Metal Gear Survive: How To Get Materials & Kuban Fast | Farming Guide

Materials and Kuban Energy are important resources in Metal Gear Survive. Everything you have has to be crafted, and a steady supply of materials will keep you stocked up on the basics you need to live another round. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to farm for Kuban and materials, wily players have already come up with some useful tips and tricks to make the grind easier and faster.

If you’ve played Metal Gear Survive at all, you’ll already know that salvage missions are one of the best possible ways to earn extra materials and stock-up your base. That still holds true here — if you’re looking to unlock plans to craft better weapons and gear, the best possible way is to complete side-missions and get high ranks. Earning A-Rank or S-Rank in side missions will go a long way toward unlocking new blueprints, but that takes too long if you’re looking to farm materials or Kuban.

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How To Get Materials & Kuban Fast | Farming Guide

[Work-in-Progress: We’ll add more methods as they’re discovered.]

Materials and Kuban Energy are standard rewards for completing Salvage Missions in Metal Gear Survive. If you’re looking to join a team, the safest way to get plenty of materials is simply completing Salvage Missions and trying to get the best rank.

But, there are alternate methods you can use to farm a little faster.


Salvage Mission Sprint Method – 10k materials, 1mil Kuban per Hour

This method was shared by Youtuber Primalliquid, you can check out his video here.

Salvage Missions are a simple, straightforward way to scrounge for material. But, if you’re looking to earn faster, you can use this exploitative little method. While in the Open Beta, you were able to join this relatively quickly. In the full game, you’ll have to join a session then drop out — it’s annoying, but it still works fast, and it’s extremely easy. Use at your own risk. You may piss people off.

  • Join a Salvage Mission session.
  • Unequip all gear so you can sprint directly to the objective.
  • Place the extractor / clear the area of lingering wanderers.
  • Immediately begin the waves instead of waiting for the timer to complete.
  • Once it begins collecting Iris energy, hold [X] to interact with the extractor and immediately withdraw.

This will end the mission and give you a bunch of rewards simply for starting it. It doesn’t matter if you play Easy / Medium / Hard Salvage Missions, and it doesn’t matter what rank you’re going for. This is by far the easiest method, as it essentially requires no skill.

The harder the difficulty, the better the items you’ll receive after withdrawing, but it isn’t a major change. It really doesn’t matter what difficulty you select.

We’ll update this page with more (and better) farming tips and tricks as they’re discovered by the community.