South Park: Fractured But Whole – The Thin White Line | Dungeon Guide

The cops have wrongly arrested Classi, and it’s up to the Freedom Pals (with Coon and Friends) to invade the Park County Police Station and rescue her from a station full of corrupt cops. This is the toughest dungeon yet in South Park: The Fractued But Whole. There are more bosses and more challenges than before, and it all leads to a shocking conclusion.

You’ll have access to (almost) the entire team of Freedom Pals at this point in the story. There are lots of awesome heroes to work with, but my favorite has to be Mysterion. The most mysterious hero of the group, Kenny has a genuine superpower — he can’t die! He comes with two sets of moves, and two ultimate attacks — he can blow himself up, or rise from the dead,  healing teammates around him. He’s also an awesome fighter, and when he dies, he can debuff and confuse enemies as a ghost. That’s awesome.

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The Thin White Line | Dungeon Guide

Mysterion wakes up the New Kid, and once again you’ll have to sneak out of your house. Thankfully, the door is already unlocked so you can just leave. The adults are going nuts and partying outside – follow Mysterion left, and you’ll even get to see your parents! Don’t worry, they’re too wasted to notice you.

Meet up with the Freedom Pals at the Police Station. Coon and Friends show up too! The Freedom Pals wait by the front door, while Coon and Friends go to the fire escape to the left. Talk to Mysterion and you’ll see the corrupt Park County cops doing coke – that’s your cue! Go in through the lobby and the watchman will accidentally shoot himself. Now you’re free to go inside!

The coked up cops are partying in the room ahead. Use Inspection Mode to throw a firecracker at the SWAT case, then fart-projectile it to cause an explosion. Now you can attack the group – two of them will be burning.


Defeat the Crooked Cops!:

The cops are pretty tough, so equip your best artifacts before going into battle. They use tasers that cause the shock effect at range. You’ll also have Mysterion to help you – he’s a powerful physical fighter that can use reverse knockback or pulls to send cops flying toward your allies, pulling them away from the main force and into range of his punishing melee attacks.

After defeating one cops, two more detectives will appear. They’ll shield themselves – use Wonder Tweek to chill enemies, stopping their attacks. Token can set up turrets that attack anyone in a line for three turns. Wonder Tweek’s healing abilities are especially useful here, too.

Use TimeFart Pause, the vents, and Butters’ Buddy Ability to get by the turrets.

Go To The Holding Cells:

Enter the room to the back-right to encounter the Commissioner. Things don’t go well, and the cops retreat upstairs. Follow them – the dark hallway is unblocked this time. Before moving on, you can check out the two rooms in the hallway for some crafting materials.

In the hallway, use TimeFart Pause to get by the turret and turn off the green switch. You won’t be able to do it again for the second one. Instead, use the vent and climb up to the top – exit the vents and throw a firecracker at the electrical box, then summon Professor Chaos to “hack” the turret.

Upstairs, enter the Holding Cells and press the yellow button on the left. More (and tougher!) cops will appear.


Use the switch on the left to free the innocent people. A group of cops will try to stop you, be prepared!


Defeat the Crooked Cops!:

The cops get the first time no matter what this time. You’ll also have to deal with two SWAT goons. When surrounded, turrets (Gadgeteer / Toke) are especially effective. Use Tweek to chill an enemy to take away their turn. Token’s tornado attack is great for sending the SWAT cops back – all of them are pretty slow.

NOTE: When Mysterion dies, he turns into a ghost that can continue to fight.

After the fight, grab the keycard from the defeated cop and free the innocent, racially-profiled people from the holding cells using the yellow button on the left. Check out the Interrogation Room on the right for more loot containers to search.

To get into the Evidence Room: Enter the “EXIT” door to the left of the holding cells and go through the vent directly beneath the double doors. There’s a powerful artifact (Song of the Drunk Knight, 80 Might) and a Defender Mask.

In the second holding cells room, use TimeFart Pause to get through the malfunctioning Drunk Tank door.

Stop time and grab the propane tank to blast a hole in the wall.

Get to the Third Floor:

In the second stairwell, you’ll have two more turrets to get through. Stop time and grab the red propane tank, then move it to the cracked wall to the left. Blow up the propane to access a secret passage – go right to enter that second locked Drunk Tank cell.

Summon the Human Kite in the crawl space to climb up using Fartkour. Up top, exit and crack open the electrical panel, using Professor Chaos’ Buddy Ability to disable the turrets and reach the third floor.

Sandblaster the open pipe nozzle and use a firecracker to knock out this gross peeping tom.

Sneak Past the NSA Agent:

Up on the third floor, you’ll have to sneak by a (masturbating) NSA agent. Don’t try to walk by, or he’ll just shoot you dead. Use the Sandblaster Buddy Ability on the open pipe nozzle. The monitor will move right above the agent’s head – use a firecracker to drop the monitor on his head, knocking him out.

To leave, use a firecracker and Professor Chaos to hack the electrical panel connected to the door. Ahead, you’ll find the Police Chief with Scrambles the cat! He doesn’t stick around for long – he unleashes the evil Jared.

