South Park: Fractured But Whole – Hundred Hands of Chaos | Dungeon Guide

The “Coon and Friends” kids have a lead on the location on Scrambles, the cat with a one hundred dollar reward. Instead of Scrambles, the team stumbles into Professor Chaos’ evil lair — this is the second major dungeon in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, with multiple puzzles, unique encounters, and a big boss battle finale. We’ll walk you through all of it, just incase the New Kid needs a helping hand.

Professor Chaos is no normal villain. As you delve into his mad lair, you’ll encounter an army of Chaos Minions — kids, adults and dogs — that Butters has purchased with a giant loan from an unknown mastermind, telling him to guard the local cat piss meth heads working from the U-Stor-It facility. You’ll also find a few new super heroes on your journey; Toolshed and Call Girl will team up with you for this job, and the New Kid will unlock the Sandblaster Buddy Ability to clear those annoying, unpassable lava brick piles.

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The Hundred Hands of Chaos | Dungeon Guide

For this quest, you’ll want to be at least Might 235. To leave your house, grab one key from your dad in the kitchen. Use TimeFart Pause to get the key on the couch, and then grab the last key from the holder near the basement door. Use firecrackers to bust open the two locks. Outside, you’ll meet up with Toolshed.

At Kenny’s house, talk to Toolshed to sneak through the window. Go to Kenny’s room, then through the secret door in the closet. In the backyard, Toolshed will help you clear the lava with his Sandblaster Buddy Ability. When you reach SoDoSoPa, you’ll have a gang of angry homeless bums on your tail.

Defeat the Bums!:

The bums surround you. Defeat the two goons to the right, then you can focus on the guys to the left. Try out Toolshed’s abilities – he can heal, throw ranged screwdrivers, and use a drill to damage enemies diagonally. Hit the two bums to the right with the drill to test it out.

The bums aren’t too tough, but they can cause bleed. Just defeat them before you need to waste any items fixing your status ailments. Don’t forget to equip the Sanity Syphon artifact after defeating the bums.

Follow Toolshed up through the ruins of the train station. At the entrance, Toolshed will clear the lava bricks for you, and you’ll be able to explore the area.

The first piece of evidence is to the right. Explore the storage units and office for extra rewards.

Search for Evidence of Scrambles:

There’s a lot of extra items you can collect in the U-Stor-It. Enter the storage areas for more too – if you’re willing to solve some simple puzzles. On the right, enter the dancer’s unit and set off the fireworks to destroy the large cracked object. Then you’ll be able to move the ladder to the left and reach a valuable artifact.

The first clue is in the center of the ground to the right of the office. Take a stop at the office too – use a firecracker to knock down the key from the brown board. Unlock the back room door and grab the Champion Suit from the safe.

Outside, when you interact with the clue, Professor Chaos will reveal himself and unleash a swarm of minions! They won’t attack – not yet, anyway. Continue right and use Captain Diabetes to push over the water tank. Reverse time to continue moving forward. Interact with the next clue, and Chaos Minions will surround your team.

The Chaos Minions don’t get tough until the second wave. These adults hit hard.

Defeat the Chaos Minions!:

Stan’s Drillslinger ability can hit enemies in a line front and back. Use it to smack around the Chaos Minions. There are lots of them, but they aren’t too tough. Not as tough as Sixth Graders, at least.

The second wave of Chaos Minions is a lot tougher. These adults don’t mess around like that last batch of kids. These guys can kill your teammates in two or three hits. Save Moses summons to heal everyone in your party, or use Toolshed to heal multiple characters at once.

The Chaos Minions are pretty slow, so the big guys in the top row are slow to reach you. Fight the bottom guys first – the two in the bottom-left, then right. Deal with the “normal” Chaos Minions first, use an Ultimate like Cartman’s to attack everyone and make them all bleed early. It also helps to save your TimeFart – stop time when you’re about to take a lethal hit.

Use TimeFart Pause to disable the security system, then blow a hole in the wall with that crate of TNT.

Continue the Search:

Go through the storage unit to the right after defeating the minions, and use TimeFart Pause to sneak by the turret. Turn off the security, then move and set off the TNT to destroy the cracked wall. Outside, summon the Human Kite to fly over the brick wall. On the scaffolding, knock down the set ladder to reach the bottom.

When you attempt to open the storage unit beneath the scaffolding, two item crates will appear. Use TimeFart Rewind to climb back up and reach the second container. Continue on past the lava bricks and you’ll run into Callgirl a second time. Note: Don’t miss the vending machine here – stock up on consumables now if you’re low!

Ahead, Cartman will drop a box down from the roof. Use it to create a bridge across the lava bricks. You can also move it to the left to create steps up to an optional loot crate. Enter the storage facility ahead to encounter a midboss.

The crane attack recharges in real-time, so make your moves fast and get everyone out of the red zone.

Defeat General Disarray!:

Professor Chaos’ second-in-command appears, and he’s got an army of minions. The kid-minions are the weaker ones, while the adults hit really hard. The General is your main target here, but you’ll want to plow through the minions too so you don’t get overwhelmed.

