Uncharted: The Lost Legacy – All Puzzle Solutions Guide

Solve the puzzles of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy with these step-by-step guides, showing you how to complete even more ancient riddles.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy leaves Nathan Drake behind, putting you in control of good-hearted thief Chloe and mercenary Nadine as they investigate another lost treasure. The locations are bigger, and environment puzzles return. Huge set-piece devices with crazy machinery are just a common fixture of ancient civilizations in the Uncharted franchise.

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All Puzzle Solutions Guide

Like every Uncharted adventure, The Lost Legacy features a handful of stand-out puzzle sequences. Usually, you’ll have access to a notebook full of clues to guide your way through the puzzle. Just incase you need a point in the right direction, here’s step-by-step instructions to help solve these set-pieces.

Act 4 – The Fountain Puzzle

This fountain puzzle is located in the center of the Act 4 map. Use the fish-switch in the center of the ruin to activate several fountains spread around the area. You’ll need to sprint and deactivate the fountains by running over them. You have a limited amount of time.

  1. From the fish-switch, turn to face the two fountain towers — one is lower than the other. Swing across the tree branch, and climb the taller tower. From the tower, swing across the branch onto the ruin.
  2. Run across the ruin and swing again to reach the third fountain tower. Use the branch to swing across to the fourth fountain. From the fourth fountain, there’s yet another branch you can use to reach the fifth fountain.
  3. Swing back to the center, then across the last, sixth fountain. It’s far away from the rest, in a corner across from the fifth fountain.

After running across all six fountains, return to the center (use another rope swing) to complete the puzzle.

Act 4 – The Axe Statue Puzzles

The fort is found on the northern part of the map in Act 4. The fort puzzle consists of three rooms — you’ll need to jump across pillars in a specific order to avoid getting chopped by the giant axe figure.

  • Room #1: Start -> Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Back -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  • Room #2: Start -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Left -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete
  • Room #3: Forward -> Forward -> Right -> Left -> Right -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Left -> Right -> Left -> Left -> Forward -> Forward -> Complete

Act 4 – The Horse Emblem Puzzle

Also found in Act 4, this puzzle is in the ruin found at the northwest corner of the map. The trick to this puzzle is that certain parts are incomplete. Completing the jigsaw is the east part — theĀ  hard part is getting the missing pieces to the center.

  1. Turn the Outer Ring and collect the missing section from the left — turn it and deposit the section on the right. There are three rings — Outer, Middle, and Inner.
  2. Move the Outer and Middle Ring so the second section can be deposited into the Middle Ring from the left. Next, place the Outer Ring section from the right to the left, deposit the Middle Ring section on the right, and then deposit the Outer Ring section onto the right side.
  3. That clears the way for the Inner Ring section. Place the Inner Ring section (from the left) into its rightful spot. Now it’s time to complete the puzzle.
  4. Collect the Outer Ring section from the right side and re-deposit it to the left. Now the Middle Ring can collect its section on the right side. Re-collect the Outer Ring section and complete the puzzle.

Act 5 – The Shadow Puzzle

The Shadow Puzzle in Act 5 can be pretty complex. You can earn the “Shadow Theater” trophy for completing it in 10 moves — to do that, you have to be absolutely perfect. The puzzle itself is kind of complicated — there are 12 switches, three on each corner.

NOTE: To describe the locations of each puzzle switch, I’ll use this simple system — SW, SE, NW and NE for the four corners — the switches are orders 1, 2, 3 from left-to-right when facing the switches.

  1. NW-3
  2. SE-2
  3. SW-1
  4. SE-3
  5. SW-3
  6. NE-2
  7. SE-3
  8. NW-2
  9. NE-2

Use the switches in this exactly order to earn the “Shadow Theater” trophy.

We’re still working through the game. More solutions coming soon!