Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 5 – Rescue The Castaway

Find your first castaway in this crashed ambulance.

You don’t have to take on Dite alone in Metal Gear Survive — you can find allies to help you. Like in MGS5, to expand and improve your base you’ll have to recruit some friends. Instead of grabbing random soldiers, you’ll have to find survivors and drag them safely back to camp through Transporters dotted all throughout the Dust.

The first castaway is a nurse named Miranda. Rescuing her is your primary goal in Chapter 5, but you’ll have to drag her into a Transporter base and defend it to return home. You won’t have the Fulton Recovery System to bring friends home just yet — the only option is to literally carry them. You’ll have to move fast, because survivors don’t have air tanks like you. They can’t survive for long in the Dust.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 5


Objective: Locate and rescue castaway

At the start of this chapter, a helicopter will appear from a wormhole and crash in the Dust. There’s a soldier inside you can rescue, but you can take your time and checkout some of the blue side-quest areas – you can activate more Wormhole Transporters, find a strong source of Kuban Energy, or hunt for more animals.

Enter the Dust to find the burning crash site. There are no survivors at the helicopter crash, but there is an ambulance you can find in the canyon to the right. The valley below is full of wanderers, but there’s a survivor on the rocks near the ambulance. Rush through the wanderers and use a melee weapon like the spear to slowly kill the wanderers – or use a lure / molotov combo.

Clear the area of wanderers, then pick up and carry the nurse through the locked door in the valley. There are about four wanderers in the Transporter base. Drop the nurse somewhere safe, then clear the rest of the wanderers before moving up the hill and activating the Transporter.

Inside the Transporter base, move fast and eliminate the wanderers.

NOTE: You might be hanging out in the Dust for a long time. When you’re low on oxygen, press [Triangle / Y] to open the oxygen menu on the Personal tab. You can spend Kuban to create oxygen, damaging your air tank.

The Transporter is surprisingly easy to activate. It only takes about 40~ seconds to complete the Transporter sequence. You don’t even need to prepare. Wanderers will attack, but you should have no problem dealing with the few that reach it in time. Teleport back to base with the nurse to complete this chapter and unlock multiple new functions.

It’s also worth noting that the Transporter base and the helicopter crash site are goldmines. There is a large container in the Transporter base and in the area near the helicopter crash site. Both are loaded with blueprints, so return to these areas when you unlock the Transporter to claim tons of rewards.

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