God of War (2018): All 7 Hidden Chambers of Odin Locations Guide

Dive into the secret corners of Midgard with these Hidden Chamber locations. Many regions in God of War have a hidden chamber to find, and once you complete the main story, you’ll be able to backtrack through the many, many locations you’ve fought through to unlock a little more extra content. There’s usually a couple of things you need in a Hidden Chamber of Odin — chests with rare crafting materials, Valkyrie boss battles, Mystic Gateways, and hidden collectibles.

Annoyingly, a few collectibles are usually hidden in these chambers. You won’t be able to finish your hunt until you’ve unlocked the ability to crack open Hidden Chamber doors. Kratos and son will get that ability pretty far into the game, but you’ll still have plenty of story to complete, and plenty of time to return to old areas. The Valkyries are the most challenging foes you’ll face in the game, and there’s always one at the end of a hidden chamber.

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All 7 Hidden Chambers of Odin Locations Guide

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The Wildwoods

  • Hidden Chamber #1: Found in the Wildwoods, return after completing the game and find the first boss arena. From the boss, leave the lower arena and stick to the left wall. Unlock the hidden chamber here, and fight your way to the end.

River Pass

  • Hidden Chamber #2: In the Witch’s Cave, accessible from your boat and landing at the dock, ride the lift up and take the right path down under the bridge. Use Atreus to generate bridges to a Nornin chest, then go left — there’s a red bramble blocking the way. Use Atreus to extend a bridge right of the chest, grab the explosive and throw it at the brambles. Blow up the root and climb up to find the chamber door.


  • Hidden Chamber #3: Found very close to Sindri’s shop. Climb the rocky cliff wall and run to the far end of the path. In the cave, you’ll find the Hidden Chamber door past the locked (or unlocked, if you’re far into the story) Winds of Hel door.

The Mountain

  • Hidden Chamber #4: For once, it’s easy to find a Hidden Chamber. This is found in the large room with the wooden wheel, near the first vendor. Instead of going down the path to the left, go to the back-right to find the entrance door.


  • Hidden Chamber #5: Land on the optional beach to the left in the lake area of Alfheim. There’s a short cavern near the shore that leads to a Hidden Chamber.

Thamur’s Corpse

  • Hidden Chamber #6: This is the region where you’ll first be able to open the special locks that block entry to hidden chambers. After completing the area, return to the start — around where the giant’s fallen hand is located — to find the first chamber you can actually enter.


  • Hidden Chamber #7: Return to Helheim with Atreus at a later time, and reach the bridge with the walkway-like bridges leading to interior rooms. One is blocked by a red crystal and brambles — use Atreus to set off the explosive red crystal to get inside. This is the only hidden chamber locked behind a different kind of door.