Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 7 – Secure The Digger

Time to unlock one of the main features of Metal Gear Survive — the Wormhole Digger. This weird piece of sci-fi machinery will be your sole (future) source of Iris Energy, a whole new type of currency you’ll need to open up a portal and escape Dite once and for all. Not that anything comes easy in Metal Gear Survive. Before you can start digging for that sweet Iris, you’ll need to actually acquire a Digger.

There just so happens to be a digger not too far from Transporter 02. It’s a lengthy trek that’ll take you into a serene Clear Zone valley before facing a huge wave of Wanderers. The base where the Digger is located is already partially blocked off with barbed wire walls. The only way inside is through a big pile of crystallized debris. As always, go in prepared for a defense mission.

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Metal Gear Survive Walkthrough | Chapter 7


Objective: Secure the wormhole digger

At the start of the chapter, you can use the Upgraded Wormhole Extraction Device to remove objects with deposits of Kuban crystals. For example, you can now clear the debris blocking the door to Transporter 03.

The real objective for this chapter is the wormhole digger itself. Travel to Transporter 02 and head south toward the objective marker. Make sure to bring plenty of Kuban energy, and restock with food and water – dirty water, if necessary. Don’t worry, we’ll soon unlock a way to get clean water.

There’s a Clear Zone with dirty water and food before you reach the Wormhole Digger outpost.

Head south toward the bright blue lights in the far distance. There’s also a small animal hunt side-quest you’ll want to visit – animals exist in Dust safe zones, so you can breathe freely while hunting animals. There’s also a large container with a Survival Spear recipe in the oasis.

Getting inside the actual base in the Dust is tricky. There are swarms of wanderers – the only way in is through the left side. Use your upgraded device to clear the crystal-covered debris from the opening, then close it up with fences or walls of your own. Bring at least 6 Fences and double-up on both entrances to slow down the incoming wanderer hordes.

The base with the Wormhole Digger also has a Transporter. I recommend using the Transporter first, then you can safely scrounge for items in the area. It’s a goldmine, like most bases, and there’s a large container with three recipes. After collecting the Wormhole Digger, use your new transporter to return to Base Camp and complete this chapter.

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