South Park: Fractured But Whole – All (Usable) Toilet Locations | Crappin’ Forte Guide

South Park: The Fractured But Whole isn’t shy about toilet humor — infact, there are tons of toilets you can use (and abuse) all over town, and completing their smelly mini-games will earn you an achievement / trophy. It sounds like a gastronomical nightmare, and it kind of is, but these collectibles are relatively easy to find. Only a few are tricky to track down.

You’ll know if you’ve completed a particular toilet if a green checkmark appears when you approach.  If there’s a red X, then it’s time to give that toilet another go. The mini-game is pretty simple, you’ll have to copy the stick movements as they appear. Earn all four stars and you’ll ready to go. We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

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All (Usable) Toilet Locations | Crappin’ Forte Guide

To reach the highest “Mastery Level” of a toilet, you’ll need to complete a quick mini-game. The mini-games ramp up in difficulty, but they’re all basically the same. Finish them all to earn the “Crappin’ Forte” achievement / trophy. There are 21 toilets in total in the town of South Park.

  • Toilet #1: Community Center – In the girl’s bathroom, push the trash can and break the cracked wall with a firecracker. Zap the exposed stuff with Professor Chaos to access this particular toilet.
  • Toilet #2: Community Center – The other one is in the boy’s bathroom. Easy!
  • Toilet #3: South Park Mall – Don’t miss the Port-O-Potty outside the construction zone around South Park Mall.


Most toilets are simple to find. They’re usually at the end of the hall in regular houses, or in the back of public places. For the following, I’ll just list the locations without further detail. They’re all very easy to access.

  • Toilet #4: Peppermint Hippe
  • Toilet #5: Park County Police Station
  • Toilet #6: Park County Police Station
  • Toilet #7: Park County Police Station
  • Toilet #8: Freeman’s Tacos
  • Toilet #9: Your House
  • Toilet #10: Big Gay Al’s House
  • Toilet #11: Bebe’s House
  • Toilet #12: Kevin Stoley’s House
  • Toilet #13: Craig’s House
  • Toilet #14: Nichole’s House
  • Toilet #15: Clyde’s House
  • Toilet #16: Jimmy’s House
  • Toilet #17: Henrietta’s House
  • Toilet #18: Butters’ House
  • Toilet #19: Kyle’s House
  • Toilet #20: Stan’s House
  • Toilet #21: Cartman’s House

Get four stars on each and every toilet, and you’ll unlock the “Crappin’ Forte” achievement / trophy. It goes down smooth.