God of War (2018): Language Cipher Chests Locations | ‘Trilingual’ Guide

There are some things not even Kratos can do — translating norse text is one of them. In God of War, Kratos’ son Atreus does all the reading in the game, but he can’t read everything. To enter the dangerous realms of Niflheim and Muspelheim, you’ll have to unlock four ciphers for each region. Once you collect the ciphers, you’ll be able to finally unlock the doors leading to these totally optional areas. What’s inside? Beyond a heck of a lot of fire, there are 17 trials to test your axe-wielding skills.

Shockingly, these chests aren’t even that difficult to find. As long as you search the optional (hidden) areas all over the Lake of the Nine, you’ll probably find most of them all on your own. A few of them require backtracking though, so if you’re sick of searching and just want to get answers fast, keep scrolling for a quick overview.

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Language Cipher Chests Locations | ‘Trilingual’ Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates as we play through the game.]

In the Lake of the Nine, there are two conspicuous locations that can’t be opened normally — Muspelheim and Niflheim. To unlock the doors, you’ll need to find four matching ciphers for each. There are nine language cipher chests total. If you find all the chests, the last language cipher will become a standard legendary chest.


The River Pass

  • Muspelheim Cipher #1: Once you meet up with the Witch, you’ll be able to access the cave underneath her house. Near the entrance lift, turn right and blast through the red vines / viscera with a charged explosive root. The cipher chest is just to the right.

The Lookout Tower

  • Niflheim Cipher #1: You can access the Lookout Tower once you’re free to explore the Lake of the Nine. The Lookout Tower is south of the temple, at the base of one of Odin’s (the statue’s!) massive feet. The lonely beach has an easy-to-spot chest that’s only available when the water is completely lowered and you’ve lowered the spike traps.

The Mountain

  • Muspelheim Cipher #2: From the Summit mystic gateway, you’ll find this chest straight up the steps leading to the green garden at the top. You can’t miss it.
  • Niflheim Cipher #2: Continuing up the steps, you’ll reach the green garden area — drop down onto the snowy path and cross the snow toward the peak in the distance. Along the left side, there’s an area you can drop down. There’s a Realm Tear and a chest below.

Ruins of the Ancient

  • Niflheim Cipher #3: This area is located far northwest of the Temple in the Lake of the Nines, and can only be accessed once the snake moves and allows you to access Konunsgard. There’s a Soul-Eater on this lonely beach, and a cipher chest.

Cliffs of the Raven

  • Muspelheim Cipher #3: Here’s an area you might miss. From the Lake of the Nine, land on the beach to the right, on the path southeast from the temple. You’ll pass the beach on the way to Volunder Mines. Enter the large arena-like area at the end of the cliffs, and look left for a small opening blocked by wood — smash through and toss Atreus up so he can drop a chain. Climb up to find this optional chest.

Forgotten Caverns

  • Muspelheim Cipher #4: Another totally optional region. This is one directly northwest of the temple in the center of the Lake of the Nine, and you can visit this area at any point in the game. Go inside and climb the narrow cracks (twice) to reach the upper level of the caverns. The chest is at the top.

Council of Valkyries (Exterior)

  • Nilfheim Cipher #4: Land on the beach northeast of the temple, just west of Stone Falls. You’ll need to climb up the narrow cracks on the cliff walls and destroy the debris to the right to access this final chest.