Monster Hunter: World – Best Spring Blossom Farming Trick | Fast Decorations & Cash

Kick winter to the curb in the latest event for Monster Hunter: World — the Spring Blossom festival. Celebrate the change in the seasons with new weapons and gear you can construct while joining event-only quests that’ll help you unlock decorations, along with some other special rewards. There are daily bounties to play through, old events you can join, and even an awesome set of Mega Man armor you can get for your Palico.

For completing special event-only bounties, or for just logging in every day, you’ll get Spring Blossom tickets to unlock some of the event-only gear. There’s a lot of cool stuff, and if you’re eager to get it fast, there are methods to make life easier. There’s one particular Spring Blossom event quest that’s amazing for earning cash and collecting decoration rewards. If that’s what you’re looking for, keep scrolling to learn more.

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Best Spring Blossom Farming Trick | Fast Decorations & Cash

The Spring Blossom Festival is a special event that lasts until April 19th. You can finish all previous events, or unlock new decorations and complete special quests during the limited-time event.

  • To farm for decorations and money, you can replay the quest Triple Threat Throwdown.
    • Before starting this quest, equip items with the Legiana’s Favor skill to increase your luck.
    • You’ll also want the Lucky Cat skill. Use a Voucher or cook up a lucky-generating meal using fresh ingredients.
    • For even more drops, equip the Bandit Mantle.
  • Go to the quest board and select the “Event” tab — there, you can select Triple Threat Throwdown.
    • This is an HR 13 quest, so you’ll need to be prepared before starting it.
    • Bring a full group and start cutting this slow monsters to ribbons.

With all that equipment selected, you’ll earn tons of scale drops. At the end of the quest, you’ll also earn bonus decorations — and you can repeat the quest as often as you like, making it one of the simplest cash farming methods available in Monster Hunter: World right now.


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