South Park: Fractured But Whole – ‘To Catch A Coon’ Riddles Solutions | Quest Guide

Later in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the team of heroes (and the New Kid) must track down the nefarious Mitch Conner and complete his sinister games. He’ll offer up a series of riddles, and to find Mitch (and save your parents) you’ll have to go to the correct locations. Mitch implies there’s a timer, but you’ve got all the time in the world to walk to each location.

The riddles are pretty straightforward, but if you’re having trouple, we’ve got a list of solutions below. On the path, you’ll get more instructions, usually to take a selfie or talk to an NPC nearby at each location, and then fight a ninja as you progress through town. Different types of enemies have overrun South Park at this point in the story, so be prepared for a fight.

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To Catch A Coon Riddle Solutions Guide

On the “To Catch A Coon” quest, you’ll have to solve several Mitch Conner riddles to save the day. Cartman (in disguise) will give you multiple riddles — the riddles are always related to a location in South Park. Once you find the right spot, you’ll get a call, another riddle, and you’ll have to travel to the spot on-foot.

  • To Catch A Coon – Riddle Solutions:
    • Step #1: Go to Tweek Bros. Coffee
    • Step #2: Go to Jimbo’s Gun Store
    • Step #3: Go to the Park (Basketball Court / Jungle Gym)
    • Step #4: Go to the South Park Community Center

You’ll have to fight ninjas and more random assortments of enemies as you progress toward the big boss battle at the end of the quest. There is no fast travel, so you’ll have to go on foot the entire time. Prepare for the big fight against Mitch Conner at the end!