South Park: Fractured But Whole – How To Fight Morgan Freeman | Secret Boss Guide

Look, I love Morgan Freeman — he’s one of the best awesome characters actors we’ve got. That doesn’t mean I won’t beat him up in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. You can too, and doing it is surprisingly simple. Actually winning the fight? Not so much.

Morgan Freeman is easily the hardest boss in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. You can fight him at literally any point in the main game, but you won’t win until you’ve completed the story. The rewards for defeating Morgan Freeman are great, it just takes a lot of preparation before your team of heroes will be ready for this god-like optional boss battle. Learn what it takes to fight Morgan Freeman, and what you’ll need to win with the strategy guide below.

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How To Fight Morgan Freeman | Secret Boss Guide

Morgan Freeman is the wise, ghostly presence that teaches the New Kid all about the TimeFart abilities in South Park: The Fractured But Whole. He’s a pretty great mentor, and he hangs around in the Freeman’s Tacos restaurant — he also teaches you how to craft. He’s an all-around swell guy.

So, why would you want to fight him? Morgan Freeman is God, basically. Beating him gives you Golden Taco Artifact, the best artifact in the game.

  • How To Fight Morgan Freeman:
    • Go to Freeman’s Tacos on Main Street.
    • Inside, use the counter on the left to get behind the register.
    • Punch Morgan Freeman three times to intitiate the optional boss fight.
      • NOTE: Morgan Freeman won’t fight you if your character is Black. Talk to PC Principal at the Micro Brewery to change your race / ethnicity.

Morgan Freeman is an incredibly tough boss. Before attempting this fight, you’ll want to be prepared.

  • Before Fighting Morgan Freeman…
    • Get at least 800 might.
    • Unlock all four TimeFarts — including the craftable TimeFart available to buy at Freeman’s Tacos.
    • Bring lots of Max Revives and Max Antidoes.

Swap out Artifacts and DNA to boost status effect resistance. That’s the most important factor to help you survive. You’ll also need lots of HP.


  • General Tips
    • Use the Summon TimeFart exclusively to call in a helper while also skipping Morgan Freeman’s turn.
    • Save the Summon TimeFart for Morgan Freeman’s powerful area-of-effect attacks.
    • Surround Morgan Freeman for the fight, and save Ultimate attacks for his younger form.
    • In the last phase, he’ll use Charm. Cure charmed allies as quickly as possible.
    • Use every type of status effect — burn, bleed, gross — everything you can to slowly whittle away at Morgan Freeman’s health.
    • Don’t worry about allies dying. It’s going to happen a lot, so just try to avoid letting everyone die all at the same time.

And that’s it! Hopefully you’re prepared for the wrath of Morgan Freeman. He’s one tough customer.