Metal Gear Survive: How To Get Clean Water & Potatoes | Hunger & Thirst Guide

It’s hard to get much done when you’re dying of hunger and thirst in Metal Gear Survive. In the early parts of the story, you’ll be desperately scrounging for food and water, with no easy way to replenish what you need. Some players are trapped in a constant death loop already — so we’re going to help with a few tips to get you on track.

There are two important resources you’ll need for a sustainable base — a source of clean water, and a garden for growing food. Both aren’t exactly easy, and even finding the potatoes you need can be a pain in the rear. We’ll go over each resource, how to get it, or what it takes to unlock the upgrades — essentially, if you’re stuck, it’s a good idea to try and progress the story.

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How To Get Clean Water & Potatoes | Hunger & Thirst Guide

Hunger and thirst are meters that constantly deplete while you play Metal Gear Survive. To replenish, you’ll need clean water and a good source of food. Potatoes are a rare commodity that you can use to create a garden — the problem is finding them. Clean water is a totally different story. Instead, it’s hard to figure out how to get clean water at all. Let’s go over both.

  • How To Get Clean Water:
    •  In the singleplayer campaign, reach Chapter 7 to unlock the Campfire and the upgraded Hanging Pot.
    • Build both for a renewable source of clean water. Construct a canteen to keep a large source of clean water.
    • You can also find clean water in bottles around the environment. Search every area to get enough to survive until Chapter 7.

Annoyingly, if you build a canteen early and fill it with infected water, you’ll just have to drink it all to clear space and replace it with clean water.


Now, let’s move onto food resources. Potatoes are required to build the garden plot in your base, which will provide a renewable source of food. Food is slightly more common to find in the environment, so keep searching for food while exploring to stay healthy until you’ve got a garden.

  • How To Get Potatoes (For A Garden):
    • From the main base, you can find potatoes in a variety of specialized locations.
    • Travel down the hill to a few buildings and search by the burn pit.
    • Also check the area around a crashed helicopter.

Corn is an even better item to grow in your garden. It can be found due east of your basecamp, just keep searching for resources. Although gardens are a great place to have, growing isn’t the most efficient way to stay fed. It takes two hours to grow, so you’ll still need to hunt for animals and other food items.

Between larger meals, it’s a good idea to listen for small animals. Listen for squeaks and shoot rats or other rodents, then cook the meat for a small boost. Don’t search the same areas either — you’ll mostly have to push into new locations to get more food / water. Animals do respawn, but it’s a painfully slow process.