Uncharted 4: All 3 Strange Relic Locations – Relic Finder Guide


What do Crash Bandicoot, Jak and Daxter, and The Last of Us have in common? They’re all referenced in Uncharted 4 with the Strange Relic collectibles. All three are only treasures, one of dozens available to collect in the exotic locations Nathan Drake is known to pillage, but these particular relics are especially hard to find — and they come with their very own hidden trophy. Get a good look at the history of Naughty Dog and unlock a cool Easter egg trophy with a few tips in the full Relic Finder guide below.

Take a deeper look at the many references in Nathan Drake’s final adventure with our full Uncharted 4 Easter eggs list, and then go treasure hunting with the massive Uncharted 4 collectible locations guide, showing you where to grab every trinket, journal entry, and optional conversation.

Relic Finder Trophy Guide

The Strange Relics are unique treasure collectibles that reference earlier games in Uncharted developer Naughty Dog’s history. Below, we’ll show you where to find all three collectibles and what exactly these weird objects are referencing.

Treasure #1: Strange Pendant

  • Where to Find: Chapter 9 – Right after completing the puzzle with the crosses and bucket, the door will roll open. Continue forward, taking the right path (the left path leads to a view and an optional conversation) toward a cliff on the right. If you look carefully, you’ll see a rope grapple point. Hang from the ledge and climb down, then jump and swing across the chasm to reach a secluded alcove. The corpse here has the Strange Pendant.
  • What Is It?: The Strange Pendant is a reference to The Last of Us — in that game, one of the common collectibles were Firefly dog-tags, dropped by dead agents of an organization calling themselves the Fireflies. They were a resistance movement, looking for a cure to the plague that caused the fall of civilization.

Treasure #2: Strange Relic

  • Where to Find: Chapter 12 – Near the end of the chapter, you’ll slide down a muddy hill and land near a giant hole to the right, marked with three statues. Instead of traveling down that hole, turn left at the mudslide and follow a narrow canyon path to a cliff wall. Use the handholds near the ledge to climb up, then make a suicidal jump toward the rope grapple point in the distance. Swing to land near the altar-ish object. Inside the altar, you’ll find a Precursor Orb.
  • What Is It?: Another common collectible, the Precursor Orbs from Jak and Daxter were a form of currency. The orbs were created by an advanced civilization called the Precursors for some unknown purpose. All three Jak games were filled with these orbs, and this relic even appeared in every previous Uncharted game.

Treasure #3: Strange Fruit

  • Where to Find: Chapter 21 – Further into the chapter, you’ll climb into a cave wall and then attach your rope to a grapple point. While lowering yourself down, orient yourself toward the pirate ship in the water below. Your goal is to jump to the left handholds, but there’s a tiny alcove beneath the stone arch on the right. Swing to the tiny alcove on the underside of the arch to get the final strange relic. The trophy should unlock once you have all three.
  • What Is It?: The pixelated Wumpa Fruit is just one of two Crash Bandicoot Easter eggs, but this is the harder to find of the two. Wumpa Fruit were the collectible equivalent of coins in the Mario series, or rings in the Sonic franchise. These things were everywhere, and now Nathan Drake gets one of his own.

Trophy Unlocked:

  • Relic Finder: Find the Strange Relics.

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