if you complete the game, you’ll be able to go back and explore.

Every dragon quest is basically the same. Kratos and Atreus, his son armed with a bow, will need to explore the region, finding the chained dragon and then breaking the three dragon shrines keeping the creature imprisoned. Once all the shrines are smashed, you’ll be able to unlock the anchor and let the critter go. There are also tons of extra collectibles to uncover in each optional area, so make sure to take a look around before running into the next big combat encounter.

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How To Free All 3 Dragons | ‘Dangerous Skies’ Guide


To unlock the ‘Dangerous Skies‘ trophy, you’ll need to complete three special side-quests, called labors in God of War, to release three dragons that are locked into place with anchors. You can go back and free the dragons at any point in the game, including the post-game.

When entering a dragon’s prison, the dragon will shoot flame into the arena — so always look for a place to take cover. To actually free the dragon, you’ll need to smash all three of the Dragon Shrines in the area near the dragon. After smashing the shrines, go to the anchor in the center to free the dragon.

  • Dragon #1: The Flight of Fafnir
    • Region: Council of Valkyries
    • Dragon Shrine #1: To the left of the anchor.
    • Dragon Shrine #2: Jump the cliff to the right of the anchor and climb up to reach the shrine, guarded by a Traveler enemy.
    • Dragon Shrine #3: From the second shrine, stay up high and lift the gate from the cave, going around to the next chamber with a final shrine.
  • Dragon #2: The Fire of Reginn
    • Region: Konunsgard
    • Dragon Shrine #1: Left of the anchor. Jump the fallen bridge and find it in the arena below.
    • Dragon Shrine #2: Continue along the cliffs (to your right) to find a dark cave past the first shrine.
    • Dragon Shrine #3: Behind the rune door opposite the first shrine. Ring the three bells in the area to open the door.
  • Dragon #3: Otr’s Imprisonment
    • Region: Veithurgard
    • Dragon Shrine #1: Up the hill, to the right of the anchor.
    • Dragon Shrine #2: Turn left from the anchor, and stick to the left edge up the hill path.
    • Dragon Shrine #3: Reach the far end of the broken bridge and match the runes on the door to unlock it.

Free all three dragons to complete the labor and unlock the ‘Dangerous Skies’ trophy.