Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 4 The Western Ghats

Within the fourth chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Chloe and Nadine are forced into exploring three fortresses, take down a slew of insurgent soldiers, and compete a series of puzzles.


Walkthrough Table of Contents


Chapter 4 The Western Ghats starts players out with Chloe and Nadine looking for their next point of interest which happens to be the giant tower located in the middle of the map. Your goal right now is to head towards the tower in your vehicle.

Once you reach the tower, jump out of the vehicle and start to climb up it. Keep going until you reach a room where there will be several doors surrounding the area.

In the room, you’ll need to open up all the available doors within the area, where Chloe will make comments of which door is being opened along with making points of interests on the map.

Now that all the doors that can be opened are, head to the middle of the room and interact with the lever. This will bring Chloe back down to the entrance of the tower, in which Chloe will hop back into the vehicle allowing players to explore the three places of interest.

New Weapons Within Chapter
  • Arrowhead A3c
  • Mettler M-30
  • Desert
  • Mazur LDR
  • P90
  • Spezzoti 12 Gauge

Bow Location Fortress

At the Bow fortress location, you’ll need to bring down the gate through the use of your vehicle winch, just as you did back in Chapter 3. After the gate has been brought down, get back out of the vehicle and head through it.

Immediately going through the entrance, look to your right and hop up the ledge to reach the stair pathway. You’ll then have to leap across the gap and climb up the mountain on the other side. It’s here that you’ll find that insurgent soldiers are nearby.

Climb up the small mountain and take out the insurgent soldiers.

  • Note: There will be two insurgent soldiers on the mountain top.

Nadine will then jump across a gap onto another mountain ledge so follow her lead. It will be on this mountain that the insurgency will take notice of your arrival and begin to shoot down at you. You can fire up at any soldiers that peek their head over the edge.

Again, after reaching the top, jump over to the next area which will resemble part of an old ruin. Go through the opening and up the stair pathway. After reaching the top, there will be a branch Chloe can use to rope swing across.

Swing across and climb up the mountain followed up with jumping across a large gap to reach the next platform area. It will be a small little entrance that has since been crumbled down, though there is a gap big enough for Chloe and Nadine to fit through.

Immediately after landing down on the ground from the entrance, there will be a number of insurgent soldiers. They won’t spot you so take the advantage of being stealthy and mark the soldiers by holding L2 and pressing L3.

Alternatively, you can avoid the stealth route and go for a firefight. The choice is ultimately yours, just as long as you take down the enemies. Just as before, Nadine will alert Chloe when the site is cleared from the insurgency.

Climb and rope swing your way across the ruin platforms until you reach the gate indicating Chloe and Nadine will have to find another route around.

To open the gate, you’ll need to make your way up the small tower on a platform left of the gate. There will be another crane mechanism. Head that way and use the crane to open the gate.

The bridge after the gate will collapse after Nadine heads through. Use the tree branch to rope swing across and climb up the cliff.

On the top of the stairs is another mechanism that Chloe can use the disc on. Use the disc to turn the dial and shape it to resemble the bow.

A cutscene will then play out followed by Chloe and Nadine making their way back down to the vehicle, which can be done by climbing the mountain and heading through the doorway that was previously blocked.

Axe Fortress Location

Again, much like the past fortress, you’ll need to use the winch from your vehicle to breakdown the gate. Inside the fortress, continue up the stairs and outside.

Chloe will attempt to make a jump across the gap but the ground will crumble and cause players to drop into the water below. Dive into the sunken room and make your way through it until you reach an opening where Chloe and Nadine will climb up a mountain.

Keep progressing through and you’ll eventually find yourself back down in the waters below. This time, however, there will be insurgents around, though Chloe can dive under the water to avoid being spotted.

Dealing with the insurgents is again up to you. Players can go the stealthy route or guns blazing. After dealing with the insurgency, swim further and climb up the tower to come across a room with a series of puzzles for players to solve.

Here is the solution, courtesy of our puzzles guide, for all three rooms.

  •     Room #1: Start -> Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Back -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  •     Room #2: Start -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  •     Room #3: Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Right -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Right -> Left -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete

After you successfully complete all three rooms, head outside and up the stairs to find another mechanism. This time you’re putting together an axe.

Afterwards, a cutscene will play out followed by Chloe and Nadine having to make their way back down to the vehicle. You’ll be heading to your last destination, the Trident fortress location.

Trident Fortress Location

Once you reach the Trident fortress, you’ll find that the site was already compromised by the insurgency. Head inside and deal with the insurgency soldiers around the area.

When you have taken out the soldiers, look at the closed door which will be your next puzzle. Nadine will trigger the door to reveal levers while Chloe will head back out to the front of the entrance and activate the wheel located on the ground.

It’s realized afterward that you’ll have to locate four more of the wheels located on the ground. Check out the image gallery above to see where the remaining wheels are located.

Upon finding all of the remaining wheels, go back to the door and crawl under it. Inside, you’ll have the last mechanism to complete which will be a trident.

A cutscene will play indicating that Chloe and Nadine can now enter the last fortress. Make your way back to the vehicle, though you’ll come across another group of insurgent soldiers to deal with.

Back in the vehicle, you’ll want to head towards the last fortress area which will end Chapter 4.

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