God of War (2018): All Odin’s Ravens Locations | Collectibles Guide

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There are 51 raven collectibles scattered throughout God of War, and we’re aiming to knock down every single one of them. Ravens are the most numerous of the collectibles, and they’re also the trickiest to find — usually you’ll have to throw your axe to hit them, because they like to hang out in areas you can’t reach.

Not only are the green-glowing birds in hidden spots, sometimes they’ll move around the environment. Usually they stick to a pretty narrow range of movement, but if you ever find yourself in a location described below and don’t see a bird, take a closer look at the nearby area. It might be in the sky just slightly out of view. You’ll earn the ‘AllFather Blinded‘ trophy for blasting all 51 birds.

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All Odin’s Raven Locations | Collectibles Guide

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for new updates as we play through the game.]


The Wildwoods

  • Raven #1: There’s only one raven to find in the first area of the game. Find it in the Hidden Chamber, available after you complete the main story. Exit the first boss arena and stick to the left wall to find the entrance. The raven flies around in the chamber with the Realm Tear, above the tree branches.

River Pass

  • Raven #2: To the left, just past the first Mystic Gateway in this area. Perched on a rock before you cross the Wildwoods’ Edge bridge.
  • Raven #3: After solving the sand bowl puzzle, enter the cavern. Further in, to the left, there’s a long opening where you can see the sky. A raven is perched at the top.
  • Raven #4: Dropping into the area with rib-like stone pillars, look on one of the curved ribs on the right.
  • Raven #5: Entering the burnt-out village, immediate turn right after dropping from the wooden platform to see this raven on a roof.
  • Raven #6: Found above the Valkyrie boss arena, inside the Hidden Chamber found in the Witch’s Cave. Look on the right wall from the entrance.
  • Raven #7: Exit the Witch’s Cave through the well. At the top, follow the path down to a chain — climb up, and follow the path to the right. Look up at a rocky ledge to the left to spot the raven.


  • Raven #8: Found in the Hidden Chamber located near the Sindri vendor. The raven is found above the entrance, after stepping into the main chamber from the elevator passage. Turn around and look up to see this raven.
  • Raven #9: Through the huge double doors and past the boss arena, go left to the rope station. Look at the high peak to the left of the rope wheel. There’s a raven perched high up on the peak.

The Mountain

  • Raven #10: Underground, you’ll enter a deep cavern and lift a heavy stone to reach a bridge. Further down the bridge, there’s a missing section on the left. Pass the hole, then turn around and look through the hole, under the bridge.
  • Raven #11: Flying around the expanse near the first shop you’ll encounter in this area.
  • Raven #12: After navigating the spike hallway, immediately look right to find a chain. Climb up and look straight ahead — there’s a tunnel in the rock wall with a raven inside.
  • Raven #13: The last raven of this chapter is hanging out in the Hidden Chamber. It’s on the left balcony in the arena.

Volunder Mines

[To access Volunder Mines, talk to Brok in Tyr’s Temple to begin his favor “Second Hand Soul.”]

  • Raven #14: Right at the start of the mines, look above the lift. A raven is flying around in circles.

Landsuther Mines

  • Raven #15:Climb up to the upper parts of the mine to reach a room with the sky above. The raven is sitting on some scaffolding at the top of the chamber.
  • Raven #16: In the room with the water channel, look above the water at the scaffolding — there’s a corner with a raven high on the ceiling, sitting on some rocks.

Lookout Tower

  • Raven #17: Look up at the sky near the lookout tower to spot a flying raven. Like most of the ravens in the Lake of the Nine region, they’re just flying around. The trick is actually hitting them — aim high so you hit the raven with your axe as it begins to fall. Climb to the tallest ledge.

Nilfheim Tower

  • Raven #18: From the Nilfheim Tower, look down at the derelict boat when the water level lowers later in the story. There’s a raven perched in the old ship.

Iron Cove

  • Raven #19: Climb up to the top of the wrecked ship and look toward the nearby mountain. In the distance, you’ll spot a raven. It looks too far away to hit, but with the right axe throw, you’ll be able to get it from the ship deck.

Isle of Death

  • Raven #20: This one is a little tricky. On the landing beach, look slightly left for a trench. Down the dead end trench, there’s a visible raven.

