Monster Hunter: World – Everything You Need To Know About Siege Mode | Kulve Taroth Guide

Work together with up to 16 other players in Monster Hunter: World to take down the shimmering gold Kulve Taroth, the most menacing Elder Dragon encountered so far.

It’s going to take multiple quests to bring this guy down — even if you work with a full team of 16, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll be able to defeat this guy in a single attempt. Its health bar is something like sixteen times bigger than your standard super-sized monster.┬áThat’s a whole lot of health.

Here, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Kulve Taroth — including how Siege Mode quests work, what you can unlock from defeating the giant monster, and how to take on these quests in the first place.

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Everything You Need To Know About Siege Mode | Kulve Taroth Guide


  • What Is Siege Mode?
    • Siege Quests can be played by up to 16 players at once.
    • Joining a siege quest places you in teams of four that work together concurrently to hunt Kulve Taroth — and maybe even future Elder Dragons later.
    • You can play these quests with a team of any size, or even solo. The more players you bring, the faster you’ll be able to defeat the monster.
      • The Kulve Taroth quest can only start from the Gathering Hub.
  • How Do I Fight The New Monster?
    • Kulve Taroth, an Elder Dragon monster covered in gold, and it can only be defeated in these special quests for a limited time.
    • Find traces of Kulve Taroth in random maps to begin a hunt via Expedition or Normal quests. The Treasure Hunt will unlock after completing the investigation.
      • SOS Flares can not be used.
    • To complete a Kulve Taroth quest, you need to break different parts of the monster — the Horns are the main objective.
    • Siege Mode quests are only available for High Rank (HR) Hunters. Complete the main story campaign to reach HR status. You’ll need to be HR 16 to fight Kulve Taroth.
  • What Makes Kulve Taroth Different?
    • Kulve Taroth has a massive health pool — to defeat it, you’ll need to enter multiple quests and slowly whittle down its health over multiple battles.
    • Kulve Taroth’s level will increase the more you fight it and complete special objectives.
      • The level carries over, and as you level up, the monster will drop better materials and weapon relics.
    • Depending on your team size, you’ll be able to defeat it in as low as two quests, or up to sixteen quests if you want to try to defeat it solo.
  • What Does Kulve Taroth Drop?
    • Kulve Taroth drops unique materials you can use to craft new sets of armor and exclusive weapon relics.
    • Even if a group of four does not break a part of Kulve Taroth, they will still get rewards.
    • If you leave before completing the quest, you will also still get some rewards.

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Like always, the Bandit Mantle will increase the amount of drops from breaking / chopping off body parts of the monster you’re fighting, and the effect stacks with more players.

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