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The first major “dungeon” of South Park: The Fractued But Whole won’t occur until a few hours into the story, after you’ve established a backstory (or two) and waited until night. Like Persona games, the kids in South Park won’t go on a lengthy adventure until night falls — that’s when you’ll join up with Captain Diabetes and infiltrate the “Bowels Of The Beast”.

The “dungeon” consists of two major areas — the Peppermint Hippo Gentleman’s Club, and the Italian restaurant next door. The Gentleman’s Club is full of puzzles and mini-quests you’ll need to complete to find your informant, a dancer named Classi. Unfortunately, she isn’t going to spill her secrets so easily. You’ll have to chase her down, and confront the Red Wine Drunk Randy to learn exactly what has been happening to the cats of South Park.

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The Bowels Of The Beast | Dungeon Guide

To begin the quest, you’ll need to return to Cartman’s house after the big fight on Main Street with Mysterion. After going home, interact with the food on your plate, then go to bed upstairs.

When you wake up, you’ll have to escape your house. Use a firecracker on the key near the basement door, then use firecrackers on the two bolts – outside, you’ll meet up with your pal Captain Diabetes. He’s a brand new character on your team! You’ll get to see him in action soon.


Defeat Randy!:

With your character and Captain Diabetes, you’ll have to fight a super drunk Randy! Captain Diabetes has a powerful double punch with knockback attack, a dash that grants Captain Diabetes protection, and a debuff that slows foes, causes knockback, and grants Protection to the Captain.

NOTE: Randy can charge straight forward across the arena. If you can help it, don’t line up your characters horizontally.

Randy, being so close to his car, is pretty susceptible to knockback. Use Insulin Shock to slow Randy early in the fight, and attack him from the front and behind when he charges forward. Give yourself some extra shields to make the fight easier! Status effects like Fire and Gross will help whittle down his long health bar.

Use the Coma Combo and charge your ultimate, then unleash Captain Diabetes super-move to end the fight! That’ll complete Randy’s side-quest, too.

Move the ladder and climb up to the window to reach main street.

Get To Main Street:

Now you can go to Kyle’s house and enter the second floor hall. Use a firecracker to knock down the ladder to the attic. Upstairs, smash the cracked debris and move the stepladder to the platform beneath the window exit. You can also find a Yaoi art collectible and a loot container in the bottom-right corner.

When you’re ready to go, talk to Captain Diabetes and slide down the wire rope shortcut to mainstreet. The goal is the Peppermint Hippo – follow the Captain left down the street until you reach the concert! Talk to Captain Diabetes and he’ll move the port-a-potty, clearing out the crowd. Now it’s just a quick trip to the strip club.

Use a firecracker on the umbrella blocking the open window into the club. Talk to Captain Diabetes and he’ll do the rest!

Get Inside The Peppermint Hippo:

The bouncer inside won’t let you in! Leave, and go to the right side of the exterior. Use a firecracker on the dumpster to reveal an open window. Talk to Captain Diabetes when the dumpster lid drops, and Captain Diabetes will push down the pay-phone. Now you’ll drop into the Peppermint Hippo restroom!

It’s gross. There’s a guy pissing all over the floor – to his left, there’s a loot container, and to the right there’s a toilet you can “use” – one of the many flushing minigames in South Park.

The strippers are pretty easy to spot. Talk to the dancers on the right, center, and left.

Talk To Three Strippers:

To get inside the VIP Room, talk to the dancers – there’s one on the right, center, and left. They’re pretty easy to spot, with a loot container near the stage. Talk to Captain Diabetes when you’re done. Instead of finding a dancer, you’ll have to dance on the creepy guys in the VIP Room. If you’re played the toilet minigame, you’ll know how to play the Lap Dance minigame. There’s no way to fail, but you can get beaten up by the VIP Johns.

Complete the Lap Dance Mini Game then beat up the pissed-off johns.

Defeat the VIP Johns!:

One of the Johns starts the fight with the slow effect. Use Captain Diabetes to slow the second guy, and focus on him first! That way you can knock them back and easily pick them off! Use Protect / Slow with the Captain and you’ll be able to attack these jokers from multiple angles.

Scare away the rat and knock down the shelf to reach the first gross ingredient.

Distract The DJ:

To deal with the DJ and find Classy in the back room, you’ll need to make the “DJ Special Recipe” – a gin and tonic with a special ingredient.

  • Ingredient #1: Rat Shit – Push the stepladder to the container in the back room behind the kitchen. Use a firecracker on the weak corner of the shelves, and then go up the ramp – scare the rat away with a firecracker too!
  • Ingredient #2: Boogers n’ Cum – To get this disgusting ingredient, go to the kitchen and use a firecracker on the oven to start a fire. Then throw a fart-projectile to explode the shelf, dropping a jar filled with the stuff.
  • Ingredient #3: Gin and Tonic – The easiest ingredient is in the main room. Look on the table in the bottom-left corner.

