South Park: Fractured But Whole – All Big Gay Al Cats Locations | Scavenger Hunt Guide

The beloved character Big Gay Al needs your help in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. All his cats (pussies?) are missing, and it’s up to your dauntless hero New Kid to find them all. This is another Scavenger Hunt mission, so you’ll have to search the town of South Park to find all the lost kitties.

There are only six, but finding them all will net you a pretty good rewards — two full costumes! Find Big Gay Al’s house, find all the cats, and you’ll get yourself Feline and Snowcat costumes. There’s also a load of extra XP. If you’re lost and confused, and can’t find more than a few kitties, here are all the locations.

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All Big Gay Al Cats Locations | Scavenger Hunt Guide

To start the side-quest, talk to Big Gay Al in his house. He won’t want to talk. He’s got too many missing cats! Find them all with the following locations.


NOTE: If you scare a cat away, reverse time with a Fart ability to bring the cat back out of hiding.

  • Cat #1: Go to SoDoSoPa and use the Human Kite to reach the second floor of the ruins. Do another kite jump to reach the scaffolding, then climb the ladder. At the top, go left to find the cat on the edge. Use firecrackers to clear the debris!
  • Cat #2: Found outside Bebe’s House in a tree. Use a firecracker to knock the tree branch down, then use FartPause to freeze time and collect the kitty. She’ll run away if you don’t stop time first.
  • Cat #3: Go to the Stark’s Pond North fast travel marker. Just above and left of the marker, there’s another cat in a tree. Once again, knock down the branch with a firecracker and stop time to get it.
  • Cat #4: Up at the ruins of South Park Mall, go right from the port-a-potty to find a cat in the snow banks. Freeze time to collect her.
  • Cat #5: In the foreground from the Bijou Theater / Tweek Bros. Coffee, cross the street to find a cat near a bush. Stop time and grab her.
  • Cat #6: Go to Hillvale Farms and get by the farmer. To do it, you’ll need to stop time and push the memberberry bucket to his side, blocking him. Once the farmer is blocked, you can walk by him and reach a Canada sign. To the left of the sign, there’s one final cat in the trees to the left. Firecracker the branch and stop time to get her.

That’s all 6 cats. Return to Big Gay Al to collect your rewards; two unique full costumes (Feline, Snowcat) and a bunch of XP.