Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 8 – Defend The Digger

Prepare for a strong defense on the eastern wall of your Base Camp.

I hope you’ve been stocking up on iron, because you’ll need plenty of walls in Chapter 8 of Metal Gear Survive. You won’t even have to leave your Base Camp to start this chapter — everything you need is right at home. This is when things get tough, because a small army of Wanderers want to get inside your base and wreck things up. The terrible Bomber zombies are back, too — and yes, they can destroy your facilities if you’re not careful.

This will be your first real encounter with Bombers. They lumber straight toward your base, attack, and explore when they’re weakened. Normally, since you’ll be defending the walls, that means they’ll explode when they’re face-to-face with your only line of defense. If those walls fall, wanderers will have free reign to ruin your Base Camp. Shoot the legs, lay down traps, build two layers of defense, or give those big, bulbous suckers a backstab.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 8


Objective: Start the wormhole digger

Finally, you can build the Campfire and Hanging Pot from the Construction Terminal. Just build it, and you’ll be able to make clean drinking water from dirty water. You can also build Rainwater Tanks for storing shared water resources.

Before activating the Wormhole Digger, build a fence around your entire base. It’s better to build full fences – you’ll also want to place sandbags on the west wall of your base in addition to a line of fences. The strongest defenses should be west and south – after using the wormhole digger, swarms of wanderers will attack from the south, west, and east of your base.

The strongest wanderer presence will spawn south of your base. Equip a spear so you can stab through the fences, and you should be able to defeat the incoming wanderers. They’re weaker than normal, but make sure you destroy all wanderers. Leaving only one in a location will allow it to slowly whittle down and eventually break through your defensive walls.

Bombers spawn south of your Base Camp. Backstab them before they reach your fences!

The biggest threat during the wormhole sequence are the Bombers. Two Bombers will spawn at your west wall. The sandbag emplacements will help mitigate damage if they manage to reach your wall, but you’ll want to avoid that at any cost.

To take down Bombers, you have two options. Aim for the legs with a bow (or any long-range gun) and use Heavy Arrows, or backstab them. They have terrible awareness, so you can simply crouch and sneak behind them, even while zombies are mauling your walls. You must, at all costs, stop bombers from breaching your base. It’s better to backstab them, or you can shoot the rest spot on their backs.

Otherwise, check your map for wanderer spawns. Red dots will appear when they gather for an attack. Press [R3] to zoom in on your map to see which direction they’re coming from. You won’t be able to access the Construction Terminal during this attack, so preparation is key.

If you can successfully defend your wormhole digger, you’ll get in contact with Director Gruen – the man you first heard talking to Goodluck before the game proper began. He offers his aid, because the digger wasn’t able to open a portal back to our universe. You’ll need Iris energy, and that only comes from singularities. We’ll learn more about that in Chapter 9.

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