Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 8 Partners

Chapter 8 Partners of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy sees our trio going after Asav to take back the fabled tusk.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

New Weapons
  • US-AN 12 Auto Shotgun

Reaching The Rail Yard

Chapter 8 Partners starts off with our gang Chloe, Nadine, and Sam as they hunt down Asav. Continue through the pathway on the right and down the mudslide. There’s only one real pathway so keep pushing forward and you’ll find a waterfall. Climb up towards the right and continue climbing up through the mountains.

Chloe will get separated from the group and have to make her way around the mountains to catch up with them. Once reaching Nadine, climb up the gate and you’ll reach a railroad cart to use as a means to rescue Sam from the gap. Again, continue on with the pathway where Sam will start leading the way.

Eventually, you’ll reach a cutscene where you’ll find some mercenaries. You’ll end up fighting these soldiers shortly after so prepare for a battle.

After the battle, you’ll find that the exit which crumbled from the RPG blast at the start of the battle can still be accessed by clearing up some rubble. Once out of the exit, Chloe will fall through the flooring and causing a number of slides and jumps players will have to time through.

When you come to a stop and notice the rail yard, turn around and start to climb up the mountain. Chloe will reunite with Nadine and Sam and will stumble upon another rail cart to push forward and then switch tracks, pushing the rail cart up towards Sam.

The rail cart will crash and cause an opening for our trio to go through. In this opening, Sam will climb up a ladder in which Chloe and Nadine will go back outside. From there, you will bring the cart back to where it came so that Sam can drop a crate on top of it allowing Chloe and Nadine to climb up and meet Sam.

From there, you’ll progress and go through some ledges and the only pathway where you’ll eventually enter a building through a window, triggering a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you’ll be in a big battle which you can decide on going full assault or take the stealth approach. Regardless, you’ll need to pick off the soldiers followed by working on the helicopter.

Head towards the overpass in order to hook a rope to the helicopter allowing you to climb up to where you’ll fight Orca. Afterwards, a cutscene will play out and end the chapter.

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