Fafnir’s Storeroom

  • Raven #21: The first raven is sitting on the arm holding up the lift that takes Kratos into the storeroom region from the boat dock.
  • Raven #22: The next raven is flying overhead in the room with the blacksmith shop.
  • Raven #23: Another is on the left side of the copse outside the actual storeroom. Look on a branch.
  • Raven #24: This one is perched above the storeroom entrance, on the large stone structure.
  • Raven #25: The last raven is flying around, above the center of the vault.

Forgotten Caverns

  • Raven #26: Opening the doors in the caverns, you’ll find a ledge you can climb down straight ahead. The raven is perched off to the side, to the left of the climbing path. Look down from above to see it.
  • Raven #27: Sitting on top of the pole with the hanging bells you’ll need to solve the Nornir chest puzzle.


  • Raven #28: On the path to Konunsgard, there’s a Scorn Pole blocking the way to a standard chest. Look on the cliff beyond the chest after opening it.
  • Raven #29: This one is very tricky. Still outside the dragon anchor area, you’ll reach a high bunch of cliff platforms you can hop across, up the top of a chain. Looking toward the cliffs from one of the tall “islands”, there’s a rock with a hidden raven sticking out in the distance. Very hard to spot.
  • Raven #30: After freeing the dragon from the anchor, look in the alcove below the dragon’s spot. There’s a raven down there, directly across from the anchor.
  • Raven #31: Go through the door (with the explosive crystal to the right) and run down to the bridge you can lower at the end of the path. Look toward the rocks right next to the bridge.
  • Raven #32: Inside the castle itself, go to the chest room to the left of the shrine. Look up at the light streaming through the hole in the roof to spot the last raven in this region.

Northri Stronghold

  • Raven #33: On the wooden struts opposite the vendor, right next to the boat dock.
  • Raven #34: In the room with the boat, look toward the cage metal on the wall opposite the ship. There’s a raven perched up there.

Council of the Valkyries

  • Raven #35: Look on the statue of the ship’s head near the Council of the Valkyries beach. It’s on the head of the ship with the right oarsman.

Thamur’s Corpse

  • Raven #36: Right at the start, this bird if found behind the Mystic Gateway.
  • Raven #37: The second bird is in the branches of the tree in the Hidden Chamber.

Stone Falls

  • Raven #38: Stand near the ledge with the turning water wheel below you, and then face the small waterfall — the raven is on the rocks next to that waterfall.

Buri’s Storeroom

  • Raven #39: On the island, reach about mid-level and get to a ledge with a view of the temple. On the right, there’s a pillar-like stone cove that a raven circles.


  • Raven #40: Behind the dragon anchor, one of the ravens is hidden behind a wooden wall. Break through the left wooden barrier alcove underneath the dragon.
  • Raven #41: In a hard-to-see spot to the left of the main gate to the castle. It’s about on the same level as you.
  • Raven #42: Paddle over to the small island where Thor’s statue is located. You’ll need to smash this statue to complete a favor. The raven is flying around in the sky near the statue.

Cliffs of the Raven

  • Raven #43: Climb a chain up to a cypher chest in this lonely area. To the right of the cypher chest, on the rocks in the distance, you’ll see a raven.


  • Raven #44: Perched on a pillar near the left optional area when you reach the open lake area. Go up to the balcony to get an easier shot instead of trying to hit it from the beach.
  • Raven #45: Look up in the Hidden Chamber — it’s on the ridge, at the top of the wall surrounding the arena.


  • Raven #46: One is on a Winds of Hel receptacle, on a raised circular structure on the bridge leading back to the temple.
  • Raven #47: This one is a little tricky. In the underground ice cavern, look toward the bottomless abyss to the right of a climbable wall. The raven is flying around, below the ledge.
  • Raven #48: Next to the previous raven, simply climb the cracked wall nearby and look past the spiky ice barrier.
  • Raven #49: In the area with the raised walkway bridges, climb up and turn right to find a treasure chest. The raven is right above the chest.
  • Raven #50: Return to this same area later with Atreus and detonate the red crystal in the corner to unlock a hidden chamber. The bird is straight ahead.
  • Raven #51: The last bird is above the entrance to the arena in the Hidden Chamber itself. Go up the steps and look near the ceiling to spot it.