South Park: Fractured But Whole – How To Beat Every Boss | Strategy Guide

The battle system in South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a little more complicated than the previous game, with tougher boss battles that require some unique tactics to win. Sometimes you’ll need to use your unique TimeFart powers to reverse time and skip enemy turns, or you’ll have to escape an unstoppable opponent that slowly chases you through an exotic dressing room.

There are lots of bosses in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and some of them are pretty tough — here, you’ll find all our tips and trips for taking them all down. We’re focusing on just the major bosses here. Before entering a boss fight, you’ll always want to equip the best artifacts you can find. The higher your Might, the more likely you’ll be able to defeat a big boss. Even with the right equipment, some bosses can still take your team of heroes by surprise.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Strategy Guide

Here, we’ll cover the major boss battles for each sequence — minor fights and optional battles won’t be covered in here, unless they’re particularly difficult or critical to the story. This is all about those end-of-dungeon big bad guys, and what you can do to beat them.


Boss #1: Spontaneous Bootay & Classi

  • Quest: The Bowels of the Beast

Classi isn’t going to just let you talk to her. You’ll have to fight through an entire dressing room full of strippers. They’re relatively weak, so just keep plowing through them, one-by-one. Knockback attacks are especially useful! You can knock the enemies back and into each other for bonus damage. When you reach the end of the hall, Spontaneous Bootay will appear!

NOTE: For this section, you can actually take multiple turns with your heroes between enemy attacks. If you’re fast, you can complete 3-4 actions before Bootay’s meter fills all the way! Outpace that Bootay to get out of this place faster!

A meter will appear on the bottom of the screen – that’s the Spontaneous Bootay meter. When the turn is over, she’ll butt-slam the ground and cause a damaging attack. The meter charges in real time, so choose your actions fast! Use your charge attacks and knockbacks to continously move forward. If you have to run by enemies, do it!

Rewind with your TimeFart in the first round, and save your Combat Farts for future instant-kill attacks from Randy.

Boss #2: Red Wine Drunk Randy

  • Quest: The Bowels of the Beast

No, it isn’t the Mafia Goons you have to fight – it’s Red Wine Drunk Randy! He’s crazy, he’s angry, and he wants his keys back! Go into the fight with; The Coon, The Human Kite and Captain Diabetes.

In the first round, Randy will knock out Captain Diabetes in one hit! Don’t let that happen – use TimeFart right away to skip Randy’s first turn. Use Captain Diabetes to slow Randy. He gets multiple turns to attack, but only his single close-range attack will do extreme damage, and that takes time to recharge.

Use Protection on Captain Diabetes – the Human Kite can grant some extra shields that will help your little friend survive. He can’t go down or you’ll lose the keys! Protect Captain Diabetes, and use your Ultimates to beat up Randy until he gives up. Use burritos to heal your team when you can, and when your TimeFart recharges, save it for Randy’s super-powered punch.

When Randy is defeated, you’ll be able to “save” Classi. The Cops are in charge of all the crime in the city, and they’re bent on spreading even more crime!

With the burn effect active, move onto spaces with the spilled weed to burn it. Burn all four!

Boss #3: Sober Towelie

  • Quest: Medicinal Fried Fiasco

Without his supply, Towelie is one angry little guy. You’ll have to fight him with his two employees – with only Cartman on your side. Instead of fighting Towelie, you only need to calm him down!

Towelie starts the fight by lighting Cartman on fire. Don’t skip that turn, just let him get knocked back into the pile of weed. Light all four piles of weed – there’s one on each corner of the arena. You can’t attack the piles of weed directly. Instead, you need to step on the piles while you’re burning.

But, you can also set enemies on fire with your attacks. If they touch the weed, they’ll set it on fire too. Use Cartman’s ability to switch places with enemies to move further on a turn. After lighting all four piles, Towelie will chill out when it’s his turn.

The Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme is the toughest boss yet. Be prepared for a long fight.

Boss #4: Mecha Minion Chaos Supreme

  • Quest: The Hundred Hands of Chaos

Professor Chaos’ giant Mecha Minion suit stomps onto the rooftop to confront Coon and Pals. I recommend using Call Girl and Captain Diabetes for this fight. Toolshed’s healing will come in handy – Call Girl’s debuff that lowers defense will help in the fight against Professor Chaos.

This giant oversized boss starts with 600 health. He’ll launch OP Missiles first, so get out of the red zones, and try to spread out. He’ll hit you with lava bricks, setting your team on fire. The lava bricks don’t do much damage, but the burning status lasts long enough to be annoying.

After each turn, Mecha Chaos will move to the opposite side of the arena, and launch another series of random missiles. Keep moving out of the red zones to stay alive – or use your TimeFart powers if you’re in a tricky situation. Take off 600 HP, and Phase 2 will begin.

For Phase 2, Butters loses his legs but gains a group of healer minions. Ignore Chaos for now, and focus on taking out the medics – they’ll fully heal Butters if he takes any damage. Use an Ultimate that attacks everyone to clear all the healers, then focus on Butters. Don’t waste your Ultimate on Butters alone!

