God of War (2018): Shrines & Lore Markers Locations | Collectibles Guide

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Learn more about Norse mythology with the many lore markers, shrines, and scrolls found all over God of War. Presented as a short lesson between Kratos and his son Atreus, you just might understand the Norse gods better if you pay attention to these quick stories. It helps that they’re pretty entertaining. Who doesn’t want to hear Kratos and son calling Zeus an “idiot”?

There are 39 lore markers for you to find, and a whole bunch of shrines — they’re worth checking out, even if the shrines are counted in your collectibles list when checking out each region overview. Like everything else in God of War, you’ll earn a couple trophies for completing these collectible sets.

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Shrines & Lore Markers Locations | Collectibles Guide

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The Wildwoods

  • Shrine #1: Leaving the temple, you’ll need to knock down an explosive pot to clear the rocks blocking a gate. Through the gate, you’ll be able to follow some stairs up to the first shrine.
  • Scroll #1: Enter the hidden area (exit the first boss arena and stick to the left wall) to find a scroll before reaching the Realm Tear.

River Pass

  • Marker #1: Can’t miss it.
  • Scroll #2: After fighting the Revenant in the creepy cave, continue until you fight fire-throwing Draugr. There’s a scroll right as you enter this area.
  • Shrine #2: In the same area as the scroll, drop down and follow the left path to find an optional shrine.
  • Marker #2: In the troll boss arena, smash the wooden barrier at the top of the wooden wall and throw Atreus up so he can lower a chain. The lore marker is up top.
  • Marker #3: Inside the Witch’s Cave, turn right from the entrance lift and look for a tall well. Climb up to find the glowing text.
  • Marker #4: Climb to the top of the well, then grab the blue crystal behind the hole — plug it into the marker directly to your left after you climb out.
  • Marker #5: This one is easy to find. From the previous marker, go down the hill and stick to the left wall.
  • Marker #6: Further ahead from the previous marker. It’s right next to the chain.

Lake of the Nine

  • Shrine #3: Right at the start of the region, you’ll be able to locate an early shrine. When you enter Vanaheim Tower (labeled on your map), look left and bust down the barricade to find the shrine. You’ll be able to find this area from the Lake of the Nine.
  • Marker #7: Still in the Vanaheim Tower (that leads to the mountain) stop and read the glowing markers after finding four Niflheim cypher chests.
  • Marker #8: There’s a second marker, right next to the first in the tower.
  • Marker #9: Entering the cave through the tower, you’ll drop down — there’s a deactivated lore marker. Get the crystal and activate it with Atreus’ charged arrows to unlock it.
  • Marker #10: Found in the large arena, through the Cliffs of the Raven.
  • Marker #11: Climb up to the top of the Isle of Death and activate the lore marker with a blue crystal to read it.
  • Marker #12: Slide down the zip-line to the left of the previous marker, then climb and run past the beached ship. Continue up and left to find an old boat dock. A lore marker is here.
  • Marker #13: The last marker for this large region is near the dead dragon that appears late in the story. Travel to the Forgotten Caverns and climb up to the top. Find the corpse of the dragon and hop down to locate the lore marker.

The Mountain

  • Marker #14: Past the large statue, Kratos will crawl through a narrow tunnel path to a bridge with a hole in it. At the fork, go left and look left — break the wooden barrier and generator the light bridge. Grab the crystal to the right of the bridge, and take it to the lore marker across the bridge to your left.
  • Marker #15: Continue forward, sticking to the left wall until you find a very low, narrow tunnel passage. Crawl through it to reach the backside of the statue we saw earlier. The marker is on the base of the statue.
  • Marker #16: Go through the door and down the passage on the left to find the marker in the second hallway. It just needs a crystal — circle back around to the front of the statue chamber to grab one of those crystals.
  • Marker #17: Continue past the previous marker to the ramps — near a lamp, there’s a cracked rock wall Kratos can climb up. Get to the top to reach this marker.
  • Marker #18: In the chamber with the huge wooden wheel, defeat the wolves and look on the square structure in the center — specifically, look at the back side of it.
  • Marker #19: From the summit, drop down at the green garden to reach a forking path in the snow. Go forward (left) toward the mountain cave in the distance. Inside, drop down and look left for red bramble. Grab an explosive past the bridge and backtrack to smash the barrier and grab this marker.
  • Shrine #4: Just past the previous marker, grab another explosive and blast through a second barrier down the left corridor. It leads straight to a shrine.
  • Marker #20: Backtrack to the snowy path we used to reach the cavern with the shrine. Back outside, look along the left side (facing the cave) to find a ledge you can drop down. Go all the way to the bottom of the cavern, crawling through a narrow passage. In the large room ahead, throw Atreus into the back-left corner wooden wall. Climb up the chain he throws down, and look to the left.

