Uncharted 4: Journals, Notes, Conversations & Treasure Locations Guide


Nathan Drake can never turn down a good treasure and we can’t either — join us as we hunt down every collectible hidden away in Uncharted 4. Grabbing every treasure will earn you the “Treasure Master” silver trophy along with a bunch more minor bronze rewards. It’s the first step toward earning that coveted Platinum. Whether you’re a serious trophy hunter or just want to experience this beautiful globe-trotting adventure a second time, check out our huge locations guide and complete your quest.

There are four types of collectibles in Uncharted 4: journal entries, journal notes, optional conversations, and treasure. In total, there are 193 hidden collectibles — that’s a lot, so strap in and check out the full text guide below.

For all those unfamiliar with the popular Naughty Dog series, Uncharted 4 picks up with an older, but not necessarily wiser, Nathan Drake as he hunts a lost treasure from his early thieving days. A lost brother, once thought dead, is back and together they travel the world in search for clues while dodging a deadly new threat.

The game is earning rave reviews, and players have already uncovered some awesome secrets, like a Crash Bandicoot Easter egg and the option to play with cel-shading. Stick with Gameranx as we uncover even more.

Table of Contents

Trophies Unlocked:

  • Treasure Master (Silver): Find all Treasures
  • First Treasure (Bronze): Find a Treasure
  • Treasure Hunter (Bronze): Find 50 Treasures
  • Jot This Down (Bronze): Find a Journal Entry
  • Lost Art of Journaling (Bronze): Find all Journal Entries
  • Take a Note (Bronze): Find a Journal Note
  • Lost History (Bronze): Find All Journal Notes