God of War (2018): Legendary Chest Locations | Runes Guide

If you’re hungry for runes in God of War, then you’ve come to the right place. Legendary chests are special, shiny gold treasure boxes filled with runes and other valuable finds — you’ll even find a few cyphers in these chests that’ll help you unlock the path to Muspelheim. Most of these chests are hidden, trapped behind puzzles, or blocked by end-game barriers. We’ll help you track them all down.

You’ll have to return to areas you’ve already completed to get every chest in the game, and there are plenty of chests you’ll miss on your first playthrough. You’ll need a full compliment of weapons and abilities to unlock some of these chests — even reaching the hidden areas they’re sequestered in can be tricky. We’ll explain where to go to get those runes below.

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Legendary Chest Locations | Runes Guide



The Wildwoods

  • N/A: There are no legendary chests in this region.

River Pass

  • Legendary Chest #1 [Hel’s Touch]: Find the first legendary chest in the area where Atreus finds the sign showing the way to the Jotnar settlement. Before reaching the cave with the Revenenant, stick to the right wall to find this chest.
  • Legendary Chest #2 [Talisman of Concentrated Vitality]: Found in the area with the nightmares. Hop across the pillars to find this chest in the witch cave.
  • Legendary Chest #3 [Muspelheim Cipher]: In the cave, ride the elevator up and turn right.
  • Legendary Chest #4 [Murder of Crows]: Smash the red brambles with the explosive root to the left of the Nornir chest, across the ethereal bridges Atreus can eventually generate with his bow in the Witch’s Cave. Go through the gate to the left and throw Atreus up the wooden wall and smash all the debris in your path, then move the rock platform so Atreus can reach the end of the path.
  • Legendary Chest #5 [Rampage of the Furies]: Still in the cave, you’ll only be able to get this chest with the Blades of Chaos. At the rocky ledge down the ethereal bridge to the Nornir chest, grab the nearby palette of rock and push it down into the hole, then collect the Winds of Hei energy from the purple chest we found earlier. Take the energy with you to the platform above the previous chest — only accessible after completing the story.
  • Legendary Chest #6: Exit the Witch’s Cave through the well, then climb the chain and activate the sand bowl from above. Go back down and use it with Atreus to unlock the chest.


  • Legendary Chest #7 [Blast of Hephaestus]: Climbing up the cliff past the vendor, you’ll find the chest hidden in a locked chamber to the right, down the main path. You’ll need the Blades of Chaos to complete this simple puzzle.
  • Legendary Chest #9 [Charge of the White Bear]: In the foothills boss arena, you’ll be able to grab a legendary chest before the boss fight — or later, when you return. Look left of the huge doors — use the explosive pots to clear the rocks, then freeze the poles.

Vanaheim Tower / Lookout Tower

  • Legendary Chest #8 [Muspelheim Cipher]: After dropping down from the poles, freeze the pole to the left of the wooden tower to cross over and get this chest.

The Mountain

  • Legendary Chest #9 [Falcon’s Dive]: Once you reach the huge underground chamber with the massive wooden wheel, defeat the wolf encounter and climb the chain along the left edge.
  • Legendary Chest #10 [Muspelheim Cipher]: From the Summit, enter the dark cave with stairs — once you reach sunlight, you’ll see the purple chest.
  • Legendary Chest #11 [Mythic Clarity Bracers]: Still at the summit, drop down from the green garden into the snowy area below. At the fork, go right and cut through the bramble to open the simple chest containing one of three Mythic Clarity armor pieces.
  • Legendary Chest #12 [Muspelheim Cipher]: Follow the snowy mountain trail toward the summit cave entrance. On the left side, there’s a ledge you can climb down.
  • Legendary Chest #13 [Tyr’s Revenge]: Take the passage down in the far summit cavern. Past the wooden bucket and down the wooden scaffolding wall, you’ll reach a dark corner with a legendary chest. Blast the explosive with Atreus to free the chest.
  • Legendary Chest #14 [Mythic Clarity Pauldrons]: Instead of entering the mountain cave from the summit garden, drop down to the path on the left that leads to another vendor. From the vendor, break through the nearby brambles with the Blades of Chaos and collect the treasure.
  • Legendary Chest #15 [Mythic Clarity War Belt]: From the previous treasure, shimmy across and drop down to the bottom of the cave. Grab an explosive to set the big box free, located in the back-right corner. Slide the box left so you can use it to reach this chest.
  • Legendary Chest #16 [Hyperion Slam]: The last chest is located at the bottom of the icy cavern. After shimmying, continue down into the narrow passage and then get Atreus’ help to climb a chain in the following room. Interact with the lore marker to find a secret room with a locked door. You’ll need to backtrack back down, break open the wooden barriers and Blades of Chaos brambles to solve the puzzle that unlocks this door.