Watch out. If you get too close to Butters, he’ll hit you with his swinging arms. If you get in front of him, he’ll use both arms at once, blasting the victim far back with a strong knockback effect. Deal another 600 HP, and you’ll face Butters’ final form. His cockpit with two dogs is much more mobile than before.

Save your Ultimate for the final form, and watch out! Chaos can attack multiple times per turn. He’ll charge through your team, or use a spin-attack at effects anyone adjacent to his throne, causing the gross effect.

Defeat Jared’s aides first! They’ll keep fully healing them as long as they’re in the fight.

Boss #5: Jared

  • Quest: The Thin White Line

Jared, Subway commercial guy and convicted pedophile, is going to try and touch your team inappropriately. Right away, you’ll want to get out of his red zone path. Don’t attack him from the front while his touching attack is charging! Turrets don’t count, so you can place Token’s turret on his red zone and they won’t take damage.

When you get close, Jared can defeat your kids in a single attack. Use TimeFarts to reverse his powerful jerking-off attacks (gross!) and use Token’s chill attack to stop him. After dealing enough damage, Jared will summon two aides – they’re not too tough, but they’ll heal Jared, so you need to defeat them as quickly as possible.

Save your ultimates and try to use them against Jared’s aides. Defeating both of them quickly will make this fight easier – they’ll continue to fully heal Jared as long as they’re alive. Once they’re down, you can pile-on Jared and defeat him fast.

Escape the red zone before Shub-Niggurath slams the arena, then push cops into the right edge.

Boss #6: Shub-Niggurath

  • Quest: The Thin White Line

Shub-Niggurath demands black flesh? The racist cops are feeding innocent citizens to the nightmarish monster under the police station. You can’t defeat Shub-Niggurath, but you can feed it white flesh. Use Mysterion’s reverse knockback, and equip your main character with knockback skills to make this fight a little easier.

Mysterion and Tupperware both start with knockback skills. Mysterion’s reverse-knockback is especially useful – watch out for the real-time meter. When it fills up, the elder god will attack the ground in the red zone and smash anyone on it. Act fast, move your characters out of the way, and push the cops into the red area.

The monster will smash the ground, doling out 9999 damage and dropping eggs onto the arena. Two more rows of red zone will appear – you’ll need to push the cop reinforcements into this smaller red zone. When you feed Shub-Niggurath, it will reappear and reset the real-time meter. Act fast and get out of this thing’s path!

The Police Chief will enter the fray – you’ll need to feed five cops to Shub-Niggurath to end this fight. Bring lots of Revive Serums, and stay away from the elder god eggs. They’ll explode and knock back anyone in one turn. Even when dead, Mysterion is incredibly powerful. Use Confuse on enemies and they’ll walk willingly into the red zone and get eaten. After being eaten, more cops will appear – after flashbanging the area and forcing your entire team into the red zone. As long as one character escapes, you’ll be able to survive.

NOTE: Tweek’s ultimate “Eros Eruption” will confuse multiple opponents, forcing them all to enter Shub-Niggurath’s deadly red zone.

You’ll also have to watch out for another wrinkle – Shub-Niggurath will devour your allies. After a few turns, he’ll spit them out if they enter the devour zone, so you can revive them later. Save your ultimate to confuse everyone, or wipe out groups of cops if they’re overwhelming your team.

Feed 5 cops to Shub-Niggurath, and Scrambles is finally free! Coon and Friends have the $100, racism is over, and the Chief’s evil plan is over. But, the fight isn’t over year!

Defeat each hero to remove their mind control. They’ll join you, but with only 1 HP. Heal them up fast.

Boss #7: Dr. Timothy

  • Quest: The Thin White Line

Timmy is onto your plan, and he mind-controls Coon and Friends to attack the New Kid! Luckily Professor Chaos and Call Girl are still on your side. Defeat Coon first, and he’ll join your team. For every hero you defeat, they’ll rejoin you.

Save your TimeFarts for when (and if) one of your allies goes down. Save your Ultimate and use it against multiple enemies – it can defeat Fast Pass and the Human Kite quickly. After taking out the first wave, Super Craig and Captain Diabetes will join the fight. They’re pretty tough, and Timothy will join too! He’ll charm the closest character.

Use Fast Pass and Human Kite’s healing powers to revive the good guys after knocking them out, then use Call Girl to lower the defenses on Super Craig or Captain Diabetes. Timmy has too much HP to focus on alone, so take care of Super Craig and Captain Diabetes first. That way you’ll have everyone on your team!

Focus on beating up Doctor Timothy. He can charm, and he can only move one space per turn. He’ll teleport away when you attack him, but when he’s all alone, you should have no problem dealing with him with all the heroes you’ve got on your team now.

Mitch Conner is a cheater, but he’s pretty weak. Keep attacking him and you’ll win.

