God of War (2018): How To Farm Mist Echoes Fast & Unlock Everything in Niflheim

Late in the game, Kratos will finally be able to unlock the mysterious realm of Niflheim in God of War. This totally optional realm can only be accessed once you collect four Niflheim ciphers in special purple chests around Midgard. Collecting these chests will help you translate the runes on the Niflheim Tower, allowing you to access the realm itself through the travel room in Tyr’s Temple.

So, what exactly is Niflheim? It’s a weird place that’s layered in fog. The dungeon changes traps and monsters every time you enter, and you’ll only have a limited amount of time to run in and collect special resources called Mist Echoes. If you die in the random dungeon, you’ll lose all the Mist Echoes you’ve collected — and those Mist Echoes can help you unlock some of the most powerful armor in the game.

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How To Farm Mist Echoes Fast & Unlock Everything in Niflheim

Here, we’re going to provide some tips to help you crush Niflheim and earn 10,000-20,000 Mist Echoes in a single run. If you can consistently get that many echoes (each run takes about 10 minutes) then you’ll have everything unlocked in the workshop interior very, very quickly. 

Opening all the chests in Niflheim will unlock the “Darkness and Fog” trophy. Even if you’re just starting out in Niflheim, some of these tips will still help you out — Niflheim is a slow process, and you’ll want to keep delving in, grabbing items, and getting out. The further you travel into the dungeon, the more Mist Echoes you’ll earn.

  • Beginner Niflheim Dungeon Tips:
    • When you start, talk to Sindri and bring him 500 Mist Echoes. You can get these from the first or second room. Go back to unlock the workshop key — now you can access the workshop. It takes about 70,000 Mist Echoes to unlock everything, including the Realm Tears.
    • To speed things up, unlock the 2500 and 5000 Mist Echo chests first. The 2500 chest contains a talisman that will slow down the fog meter. The 5000 chest will give you an item required to upgrade the Leviathan Axe to Level 6. Upgrade to kill enemies even faster.
    • Bring a Resurrection Stone every time. When you revive, you’ll also gain back some of the fog meter. If you die, you’ll lose everything!
    • Collect chests to raise your fog meter and earn Mist Echoes. This includes all chest types — small, standard, and Nornir chests.
    • For every chest you open, you’ll get more Mist Echoes. Open every chest you can find and your Mist Echoes will exponentially increase for each one. You get the most echoes from Nornir chests.
    • If you find a room with a Valkyrie in the center, don’t attack it! Just leave until you’re ready to fight.
    • You don’t have to stay and fight enemies. If your meter is low, sprint through the enemy room and out through a trap hallway. Enemies won’t follow you.
    • Trap hallways often have chests, so stop and grab them.
    • Are you lost? Keep going in a circle. Eventually, you’ll return to the starting area. The layout of the dungeon does not change, only the enemy encounters and traps.


Niflheim Farming Tips

  1. Take a screenshot of the Nornir chest in the first room. It will have three runes — around the dungeon, you’ll find rune poles. Throw your axe to align the poles to show the three symbols. This chest will often have a huge payoff that you can collect on your way back, but you’ll have to explore the entire dungeon to find the three rune poles.
    • The rune poles are always in the same spots. They don’t move when the dungeon changes.
  2. Stop and solve every Nornir chest, and grab every chest, including the chests in the alcoves between combat rooms.
  3. Use Heavy / Light Runic Attacks to slaughter enemies. Use your runic attacks with one weapon, then swap to the other weapon to rapidly kill enemies. Equip armor / talismans to lower runic cooldown.
  4. Don’t forget to sell! When you return to Sindri, sell materials that enemies drop — you’ll get Mist Echoes from these items when selling them.