Now all you have to do is combine all three ingredients! Open your smart phone menu and under the Mission Items tab, craft the DJ Special. Fart on it, and give it to the DJ to take him out of commission!That frees the booth for Captain Diabetes to call in Classi. Follow her into the backstage – but loot the hall before entering the Dressing Room. The “Bedazzling Orb” artifact in the lower-left container is especially useful.

See the meter at the bottom? That fills up in real-time, so move and act fast before Bootay gets another turn.

Boss: Spontaneous Bootay & Classi

Classi isn’t going to just let you talk to her. You’ll have to fight through an entire dressing room full of strippers. They’re relatively weak, so just keep plowing through them, one-by-one. Knockback attacks are especially useful! You can knock the enemies back and into each other for bonus damage. When you reach the end of the hall, Spontaneous Bootay will appear!

NOTE: For this section, you can actually take multiple turns with your heroes between enemy attacks. If you’re fast, you can complete 3-4 actions before Bootay’s meter fills all the way! Outpace that Bootay to get out of this place faster!

A meter will appear on the bottom of the screen – that’s the Spontaneous Bootay meter. When the turn is over, she’ll butt-slam the ground and cause a damaging attack. The meter charges in real time, so choose your actions fast! Use your charge attacks and knockbacks to continously move forward. If you have to run by enemies, do it!

Use TimeFart to rewind time and un-block the door to the restaurant.

Chase Classi:

When you reach the exit, you’ll complete the battle and escape. The Mafia goon inside accidentally kills himself, shooting down the sign and blocking the door to the restaurant. Unfortunately, Captain Diabetes goes into diabetic shock before he can move the sign – you’ll have to eat the Enchirito! Watch Morgan Freeman’s ghost and the prompt will appear automatically.

Use the TimeFart ability to rewind time, saving Captain Diabetes and unblocking the road. All the pals will converge on the Italian restaurant this time. Go talk to the team near the entrance. You’ll unlock The Coon and be able to call in any hero you want! Mosquito is on your team, but I recommend the Human Kite. His healing abilities are very useful. Go into the kitchen to get back on track to find Classi.

The cooks are pretty tough. The head chef heals while everyone else fights. Use status ailments and pick them off, one-by-one.

Defeat the Cooks!:

The Cooks aren’t particularly tough, but you will have two new features for this fight – The Coon, and TimeFart. The Coon is a melee scratcher. His normal attack applies bleed, and he can zip across the arena, attacking multiple opponents at once.

TimeFart is an interesting new addition. Whenever you want, you can remove an enemy’s turn – just press [R2+L2 / RT+LT] to activate it. TimeFart recharges every three turns. Take down the top two goons, then pick off the lower goon before destroying the head chef – he heals, but it’s a waste of a turn.

Use Burritos to heal between turns when you can’t reach your enemies, and slow both of the last two – they’re tough, so it might take awhile to defeat them completely. Use Human Kite to grant protection, and use Captain Diabetes as your frontline fighter! It also helps to use TimeFart: Glitch to stop the head chef from healing.

Move the cage, then use TimeFart to get by. Don’t miss the vending machine outside the final room.

Continue To Chase Classi:

After the fight, fart on Captain Diabetic to make him have a revelation – he needs your farts! Activate the Buddy Hologram with Inspection Mode and target the vat, then use Diabetic Rage to push open a path to the door.

NOTE: Now you can use Diabetic Rage anywhere to move heavy objects! Nice?

All the way in the back, you’ll reach a room that’s jam-packed with stolen cats. Too bad the cat you’re looking for isn’t here! Don’t forget to loot the cat room and the kitchen – both areas are full of free stuff to take.

To get through the cat room, push the cat cage to the right, then use TimeFart to reverse time, clearing the way to the “Private” door. There’s a vending machine next to the door, so stock up on healing if you need it.

Grant Protection to Captain Diabetes and rewind time to skip Randy’s turn when he tries to get his keys back.

Boss: Red Wine Drunk Randy

No, it isn’t the Mafia Goons you have to fight – it’s Red Wine Drunk Randy! He’s crazy, he’s angry, and he wants his keys back! Go into the fight with; The Coon, The Human Kite and Captain Diabetes.

In the first round, Randy will knock out Captain Diabetes in one hit! Don’t let that happen – use TimeFart right away to skip Randy’s first turn. Use Captain Diabetes to slow Randy. He gets multiple turns to attack, but only his single close-range attack will do extreme damage.

Use Protection on Captain Diabetes – the Human Kite can grant some extra shields that will help your little friend survive. He can’t go down or you’ll lose the keys! Protect Captain Diabetes, and use your Ultimates to beat up Randy until he gives up. Use burritos to heal your team when you can, and when your TimeFart recharges, save it for Randy’s super-powered punch.

When Randy is defeated, you’ll be able to “save” Classi. The Cops are in charge of all the crime in the city, and they’re bent on spreading even more crime!

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