When it’s General Disarray’s turn, he’ll summon more minions and start the real-time countdown to drop a pile of lava on your team. You can use this attack to your advantage. If any enemies are in the red radius, when it’s your turn, move everyone out and simply wait until the crane drops the lava bricks. It won’t hurt them, but it will complete the attack. It won’t reset until after General Disarray’s next turn.

The lava crane countdown happens in real time, so act fast if your characters are still in the red radius. Don’t sit around. The longer you stay in control, the move the crane’s meter will fill.

By the third turn, General Disarray will summon the powerful Mecha Minion! This is, actually, just two migrant workers in a big cardboard box. Try to focus on General Disarray – he doesn’t take that many hits, and you should be able to defeat him in about one more turn if you hit him with an Ultimate.

The New Kid will learn the Sandblaster Buddy Ability here. Use it to rescue Super Craig and save his franchise.

Save Super Craig!:

After the battle, lava bricks fall everywhere, trapping Super Craig behind a deadly wall of burning magma. There’s no way to save him – or is there? Enter Inspection Mode and highlight the lava. Select the third new Buddy Action icon and use the Sandblaster ability to rescue your pal.

Climb up to the roof and use Sandblast again to clear the lava at the makeshift water tower. To reach it, use firecrackers to break the cracker wood, creating a path to the top. If you hit the wrong crack, use TimeFart Rewind and try again. At the top, use Fartkour to reach the far roof. Cross over and climb down, then clear the lava barricade with another Sandblaster Buddy Ability.

More Chaos Minions are ahead beside a truck – they’re just waiting around, so you can easily hit them with projectile farts to make for an easier fight. Ahead, open the storage container to encounter a gang of cat urine collectors.

All the barrels in the meth lab are explosive. Don’t stand adjacent to a barrel if you’re going to attack it.

Defeat the Meth Heads!:

These Meth Heads aren’t too challenging, but they are stuck in an arena full of explosive barrels. Be careful not to attack any of the barrels, or they’ll explode and dish out 120 HP in damage. After about a round, Call Girl will join the fray.

Call Girl is a pretty good ally. She uses a strong close-range melee 3-hit combo, she can enrage / gain block from afar, and she can debuff enemies anywhere in the arena with defense down while inflicting some damage.

Deal with the Meth Heads, and you’ll have to enter Professor Chaos’ inner sanctum. It’s time for a big boss fight. Stop at the vending machine to stock up on consumables, then use the keypad beside the Chaos insignia door. Enter the code; 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 to get inside.

Use Sandblaster on the pipe nozzle to stun the goons. During the big fight, let the launchers lives and attack your enemies for you.

Defeat the Chaos Minions!:

To get by the wall of Chaos Ball Launchers, use Sandblaster on the open pipe, then throw a firecracker at the fireworks. You’ll have to deal with the Chaos Minions, but they’re be pretty weak from that explosion. Get out of the path of the turrets before they launch – if minions are standing in the red zone, they’ll take damage too. Don’t destroy the launchers too fast – they’ll also attack the incoming minions that appear behind you.

Eventually, a Mecha Minion will appear too. Save your Ultimate for the Mecha Minion. They’re really slow, and can’t attack above / below, so try to avoid their front and back. If you hit them with slow, they can barely move at all.

After the fight, clear the lava bricks and climb up to the roof to see Professor’s main operation. He’s loading trucks with lava! All the trucks – he’s going to declare the entire town is lava, and chaos will truly reign.

The fight gets tougher as you destroy more parts of the Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme. Save your Moses summons and Ultimate attacks for the last phase.

Boss: Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme

Professor Chaos’ giant Mecha Minion suit stomps onto the rooftop to confront Coon and Pals. I recommend using Call Girl and Captain Diabetes for this fight. Toolshed’s healing will come in handy – Call Girl’s debuff that lowers defense will help in the fight against Professor Chaos.

This giant oversized boss starts with 600 health. He’ll launch OP Missiles first, so get out of the red zones, and try to spread out. He’ll hit you with lava bricks, setting your team on fire. The lava bricks don’t do much damage, but the burning status lasts long enough to be annoying.

After each turn, Mecha Chaos will move to the opposite side of the arena, and launch another series of random missiles. Keep moving out of the red zones to stay alive – or use your TimeFart powers if you’re in a tricky situation. Take off 600 HP, and Phase 2 will begin.

For Phase 2, Butters loses his legs but gains a group of healer minions. Ignore Chaos for now, and focus on taking out the medics – they’ll fully heal Butters if he takes any damage. Use an Ultimate that attacks everyone to clear all the healers, then focus on Butters. Don’t waste your Ultimate on Butters alone!

During the last phase Butters can make multiple attacks per turn.

Watch out. If you get too close to Butters, he’ll hit you with his swinging arms. If you get in front of him, he’ll use both arms at once, blasting the victim far back with a strong knockback effect. Deal another 600 HP, and you’ll face Butters’ final form. His cockpit with two dogs is much more mobile than before.

Save your Ultimate for the final form, and watch out! Chaos can attack multiple times per turn. He’ll charge through your team, or use a spin-attack at effects anyone adjacent to his throne, causing the gross effect. When Professor Chaos is down, you’ll finish the quest and bring Butters to the holding cell in Coon’s secret underground lair. The evil mastermind behind all this crime might be Cartman’s evil handpuppet – Mitch Conner!

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