Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 9 – Secure The Singularity

Plant defenses directly on the red lines to block waves of wanderers.

Things don’t get any easier in Chapter 9 of Metal Gear Survive. This is your first singularity mission — and it works pretty much like the Base Camp defense in your previous mission, except you can’t prepare before the zombies are rushing down your Digger. This is one of the harder missions in the game, so gear up and strengthen your weapons / armor. Equip every single slot you have. Bring two sets of defense walls, bring a spear, bring lures, and bring Molotov cocktails.

This chapter is, essentially, a tutorial for the co-op missions you can join or host in Metal Gear Survive.  Like the scavenger missions, you’ll have to defend a Digger in the center of the map while swarms of wanderers spawn from wormholes on your map. They follow red lines directly to your Digger, and they don’t really deviate from those lines — that means you can place walls directly on the lines, and the undead aren’t really clever enough to go around them. Learn more in the full guide, and after all this action, we’ll take a little exploration breather in Chapter 10.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 9


Objective: Place and activate wormhole digger at singularity

Before going to the singularity point on your map, let’s first complete a few side missions that are only available now. Talk to Miranda to gain a Distress Signal Location – go to the green area to find a new crew member you can recruit for the base. New recruits are incredibly worthwhile, so it’s a good idea to collect them as soon as possible.

Distress Signal: You’ll also want to grab Transporter 06, located due east from the singularity location. It makes returning, exploring, and preparing much easier. Especially if you fail, you’ll have a shorter trek back to the singularity point. Also, yo reach the Distress Signal, travel north from Transporter 06 – you can only reach it from the south side of the map.

When you’re ready, travel to the singularity location. Hunt for plenty of food and use Transporter 06 so you have plenty of oxygen before starting the singularity extraction. Bring a full set of Fences and Sandbags. If you have Barbed Wire fences, bring those too. Construct Mines and bring at least one ranged weapon – a sidearm shotgun was my weapon of choice.

You’ll also need to purchase a heavy attack from the Survivor class skill menu. Any heavy attack will be extremely helpful. A third combo attack will also help you survive the horde.

When a wave completes, a red blast of energy will destroy any wanderers or planted Defense Units in the red circle.

After activating a singularity, you’ll have to defend against three waves of wanderers. During each wave, portals will open and you’ll see red lines on the ground. Wanderers will approach from these red lines – they stick to the lines, so you can place defense units on these lines to block enemy attacks.

Save your defense units for only the heaviest attack vectors. Some directions, only a handful of wanderers will appear. You can place a fence directly on the line and block the wanderers. Or, you can place a mine and blow up an entire group. You’ll have to watch out for Bombers especially – like the previous defense mission, you’ll want to ignore the regular wanderers and sneak up behind the Bombers for a backstab kill.

This is one of the most difficult missions yet, so take your time, prepare with plenty of crafted materials, and only start when you’re loaded down with gadgets, weapons, and gear. After three waves, a blast of red energy will wipe out the last of the wanderers. Don’t miss the glowing box that appears! It’s full of extra material rewards.

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