Volunder Mines

[To access Volunder Mines, talk to Brok in Tyr’s Temple to begin his favor “Second Hand Soul.”]

  • Marker #21: Squeeze through the narrow entrance into the mines, and the lore marker is right there in front of you. You can’t miss it.
  • Marker #22: On the wall, opposite the vendor you’ll encounter very early in this area.
  • Marker #23: The last marker is in the chamber with the rock monster, through the door sealed with runes. After breaking the runes and unlocking the door, help Atreus up the wall in the back-left corner. The lore is on the wall in the passage above, after climbing the chain Atreus drops.


  • Marker #24: Climb the cracked cliff to the right of the entrance door near the beach to reach the first glowing lore marker stone.
  • Marker #25: Past the vendor, crawl through the narrow stone tunnel to reach an arena with a marker straight ahead.
  • Marker #26: Another is printed on a pillar to the right of the previous marker.
  • Marker #27: Landing on the beach leading up to Veithurgard castle proper, you’ll find the marker to the right of the steps leading to the dragon anchor.
  • Marker #28: Found directly left of the main entrance into the castle.
  • Shrine #5: You can’t miss it. After opening the massive doors to the dwarf castle, locked by four runes you’ll have to match, you’ll find this shrine straight ahead. No tricks.
  • Marker #29: Look inside the castle and you’ll stumble into this marker pretty quickly.

Lookout Tower

  • Shrine #6: From the Lake of the Nine, you’ll be able to reach the Lookout Tower — an optional (kind of) area marked by a huge Odin statue. This one is really easy to find. Just disembark you boat and take a look around.


  • Marker #30: On the right as you cross the bridge leading to Alfheim.
  • Shrine #7: When the witch asks Kratos to visit Alfheim, you’ll eventually reach the Temple of the Light. When you find Sindri’s shop, look further for the nearby shrine.
  • Marker #31: When leaving the Temple of the Light, you’ll see a deactivated marker and crystal. Before using the crystal to power the puzzle up the steps, plug it into the marker to read it.

Tyr’s Temple

  • Marker #32: Inside the treasure vault area, find this marker on the second floor of the main chamber. It’s next to one of the balconies.
  • Shrine #8: While exploring Tyr’s Temple, you’ll find plenty of fake shrines — only one of them is real, and you’ll find it in the underground hidden area. After unlocking the secret door and taking a lift down, immediately check behind it.
  • Marker #33: In the underground secret area of Tyr’s Temple, look to the right of a purple chest, on the wall. This is in one of the rooms with the fire-spitting pole in the center.
  • Marker #34: Another lore marker in the opposite room with a fire-spitting pole.

Thamur’s Corpse

  • Shrine #9: This isn’t literally inside Thamur’s Corpse. No, that would be disgusting. From the Lake of the Nine temple, sail north to find the giant body. There’s a door you can enter nearby that leads to the shrine.


  • Marker #35: The first lore marker is found to the left early in the main exterior area. After climbing up a low wall, look for a cave on the left when you arrive from the first Mystic Gateway.
  • Marker #36: Near the last key, you’ll have to knock down a bridge that leads up to the last Dragon Shrine. The last marker is to the right, up the path.
  • Shrine #10: From the entrance, go up the first steps and turn right — you’ll find a door. Go through it and you’ll find this shrine.


  • Shrine #11: The last shrine is easy to find — it’s right next to the vendor shop. It’s next to the mystic gateway, too! The real trick is reaching this area. You’ll need to find enoough language ciphers in Midgard to unlock this region.

Northri Stronghold

  • Marker #37: Break the wooden barrier and enter the ship’s lower deck to find scrawling on the wall.
  • Marker #38: Land on the beach with the burning brazier and climb the scaffolding in the back-right corner. The marker is in the alcove ahead.

Council of the Valkyries

  • Marker #39: The final lore marker is in the Dragon Anchor area, through the doors at the Council of Valkyries. When facing the dragon (or the leftover anchor if you’ve freed it) stick to the left side and climb the cliff wall. The marker is straight ahead.

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