South Park: Fractured But Whole – All Headshot Locations | Scavenger Hunt Guide

The child-friendly worker over in the Park County Police Department is busy trying to solve a pint-sized crimewave — sort of. Mostly, he just wants to get another gig. Talk to him, and you’ll begin a Fractured But Whole quest to place his headshots all over South Park. There are only 8 locations total, but not all over them are entirely obvious. For your hard work, you’ll get a few artifacts. It’s worth the trouble.

Mr. Adams is a caseworker for Child Protective Services, and he’s a pretty rarely seen character. Many South Park fans might even think he’s an entirely new creation for South Park: The Fractured But Whole. Nope, he’s a previous character all right. His terrifying clown room is new, but his penchant for telling off-color jokes to children is a classic trait carried over from his very first appearance.

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All Headshot Locations | Scavenger Hunt Guide

There are 8 headshots you’ll need to place for Mr. Adams in the Park County Police Station to complete his side-quest, “Scavenger Hunt: The Headshot Job” — you aren’t finding his headshots so much as distributing them all over town.


  • Headshot Location #1: Park County Police Station – Plant it on the front desk in the lobby.
  • Headshot Location #2: City Hall – On the bulletin board, near the street outside City Hall.
  • Headshot Location #3: Community Center – On the cork board hanging behind the podium. Move the step-stool to reach it.
  • Headshot Location #4: Elementary School – Call in the Human Kite to help you reach the balcony above the lobby. There’s a “Bull-etins” board where you can post the headshot.
  • Headshot Location #5: Stark’s Pond – On the northern side of the pond, go left to find a notice board blocked by lava bricks. Clean up the bricks with a Buddy Action to post the headshot.
  • Headshot Location #6: Jimbo’s Guns – In the store, post the headshot on the board underneath the elk head trophy.
  • Headshot Location #7: Peppermint Hippo – In the lobby of the strip club, move the step-stool to the counter on the left.
  • Headshot Location #8: Tweek Bros. Coffee – The last headshot location is in the coffee shop, on the green board beneath the cash register.

Return to Mr. Adams and he’ll finally show you what’s in the bottom drawer of his desk. You’ll get an “Idol of Inappropriate Touching” and a “Fanatic Visage” — both are artifacts.