Boss #8: Mitch Conner

  • Quest: To Catch A Coon

Cartman and Mitch can take multiple turns using his patented time powers – he’s tough, and he’s got a lot of HP. Equip the best artifacts so you’ve got over 700 Might before attempting this battle. Cartman is immune to Chill, and his attacks will cause random status effects – if Cartman wants, he can cause gross, slow, become immune to damage, or instantly summon a shield. He’s a total cheater!

Beware, Mitch Conner can also choose to ricochet damage when his shield is active. The shield lasts for two turns. Cartman is just one man – or boy – so just hit him with shock, burn and bleed. Keep your heroes healed, and unleash your ultimate. Cartman will go down eventually.

Swap between day and night, then unleash your Ultimate powers on the weakened boss.

Boss #9: Mutant Alternate Human Kite

  • Quest: The Many Asses of Dr. Mephesto

Mitch Conner has done the unthinkable. He’s turned the Alternate Universe Human Kite (Kyle’s Cousin) into a hulking, unstoppable monster. He’s disgusting, a takes up two vertical spaces on the arena. Every turn, he’ll march forward and slam the ground, sending anyone in the front row back. Summon minions or turrets to slow his attacks down and try to leave only one character (or summon) at the front.

  • NOTE: Alternate Human Kite is immune to Chill. You can still Shock, Burn, Bleed and Gross him. Call Girl can still lower his defenses.

Like Cartman, he can change the rules whenever he wants. He’ll swap turns. After a few turns, you’ll realize he’s unbeatable – only the sun can stop him! That means you need to change the time from night to day.

To bring out the sun, get the New Kid to use your new Day-To-Night TimeFart ability. It can be used anywhere in the arena, and will instantly leave Alternate Human Kite vulnerable. He’ll start putting on lotion – attack him before the real-time meter fills up! Ultimate powers are really effective here.

Eventually, the fan will power-up again. Use your Day-To-Night TimeFart again, and Alternate Human Kite will be vulnerable for a short time. Attack him again while he’s cleaning up the sunscreen to deal bonus damage. Keep swapping between day and night, attack the boss while he’s vulnerable, and heal while trying to stay alive.

At the end, follow the fart prompts. Don’t worry! You can’t fail this part. Congratulations! You’ve saved the day and escaped the lab, but this isn’t the end.

Santa is tough enough to keep the three left Woodland Critters at bay. Use your main party to destroy the critters on the right.

Boss #10: The Woodland Critters

  • Quest: Farts of Future Past

The Satanic Woodland Critters surround you, and after some quick prayer, Santa will arrive as a playable hero that will help you. Use Santa to hold off the critters on the left while your team defeats the creatures on the right side.

Santa can summon gingerbread men that the critters will attack, and his baseball bat hits in three squares, sending any nearby demonic woodland critters back. Stay alive, use Chill on the big bear, and unleash Ultimate attacks to wipe out the right side. Santa can hold off the left side easily with his multiple-turns and baseball bat.

Team up and take out the left critters to end this tough fight. The critters have very powerful long-range attacks, so watch out while you’re approaching.

The battle against the King includes multiple phases against each of the main party members.

Boss #11: The King

  • Quest: Farts of Future Past

It’s New Kid versus New Kid! The King is pretty powerful – he’ll start the battle by summoning a fart meteor and blasting your whole team. You can use a TimeFart to avoid the attack. After a few attack, Clyde and his troops will appear to protect the king. You’ll get a new team of heroes to help you out – the minions are easy to take care of. Clyde is tougher, but when he’s alone, he can’t put up much of a fight. Stay healed up and whittle him down.

Thief Craig appears in the third phase, summoning four clones every turn. Kyle is fourth. He summons arrow attacks that cause bleed on everyone in your team, but he isn’t too tough. Two turns worth of attacks can defeat him if you ignore his minions.

For the final phase, save your ultimate attack and use it against the King and his full party. You’ll have to fight them all at the same time. You’ll recharge your ultimate fast, but it’s a good idea to focus on Clyde and Craig first, especially Craig. He’ll summon four new clone minions. All those extra enemy turns are a huge pain.

Mitch is back, and he’ll cheat even harder this time.

Boss #12: Mitch Conners

  • Quest: Farts of Future Past

Back on the street outside of Mitch Conner’s inauguration, Kyle confronts Cartman – but there’s a twist. Mitch Conner appears on Kyle’s hand! So, who’s the real villain? There’s no way to know! Defeat them both!

Any damage you do to Kyle will only hurt the Coon! Defeat the Coon, and things go nuts – an alternate Mitch Conner appears on Cartman’s hand, and now both of them are randomly changing the rules. Every time you attack Cartman, he’ll teleport and swap places with Kyle.

They aren’t too powerful, and neither has much health, so don’t worry when Mitch decides damage doesn’t count, or suddenly makes everyone burn. After defeating Kyle, the Mitch Conners won’t be able to cheat anymore – and now you’re free to beat them both down.