Volunder Mines

[To access Volunder Mines, talk to Brok in Tyr’s Temple to begin his favor “Second Hand Soul.”]

  • Legendary Chest #17 [Fury of the Ice Troll]: Found in the large underground chamber with the rock monster — from the tracks, go right and forward, then break the three seals. This is accessible during the Second Hand Soul favor side-quest.

Lake of the Nine

  • Legendary Chest #18 [Weightless War Handles]: The only legendary chest in this region is at the bottom level of Tyr’s Temple. When the water is lowered all the way down, you’ll be able to find a locked door on the lowest level of the temple exterior. There’s a chest covered in Hel bramble nearby.


  • Legendary Chest #19 [Amulet of Kvasir]: Travel to the Light Elf Sanctuary and solve all the bulb puzzles to reach the corridor near the beach, leading to another interior puzzle. Solve it to unlock the chest to a powerful talisman.
  • Legendary Chest #20: Found at the end of the opposite optional area in the lake. Enter the cavern and jump the gap blocked by bulbs to reach this chest on the ledge.
  • Legendary Chest #21 [Thiazi’s Talon Rune]: Down in the Ringed Temple Trench, enter a cell near the entrance to find a door locked in roots. Throw your axe into the cell (from the right) then call it back to break all the bulbs.
  • Legendary Chest #22 [Njord’s Tempest]: This one you’ll probably find on your own. Exiting the underground cells, you’ll reach the lower platform covered in roots that you need to clear so the main bridge can extend. There’s a plainly visible chest in the left corner of this area.
  • Legendary Chest #23 [Strike of the Utgard Rune]: The last legendary chest is hard to miss. It’s right across from the door leading to the exit from the main light chamber.


  • Legendary Chest #24 [Spartan Charge Rune]: You can’t miss it. It’s available right on the entrance bridge to Helheim, under the ring structure.
  • Legendary Chest #25 [Cyclone of Chaos Rune]: Later, after escaping¬† Helheim, return and use the Wind of Hel energy orb from the main gate — move it back toward the exit (Tyr’s Temple travel room) using the main hidden receptacles until you can reach a locked door down the steps near the exit.
  • Legendary Chest #26 [The Charm of Infinite Storms]: Near the huge door, climb up (and down) so you’re beneath the main bridge leading into Helheim. There’s a small alcove with an explosive gem below the bridge. Blast it with Atreus when you return later to clear the path to the chest.


  • Legendary Chest #26 [Leviathan’s Wake Rune]: Defeat the troll in the miniboss arena, inside Veithurgard castle itself, then use the key to unlock the door to the treasure room.


  • Legendary Chest #27 [Prometheus Flame]: In the castle, follow the path behind the secret door in the throne room. It leads up to this chest.

Isle of Death

  • Legendary Chest #28 [Grips of the Cursed Flame]: Bring the Winds of Hel down to the locked door near the boat landing beach to find this chest.

Fafnir’s Storeroom

  • Legendary Chest #29 [Wrath of the Frost Ancient]: Found in the water-filled arena at the end of the Fafnir’s Vault interior.

Tyr’s Temple

  • Legendary Chest #30 [Weightless Grips of Protection]: Go to the treasure vault in Tyr’s Temple and go through the vault door to the left as you enter. You should be able to get through and access this legendary chest.
  • Legendary Chest #31 [Hyperion Grapple Rune]: In the secret chamber through the key door in Tyr’s Temple, go to the puzzle with the Winds of Hel and spinning sawblades. In the previous room, you’ll need two Winds of Hel charges to unlock the gate to this chest.

Iron Cove

  • Legendary Chest #32 [Mists of Helheim Rune]: Over in the Iron Cove, climb the rock wall at the destroyed ship, and you’ll find two Scorn Poles. Destroy one with a bomb, and disable the other one — past those, there’s a locked door with three glowing runes. Use the rune poles around Iron Cove to input the code and unlock the door.

Stone Falls

  • Legendary Chest #33 [Golden Talisman of Protection]: Close the gate near the beach (after opening the alternate entrance) then circle around to the main arena to find the door to the right opening. There’s a legendary chest with a useful talisman inside.
  • Legendary Chest #34 [Deadly Grip of Fury]: When the water level has been severely lowered, drop down near the starting area and look for brambles with a red explosive crystal. Destroy it and find another chest covered in bramble. To destroy these, watch the waterwheel — there’s a crystal attached to it! Detonate the crystal at the right time to get the final chest.