South Park: Fractured But Whole – The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto | Dungeon Guide

The last “dungeon” of South Park: The Fractured But Whole is located in Dr. Mephesto’s terrifying genetics lab in the northwest corner of town. After leaning a new TimeFart, the New Kid and the Freedom Pals go on a tour that quickly turns bad when the mutants are let loose by super villain Mitch Conner.

The main quest, “The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto” leads up to the biggest boss battle in the game. While there are more combat scenarios after this particular boss, none are quite as impressive. The laboratory itself consists of four floors filled with terrifying monstrosities, including mutant cats and many-assed Sixth Graders. You’ll even get to make a horrific moral choice. This dungeon has it all!

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The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto | Dungeon Guide

Meet with the Freedom Pals at Dr. Mephesto’s lab. The Doctor won’t let you in until night – that’s six hours away. Wait around long enough and Morgan Freeman will appear, activating the AC unit next to the gate. Stand near it and complete a TimeFart – now you can swap between day and night!

At night, enter the Genetics Lab up the mountain path. Step onto the lift and ride it, Mephesto will give you the full rundown of his operation – combining animals and giving everything more asses. Mitch Conner is donating money to Dr. Mephesto’s Lab, creating mutant cats and Super-Sixth Graders. When the security grid goes down, the many-assed cats escape. Time to fight for your life, Freedom Pals.


Defeat the Many-Assed Cats!:

The cats cause bleed and vomit deadly hairballs – they’re powerful, but don’t have much HP. The cat urine vats will explode when you attack them. The cats are immune to the gross status effect, even if the explosion still dishes out a moderate amount of damage.

After the first round, a larger four-assed cat will spawn, raising the attack power and defense of all the cats in the arena. The same thing happens in the third round. Defeat them all, and Mephesto will lead you back into the main test subject storage area.

Use TimeFart Pause, Haywire, and Captain Diabetes to move the battery to the charging station.

Get The Tour Tram Back Online:

In the next room, you’ll find that the Mutant Sixth Graders are loose. Exit through the emergency door on the right. You’ll have to get down to the third floor and flip the CPU switch to get the tram back online. In the next room, use the Sandblaster Buddy Ability to get through the green sludge, then use the Haywire Ability to open the locked alcove with the laser defenses.

Now that the wall is open, pause time and grab the battery. Drag it right, summon Captain Diabetes to push down the vat blocking your path, and insert the battery into the slot near the emergency exit. Downstairs, you’ll encounter the mutant sixth graders! Luckily, they’re easily distracted by pictures of boobs.

In the room ahead, you need to distract the mutants – use the Haywire Buddy Ability from behind the desk on the electrical panel above the locked door. With the door open, use TimeFart Pause to reach the red button and activate the TV. When they’re distracted, you can sneak into the background hallway and reach a third TV button. Hit it too!

The exit is blocked by two more Many-Assed Sixth Graders. There’s no way around them, you’ll have to fight.

Activate the TV monitors before fighting the mutants. The actual battle will be a little easier when they’re distracted.

Defeat the Many-Assed Sixth Graders!:

With all the TVs activated, the sixth graders will kill each other to reach the boobs, making the fight much easier. The four-legged mutants are much easier, but they explode when they’re defeated. Both sides of the arena are lined with conduits that shock anyone that’s knocked back into them, making knock back abilities especially effective in this fight.

The CPU is right through the door to the left. Coon (and Mitch Conner) is waiting ahead. It turns out the villainous Mitch Conner is planning on becoming Mayor so he can declare everyday Christmas. It’s the only day Cartman likes, so it’s going to be every day of the year.

Use the Sandblaster to clear the green sludge out of the passage to the first floor.

Get To The First Floor:

Exit the control room through the door on the left side, and use Sandblaster to clear away the green acid. Ahead, use Haywire on the electrical panel to lower the glass door, then summon the Human Kite and hop across. Grab the treasure, then go down and ride Human Kite again to reach a green panel – summon Captain Diabetes to crack it open.

On the second floor, use the vending machine to stock up on items, then cross the animal enclosure and exit through the door on the far right. The room ahead has more mutant Sixth Graders.

Beware the red zones! The real-time meter will fill, and anyone standing on a red grate will take damage.

Defeat the Ass Mutants!:

The weaker versions of the Mutant Sixth Graders will attack, and red squares will appear on the grates. The trick in this fight is that you’ll have to avoid the red zones while a real-time meter fills. When the meter is full, everyone in the danger zone will take 100 HP damage and the red areas will reset.

After the first wave of weak mutants, Mutant Cats and Half-Porcupine Sixth Graders will appear. These annoying enemies shoot spines from a distance, so you’ll have to get close or use ranged attacks to take care of them. A third wave of cats and mutants will appear before the fight is over. Make your decisions fast, and you can even wait out the timer to damage enemies stuck on the red danger areas.

You can only save one of your parents. It doesn’t matter who you pick!

Collect the DNA Sample:

In the room ahead, you’ll find your parents. Your mom is wounded and your dad is strapped to a strange table. Talk to your dad, then talk to your mom – you’ll have to make a choice. You need a DNA sample from one of your parents. You can choose your dad or your mom – get your mom’s arm, or activate the machine that harvests your dad’s head.

You have to pick one. Just keep interacting, and you’ll take the sample you need. It’s cruel, but you have to choose one. When you’ve placed the sample in the machine, the lift to the first floor will activate.

Ahead, you can attach more butts to the bully – stop by the vendor, and you’ll regroup with your team in the greenhouse.

Use a TimeFart to swap between day and night, then attack the weakened boss before the meter refills.

Boss: Mutant Alternate Human Kite

Mitch Conners has done the unthinkable. He’s turned the Alternate Universe Human Kite (Kyle’s Cousin) into a hulking, unstoppable monster. He’s disgusting, a takes up two vertical spaces on the arena. Every turn, he’ll march forward and slam the ground, sending anyone in the front row back. Summon minions or turrets to slow his attacks down and try to leave only one character (or summon) at the front.

NOTE: Alternate Human Kite is immune to Chill. You can still Shock, Burn, Bleed and Gross him. Call Girl can still lower his defenses.

Like Cartman, he can change the rules whenever he wants. He’ll swap turns. After a few turns, you’ll realize he’s unbeatable – only the sun can stop him! That means you need to change the time from night to day.

To bring out the sun, get the New Kid to use your new Day-To-Night TimeFart ability. It can be used anywhere in the arena, and will instantly leave Alternate Human Kite vulnerable. He’ll start putting on lotion – attack him before the real-time meter fills up! Ultimate powers are really effective here.

Eventually, the fan will power-up again. Use your Day-To-Night TimeFart again, and Alternate Human Kite will be vulnerable for a short time. Attack him again while he’s cleaning up the sunscreen to deal bonus damage. Keep swapping between day and night, attack the boss while he’s vulnerable, and heal while trying to stay alive.

At the end, follow the fart prompts. Don’t worry! You can’t fail this part. Congratulations! You’ve saved the day and escaped the lab, but this isn’t the end.

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