Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 5 The Great Battle

The fifth chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy showcases a new location in which our heroines can find the tusk, but the return of an old character drives a rift between the duo.


New Weapons In Chapter
  • Type 95

Walkthrough Table of Contents

Reach Ganesha Statue

Your first goal in Chapter 5 The Great Battle is to reach the Ganesha Statue so head to the fortress and cross the stone gate. Luckily, Nadine will help find pathways if you’re stuck from the start, though for the most part, once you reach the area with the giant statues and waterfalls, you won’t have to explore for a pathway.

Eventually, Chloe and Nadine will make their way onto one of the giant statues itself. You’ll start out by swinging over to a hand and from there can climb up the statue.

After reaching the top of the statue, you’ll have a double rope swing to make it onto the second statue.

Once you reach the top of the second statue a small cutscene will play. You’ll have to use a rope swing afterward to reach another rope swing on the opposite side of the statue. Just swing over across the face of the statue to see the next tree branch rope swing.

Located on the rear of the statue’s head will be an opening for Chloe and Nadine to slide inside. Continue going through the passageway, dropping down the cavern when possible.

As you explore the area, you’ll come across a door that cannot be opened. There will be a hole in the wall on either side of the door. Progress through the hole and you’ll be faced with a locked door, simply unlock it and head inside.

Look at the right wall to find it broken, you’ll need to go through the broken wall which will be home to some very old skeletons. Continue going right and through the door and progress until you reach a puzzle room.

Shadow Puzzle Solution

Note: Complete the puzzle in 10 moves you’ll earn Shadow Theater trophy.

  • NW-3
  • SE-2
  • SW-1
  • SE-3
  • SW-3
  • NE-2
  • SE-3
  • NW-2
  • NE-2


Once you’ve completed the puzzle, head through the newly-opened door and use the disc on the mechanism. However, after the disc is being used the building will start to collapse. Chloe and Nadine will have to climb up quickly to escape.

Upon exiting the ruins, Chloe and Nadine have a new point of interest in the old capital in order to find Ganesh’s Tusk. You’ll need to follow the water stream, but be careful as there will be insurgent soldiers not far off from the water stream.

  • Note: There will be two insurgent soldiers. Nadine will start the fight.

After defeating the two insurgent soldiers, climb up the wall after the pathway ends and take down the insurgent soldier who walks towards the edge.

Shortly after, the ground will crumble beneath you after progressing through the pathway which will alert insurgent soldiers so expect a battle.

  • Note: Stay in cover when possible as there will be a truck decked out with weaponry firing at you and Nadine.

Eventually, Chloe and Nadine will reach a wooden door to bust through where they will fall down a hole and into a cavern.  Progress through the cavern area and you’ll eventually come to a room where there is a small broken opening to a door. Climb through it to trigger a cutscene.

Chloe will now have to fight Asav in hand-to-hand combat. However, you can’t defeat him so it’s best to just keep dodging his attacks until the point that Asav tosses you and Nadine into the water stream. You’ll quickly reach the end where Chloe will have to rope swing to safety.

There will be a cutscene afterward where Chloe and Nadine decide to hunt down Asav and get the disc back.

Follow Nadine up the stairs and then take the lead once you reach outside. You’ll have to climb up the cliff and progress through the pathway until you reach the gate. Once you cross the gate, you’ll hit a new cutscene revealing Asav’s expert is Sam Drake.