Defeat Jared’s aides as quickly as you can, then you can beat up the perv and end his reign of terror.

Boss: Jared

Jared, Subway commercial guy and convicted pedophile, is going to try and touch your team inappropriately. Right away, you’ll want to get out of his red zone path. Don’t attack him from the front while his touching attack is charging! Turrets don’t count, so you can place Token’s turret on his red zone and they won’t take damage.

When you get close, Jared can defeat your kids in a single attack. Use TimeFarts to reverse his powerful jerking-off attacks (gross!) and use Token’s chill attack to stop him. After dealing enough damage, Jared will summon two aides – they’re not too tough, but they’ll heal Jared, so you need to defeat them as quickly as possible.

Save your ultimates and try to use them against Jared’s aides. Defeating both of them quickly will make this fight easier – they’ll continue to fully heal Jared as long as they’re alive. Once they’re down, you can pile-on Jared and defeat him fast.

Stop time to get the Forensics key, then open the glass case, Sandblaster, and Haywire to clear the gas.

Follow the Police Chief:

After the fight, you can decide to fart on Jared or spare him. Enter the code 1-4-7-7 into the panel and ride the elevator down to the police basement. Enter the Morgue and pull the gurney to collect the Forensics Room Key. Backtrack through the creepy basement and enter the forensic room.

Inside, after a lengthy little cutscene, you’ll need to get the key from the dead investigator. There’s a biohazard gas leak – to open the doors, break open the electrical panel and use Haywire. The doors are unlocked, but there’s deadly gas inside. Pause time, grab the key, then unlock the glass case under the electrical panel – open it and use the Sandblaster ability on the pipe nozzle.

Now you can go inside! Summon Captain Diabetes on the green safe on the floor and he’ll tear it open, revealing the last key you need. Take the Skeleton Key back to the basement hallway and unlock the door to the far right. Stop at the vending machine to stock up on items! Go inside to fight the dungeon’s final boss.

Shub-Niggurath can’t be defeated normally. You have to feed it cops!

Boss: Shub-Niggurath

Shub-Niggurath demands black flesh? The racist cops are feeding innocent citizens to the nightmarish monster under the police station. You can’t defeat Shub-Niggurath, but you can feed it white flesh. Use Mysterion’s reverse knockback, and equip your main character with knockback skills to make this fight a little easier.

Mysterion and Tupperware both start with knockback skills. Mysterion’s reverse-knockback is especially useful – watch out for the real-time meter. When it fills up, the elder god will attack the ground in the red zone and smash anyone on it. Act fast, move your characters out of the way, and push the cops into the red area.

The monster will smash the ground, doling out 9999 damage and dropping eggs onto the arena. Two more rows of red zone will appear – you’ll need to push the cop reinforcements into this smaller red zone. When you feed Shub-Niggurath, it will reappear and reset the real-time meter. Act fast and get out of this thing’s path!

The Police Chief will enter the fray – you’ll need to feed five cops to Shub-Niggurath to end this fight. Bring lots of Revive Serums, and stay away from the elder god eggs. They’ll explode and knock back anyone in one turn. Even when dead, Mysterion is incredibly powerful. Use Confuse on enemies and they’ll walk willingly into the red zone and get eaten. After being eaten, more cops will appear – after flashbanging the area and forcing your entire team into the red zone. As long as one character escapes, you’ll be able to survive.

NOTE: Tweek’s ultimate “Eros Eruption” will confuse multiple opponents, forcing them all to enter Shub-Niggurath’s deadly red zone.

You’ll also have to watch out for another wrinkle – Shub-Niggurath will devour your allies. After a few turns, he’ll spit them out if they enter the devour zone, so you can revive them later. Save your ultimate to confuse everyone, or wipe out groups of cops if they’re overwhelming your team.

Feed 5 cops to Shub-Niggurath, and Scrambles is finally free! Coon and Friends have the $100, racism is over, and the Chief’s evil plan is over. But there’s still one more fight to finish.

Beat up the kids as they’re summoned. For every hero you defeat, you’ll gain a new ally.

Boss: Dr. Timothy

Timmy is onto your plan, and he mind-controls Coon and Friends to attack the New Kid! Luckily Professor Chaos and Call Girl are still on your side. Defeat Coon first, and he’ll join your team. For every hero you defeat, they’ll rejoin you.

Save your TimeFarts for when (and if) one of your allies goes down. Save your Ultimate and use it against multiple enemies – it can defeat Fast Pass and the Human Kite quickly. After taking out the first wave, Super Craig and Captain Diabetes will join the fight. They’re pretty tough, and Timothy will join too! He’ll charm the closest character.

Use Fast Pass and Human Kite’s healing powers to revive the good guys after knocking them out, then use Call Girl to lower the defenses on Super Craig or Captain Diabetes. Timmy has too much HP to focus on alone, so take care of Super Craig and Captain Diabetes first. That way you’ll have everyone on your team!

Focus on beating up Doctor Timothy. He can charm, and he can only move one space per turn. He’ll teleport away when you attack him, but when he’s all alone, you should have no problem dealing with him with all the heroes you’ve got on your team now.

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