Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 6 – Exploring Ruins 01

Near the end of the Ruins, watch out for this ugly mass of flesh.

Ready to delve into a spooky dungeon? There are large interior areas in Metal Gear Survive, locations that never really existed in MGS5, and you’ll have to move carefully to navigate the spooky corridors filled with Wanderers and other horrors. Upgrade your cool melee weapons, because we’re going underground in Chapter 6. It’s time to explore Ruins 01.

Ruins, like any of the Transporter bases, is a treasure trove of items. There’s no way to carry everything you find in this labyrinth, so I suggest returning to Ruins 01 later, after you’ve finished the memory board recovery mission. It might be kind of creepy, but it’s worth it. Naturally, you can also find a few large containers — only one of which has recipes inside. Don’t forget to talk to Miranda before stepping out! She’ll give you a side-quest that’s worth completing while you’re in the Ruins.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 6


Objective: Access Virgil AT-9

In Chapter 6, you’ll unlock plenty of functions in your Base Camp. To get started, access the Virgil AT-9 terminal to assign your staff in the Crew Management menu. Assign your first crew members to the Base Development Team – this increases efficiency of agricultural facilities that produce shared resources.

Yes, you can now build a garden. To build the garden, you’ll first need to grab some potatoes. Return to Transporter 03 and search the burned area near the water source. There are three potatoes you can grab, allowing you to construct a garden for a renewable food resource generator.

Objective: Enter the Ruins

When you’re ready to get another Memory Board, teleport to Transporter 03 and navigate back to the helicopter crash site. There’s a large ruins area you can enter and explore.

Recipe Location: Go to the hill to the right with the turrets to find a large container. Grab the Chemical Light, Flashlight, and Skullcap recipes. The Flashlight and Chemical Light will help you navigate in the dark of the ruins, or at night.

Stab through the indoor windows using a spear to safely eliminate wanderers.

Objective: Retrieve the memory board

Enter the ruins behind the helicopter crash site and unlock the door. Follow the steps downstairs and unlock the metal door. Watch out for wanderers – in the next locked room, stab the wanderers through the bars, then continue downstairs to encounter your first Bomber. These are special Wanderers that explode when killed. When they’re almost dead, run away before the explosion catches you! If you’re sneaky, you can backstab them and they won’t blow up.

The Memory Board is located near the Bomber. After collecting the board, use the back entrance to reach a ladder. In the room above, you’ll find another large container with more recipes. Continue up the stairs for a fast exit from the ruins – but you’ll encounter something truly terrifying. A massive creature lumbers in the Dust. This is the Lord of Dust, and you can’t hope to fight it. Just rush back to Teleporter 03 and get back to Base Camp to complete this chapter.

The Lord of Dust is waiting outside the Ruins. Yeah, don’t even try to fight it.


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