Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 1 – Hunger & Thirst

After arriving at Base Camp in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll have a variety of functions you can explore. You can start with the workbenches — there are three standard workbenches you start with, where you can construct and upgrade weapons, gear, or gadgets. Everything costs Kuban energy, which you can collect from downed wanderers, and you’ll eventually be able to construct and move your facilities anywhere in your Base Camp.

The Base Camp is a cool feature, allowing you to customize your base while you explore the depths of Dite. When you return to the Base Camp, you’ll automatically upload your material findings back to storage, so you can begin crafting right away. Before you do any of that, your main character will need food and water. If one of those meters hits 0%, you’ll earn yourself an instant death. Chapter 1 is all about securing an early source of food and water.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 1


Objective: Hunter the sheep, and obtain food / obtain water

Welcome to Base Camp! There’s an AI Pod here to greet you. It’s called Virgil, and its taking over mission briefing duties.

Before you can start the mission, you’ll need to learn about health and stamina – you require food and water to live in Metal Gear Survive. Hunger and thirst effect your maximum health and stamina. Always keep a lookout for fresh water and sources of food – shoot small (or large) animals and cook them for a quick meal.

A yellow circle will appear on the map. Place a guide marker to create a custom waypoint, making it easier to reach locations on your map. There are multiple workbenches available at your base, but you can safely ignore those for now. Stab the sheep in the yellow zone to collect meat, and grab the water bottles from the covered table.

When you’ve got meat and water, return to base camp. You can also collect a water bottle from the container and grab some dirty water. Cook the sheep mutton at your base – eating raw meat will make you sick. Open your inventory and chow down on your water / food to recover.

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