Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 3 Homecoming

Within the third chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Chloe and Nadine find that Asav has beat them to their targeted location. This will lead into some heavy conflict and your first firefight.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

Head To The Vehicle

At the start of chapter 3 Homecoming, Chloe and Nadine split off. Your first task in this chapter is meeting Nadine back at the car, which is clearly indicated right of the bat.

Head down the mountain through the only pathway available. Though quickly on, your tree bridge across a large gap to the car crumbles, leaving Chloe to make a longer route around. Continue on by jumping down onto the mud and sliding down part way.

At the bottom of the cliff, you’ll need to throw a rope over the gap and swing across the other side. There will be an icon alerting players of throwing a rope in case you’re curious as to where Chloe can actually cast the rope.

After you reach the other side, climb a tad bit up the rope and swing towards the left to reach a cliff to climb up. Once you’re on that cliff, you’ll continue climbing up to reach Nadine and the car.

Driving The Vehicle

Chloe and Nadine will then jump into the car. Continue going down the only pathway available as Chloe and Nadine will begin talking.

It will appear that you have reached a dead end upon seeing flamingos gathering. Drive up to the first waterfall to see a pathway behind it. Keep going up the pathway until you reach a gate, forcing you to exit the vehicle.

Reaching The Gate

At the gate, a small cutscene will play.

After the cutscene plays, Chloe will have to grab the wench from your vehicle and hook it onto the gate. However, after connecting the rope to the gate, Chloe and Nadine realize that they’ve been ambushed by the insurgency.

Quickly take cover and use your firearm to kill off the insurgent soldiers.

  • Note: There will be a small group of insurgents which can be taken out with the help of Nadine. Use L2 to aim your weapon and R2 to fire. Chloe will automatically have a Para 45.

After dealing with the small insurgent troops outside of the gate, head back to the vehicle and use it to pull the gate down. Upon pulling down the gate, use your vehicle to progress further into the ruins.

Head up the pathway and continue across the bridge followed by a small cave full of bats. Eventually, you’ll reach a point where a new cutscene will play showing that Asav is in the area.

Attacking Insurgency

Chloe’s plan is to go in for the attack so take your vehicle and use it as a weapon for the poor insurgency soldiers that are standing around in the pond. This will trigger a larger fight than the previous insurgent group you met at the gate. Expect to drive around and ram insurgent soldiers while Nadine fires at them in the passenger side.

Alternatively, you can get out of the car and use the old ruins as cover to take down the remaining insurgent soldiers.

  • Notes:
  1. There will be propane tanks around the area. Grab them and to toss at enemies and shoot it to cause a big explosion.
  2. You can also grab weapons from the fallen insurgent soldiers. This includes the Insas, your first automatic weapon. To switch back to your sidearm, press the left directional button.
  • New weapons Available

    • Insas
    • Mazur LDR
    • FAL
    • Micro 9mm
    • Silenced Pistol

Nadine will alert when the area is finally cleared from the insurgency which we suggest heading to the truck bed and unlocking the weaponry case. Inside you’ll find a Silenced Pistol. Grab the pistol and head to the gate.

Chloe will have to climb up the gate in order to progress further and once you reach the top, you’ll have to use a giant wheel to open the gate doors, allowing the vehicle to go through.

Nadine will drive through the gate while Chloe can go inside within the smaller doors featured right behind the wheel. Upon entering the room, jump across the ledge onto the decorative wall, Chloe will be able to grab on it and climb down.

Once on the ground, hop back into the vehicle and drive ahead where you’ll jump into the next chapter.

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