Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 2 – First Memory Board

To unlock more functions and crafting recipes in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll have to wander the wasteland and collect memory boards. Your personal AI companion, located in the center of the Base Camp, is called Virgil AT-9, and he / she provides all the mission support you need.

For every Memory Board you bring back, you’ll usually unlock a new base function or blueprint. In Chapter 2, after stuffing ourselves on mutton, we’ll have to learn how to construct Defense Units. That’s just a fancy word for portable walls you can plop down at will while exploring. It sounds useless, but they’re incredibly important if you want to survive for long. You can drop a wall in a chokepoint, and safely stab wanderers through a mesh fence. You’ll need that technique to complete Chapter 2.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 2


Objective: Craft a Normal Fence Defense unit

Before you can hunt the memory board, you’ll need to craft a Normal Fence to protect your new home base. Use the Gadgets Workbench and tab over to the Defense Units – you should have plenty of iron. Build 5/6 Normal Fences and you’ll be ready to approach the memory board location.

Objective: Secure the memory board

The memory board is located southeast of your base. Mark it on your map – on the way, you can stop at the small metal shack for resources. Grab anything that isn’t nailed down, and smash barrels to get iron drops.

NOTE: If you need more food, return to the watering hole from Chapter 1 and kill more sheep. Don’t forget to cook the meat! It helps to have a stockpile before venturing out. Grab Wildberries and Gerbils for more food. You can also use empty bottles on water sources for dirty water. It’s better than nothing.

Look for the large pipeline southeast of your base. There’s a narrow passage you can use to reach the base that’s crowded with wanderers. On the passage, you’ll also want to scrounge the red crystalline plants – break them to gather Kuban crystals. You can also gather Kuban from dead wanderers. You’ll need the energy for crafting, so it’s very valuable.

Inside the base itself, you’ll encounter swarms of undead wanders. Place a fence by holding [L1 / LB]. You can attack through fences safely using the spear.

The base itself is a treasure trove of materials, so gather as much as you can before collecting the memory board in the marked room. Smash the wooden crates and desks for even more stuff. Don’t miss the other interior room. Return to Base Camp and synchronize with Virgil to complete the mission. You’ll also upload your map progress instantly when returning to camp.

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