South Park: Fractured But Whole – All MemberBerries Locations | Collectible Guide

I ‘member the memberberries, and you can too in South Park: The Fractured But Whole with all 14 locations. These memberberries really don’t do much — there’s no quest to find them all, but you can earn a fancy title for all your hard work, the “Master Memberer” title, which sounds a lot dirtier than I thought possible.

Each individual memberberry pile comes with a few voice lines, usually related to the area you’ll find them in, and always making a reference to obscure (or not-so-obscure) pop culture from yesteryear. Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, non-depressing Superman movies, and the Wonder Twins are just a few references you’ll find. If you want to hear them all, keep scrolling for all the info.

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All Memberberries Locations | Scavenger Hunt Guide

At any point in the story, you’ll be able to begin your quest for Memberberries. You can find the Memberberries in the following locations. All memberberries are available after completing the game, and none of them are missable.


  • Memberberries #1: Church – In the chuch, look to the left near the confessional.
  • Memberberries #2: Stark’s Pond – Go south of Stark’s Pond and move left. A bucket of memberberries is located in a beached boat.
  • Memberberries #3: Genetic Engineering Lab – Open the gates and go left in the laboratory grounds. There’s a large rock, then a grassy knoll with the memberberries.
  • Memberberries #4: Skeeter’s Wine Bar – Through the open door in the back-left of the bar.
  • Memberberries #5: Peppermint Hippo – Backstage, summon Professor Chaos to short the electrical panel and gain access to the Manager’s Office. The memberberries are on the purple couch to the left.
  • Memberberries #6: Raisins – Outside the restaurant, the memberberries are behind a log to the right. Smash the log with a punch to reach them.
  • Memberberries #7: Senior Center – Also outside the Senior Center, the memberberries are on a bench with an old man statue.
  • Memberberries #8: Token’s House – The memberberries are on the island in Token’s kitchen, on the left side.
  • Memberberries #9: Bijou Theater – Enter the theater and find the memberberries in the first row of seats, on the far left side.
  • Memberberries #10: Canadian Border – After sneaking by the farmer in Hillvale farms, find the memberberries to the right of the “Canada” sign.
  • Memberberries #11: Kenny’s House – Use the steps behind Kenny’s House to reach the SoDoSoPa ruins. There’s a pile of memberberries in the back-right corner.
  • Memberberries #12: Kevin Stoley’s House – To get inside this house, use Professor Chaos to blast the electrical panel so you can open the garage and climb up the ladders to Kevin’s bedroom window. The memberberries are on his coffee table in the living room.
  • Memberberries #13: Bebe’s House – On the left corner in Bebe’s kitchen.
  • Memberberries #14: Post Office – The last memberberries are in the post office, to the left of the counter on the Packing Supplies shelf.

Memberberries don’t really give you any reward. You’ll earn the “Master Memberer” title for completing the collection, at least!