Gunheart Update Overhauls Weapon Progression, Challenges & More

Gunheart, from development team Drifter Entertainment, Inc. has recently received the winter update. For those of you who may be unaware, Gunheart is a co-op shooter built around virtual reality. The game plays a bit similar to the cinematic film Starship Troopers as players are tasked with blasting away alien bugs on a foreign planet.

The game offers singleplayer or multiplayer cooperative gameplay where players will gun their way through a variety of insects in hopes of loading their bank accounts with righteous dollar bills. With cash in hand, players can then make modification and upgrade purchases to their weapons arsenal.

Recently, Drifter Entertainment, Inc. has released an update to the game which adds new content for players to go through. This includes bonus challenges, some tweaking to a survival mode, a new default mod for each weapon, along with a new overall weapon progression system.

For a complete breakdown creative director, Brian Murphy explains the new update in detail within the video posted above.

Mostly it seems that this latest update really fleshes the game together nicely. Players not only receive some fine-tuning to the various weapons but there are some new additions such as bonus challenges to help players earn a bit more loot by completing objectives throughout the available missions.

Thanks to a press release that was sent to us earlier today, we have a quick breakdown of what you’ll learn from the video above. As for the future of Gunheart, Brian Murphy did state that there will be more optimizations and bug fixes, but we can still expect some surprises down the road.

Currently, Gunheart is available for $29.99 on the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Update Breakdown

Weapon Progression

  • As mentioned above, there is a new weapon progression system that allows players to earn new abilities for various weapons simply by using them during combat.

Default Mods

  • Now with this update, all weapons will have a signature modification if there is an open mod slot.

Bonus Challenges / Side Missions

  • Players will be able to earn additional loot now by completing various objectives during missions. Furthermore, new side missions have been unlocked within the game.

Survival Mode

  • The Money Pumps game mode has been tweaked to bring in new interactions and strategic gameplay between players.

Reaction Updates

  • Weaponry will feel tighter than ever along with some updated animations.

Ammo Increase / Interaction

  • Developers have included more ammo drops and locations. Likewise, ammo and other loot can be fired towards another player.

CPU Optimization

  • Developers have worked on improving the CPU performance. This is in hopes to avoid potential bottlenecking from single core performance.

Social Media

  • There is now some additional social media tools included in the game.