God of War (2018): All Artifacts Locations | Collectibles Guide

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It’s a dangerous world out there, and everywhere Kratos travels in God of War, you’re bound to find dead bodies — and those dead bodies carry valuable artifacts. Artifacts are special items Kratos and son can collect while exploring that you can then resell at vendors to make a little extra money for crafting or upgrading your axe.

And like every other collectible, there’s a trophy in it if you’re willing to track down all of these little things. There are 45 artifacts in total, and they’re often found on dead knights — keep an eye out for shiny armored soldiers, and you’ll usually find a body to loot.

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All Artifacts Locations | Collectibles Guide

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The Wildwoods

  • Artifact #1: The first artifact is found right as you step our of the house with your son for a hunting trip. Before leaving the yard, look to your right.
  • Artifact #2: After leaving the house, you’ll eventually reach a stone bridge. Turn left before crossing.
  • Artifact #3: Past the sequence with the deer in the ruins, stick to the right to find an optional path that leads to a waterfall and a chain. Climb down to encounter two wolf enemies. The artifact is near the bottom of the chain.
  • Artifact #4: From the temple, leave through the doors to reach an iced-over pond. Clear the wolf enemies and you’ll find the last artifact for this region here.

River Pass

  • Artifact #5: Before meeting the vendor Brok, you can find the first artifact after climbing down the chain after a fight against more reavers. The artifact is at the end of the path. Find it near the first fast travel gate.
  • Artifact #6: After meeting Brok on the bridge, take the right path past him and drop down.
  • Artifact #7: Leaving through the main path, you’ll find this artifact in the way after escaping the spiked ceiling trap. You can’t miss it.
  • Artifact #8: Following a cutscene with Atreus on the cliffs, go to the edge to find another artifact.
  • Artifact #9: There’s yet another nearby artifact. After solving the sand puzzle, swing left in the cave ahead and climb the ledge.
  • Artifact #10: In the destroyed village, look behind the fourth house you come across.
  • Artifact #11: In the Witch’s Cave, use the crate of rocks to create a platform leading to this artifact under the bridge.
  • Artifact #12: Climb up the well and exit the Witch’s Cave. In the beautiful grotto, follow the path down to find a corpse with an artifact on your right.
  • Artifact #13: Continue past the previous artifact. Stick to the left wall as you move down the path. There’s a lore marker and a chain — go up the chain, turn right and look at the left side of the path.

The Mountain

  • Artifact #14: From the statue chamber, go right until you reach the old bridge walkway and find a fork in the road. Go right and look in the corner for a wooden barricade. Smash through the barrier and break the junk in the dead end to find a corpse.
  • Artifact #15: After running through the hallway full of spikes, you’ll enter a larger room with a metal spiked wall straight ahead. There’s a painted yellow corner — throw your axe at it until the spiked wall slides open.
  • Artifact #16: From the previous artifact, climb the chain and run down the path until you can drop down into a long trench. On the right, use Atreus to blow open the red bramble stuff blocking the entrance. It’s also left, as you enter the huge room with the giant wooden wheel.
  • Artifact #17: At the summit of the mountain, go up the stairs to the green area — then drop down and look to the right at the forking snowy path. Just slightly right, you’ll find a body.
  • Artifact #18: Inside the summit cavern across the snowy path, take the ramp passage down (left of the nornir chest) and drop down. To the left, there’s a bucket hanging by a rope — in the dark alcove, there’s an artifact.
  • Artifact #19: Backtrack to the start of the cavern and toward the garden. On the snowy path that lead to the cavern with the bridge, there’s an easy-to-miss ledge on the left you can use to drop down. Enter through the door to find a vendor, then shimmy across the narrow path.

The Lookout Tower

  • Artifact #20: Found right next to the Nornir chest, next to a dead knight.

Shores of the Nine

  • Artifact #21: On the Tyr’s Temple bridge, go down the left pathway to find a knight corpse with this artifact. You’re very, very likely to stumble upon this one on your own.
  • Artifact #22: Climb up (or move the bridge) to the northernmost realm tower. There’s a knight to the right of the blocked doors.
  • Artifact #23: There’s another artifact on another realm tower. Reach the tower to the east of #22 — it’s the tower closest to the Council of Valkyries.
  • Artifact #24: Yet another tower! The dead knight / artifact is on the Niflheim tower, southwest of Tyr’s Temple.

Cliffs of the Raven

  • Artifact #25: Climb up to the cypher (purple) chest at the top of the cliffs, and you’ll find the artifact near a dead body, opposite the chest.

Isle of Death

  • Artifact #26: On the isle, look to the left of the zip-line connected to the old boat. The corpse is in the corner, with a view of the platforms you can raise / lower.

Forgotten Caverns

  • Artifact #27: Yet again, you’ll need to climb up to a cypher chest. The artifact is directly opposite the chest.

Stone Falls

  • Artifact #28: In the main combat arena (with the locked gate to a legendary chest) — climb up the small ledge to the right. The body is up there, next to a regular chest and a hacksilver drop.


  • Artifact #29: On the long dock near the landing spot. Jump the gap to find the body near the edge.
  • Artifact #30: From the landing spot, go right and enter the small cave. Climb to the top here, then drop down and turn right. There’s an alcove blocked by a wooden barrier. Smash it to find the artifact knight inside.
  • Artifact #31: Left of the dragon anchor, look for a knight at the bottom of a waterfall. Smash the wooden debris to reach him.
  • Artifact #32: On the left side of the bridge leading to the main gates of Veithurgard castle.
  • Artifact #33: After opening the main gates, go down the hall to the left of the shrine.
  • Artifact #34: Unlock the passage to the right of the shrine and drop down into the room with a hole in the ceiling. Before going down the hall, there’s a body to the right of the entranceway.


  • Artifact #35: On the busted stone walkway to the right after beaching your little boat in the left optional area when you read the open lake.
  • Artifact #36: Solve the root puzzle in the Light Elf Sanctuary (to the right in the open area) and open the gate to the Realm Tear on the balcony. The artifact is to the right, hidden in another bramble. Destroy the trio of root bulbs to free it.
  • Artifact #37: In the lower area beneath the temple, you’ll be able to free light bridges. You’ll leave (or move back toward) cells — the entrance is on one side of the room. The other door is blocked by strange hive gunk. Extend the bridge to this dead end to find a light elf with this artifact.
  • Artifact #38: After reactivating the light and bringing power to the temple, you’ll be able to ride the lifts near the entrance door back down to the cells below. Ride the right lift down and you’ll find one artifact in a dark cell.
  • Artifact #39: In the dark underground trench, after the lake closes up again, extend a bridge to another cell with the crystal you need to solve a puzzle. The cell with the artifact is past the blue crystal.
  • Artifact #40: Still in the dark underground trench, after restoring the light, return to the wheel that lowers the floor. Lower the floors to access another room of cells — it’s in the first room.


  • Artifact #41: When you reach the frozen bridge of Helheim, look to the right. It’s in an icy corner.
  • Artifact #42: Here’s a tricky one. In the area with the large stone pillars, look behind one of the pillars facing the corner of the room — there’s an artifact stuck to the side, inside hel-brambles. Burn them with the Blades of Chaos to drop the artifact to the ground.
  • Artifact #43: After climbing an ice wall, you’ll enter an ice tunnel, then see a bridge directly above you. Hit the bramble on the underside of the bridge above. This is underneath the second bridge section.
  • Artifact #44: Very simple. On the walkways / bridges, cross one of the bridges and look in the interior room, to the right.
  • Artifact #45: Up the stairs and in the back-left corner of the Hidden Chamber room, just outside the Valkyries arena.