Uncharted 4: Journals, Notes, Conversations & Treasure Locations Guide

Table of Contents

Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations – Journal Entries, Notes,  Treasures & Conversations:

Treasure #33: Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box – At the first ruin on the ridge to the left of the dirt path, hop off your jeep and climb up the back-left corner. There’s a pulley at the top with a treasure nearby.

Treasure #34: Eroded Flintlock Pistol – In the open valley with pools of water, turn left and drive into he cavern beneath the water fall upstream. There’s a chamber in the back-right with wooden structures. Pull down the crate on the high platform with your rope, then push to the dilapidated shack. Climb to the roof to find this treasure.

Journal Note #3: In the same area (the shack roof) as Treasure #34, look on the desk to get this note.

Journal Entry #5: Continuing forward down the main path of progression, you’ll reach an area where Nate and Sam need to get out of the jeep. Climb the stairs to the ruined tower and reach the interior to view a symbol on the floor. Examine this image when the prompt appears to jot down another journal entry.

Treasure #35: Mughal Ivory Powder Flask – In the same tower, climb the hand-holds to the left of the sigil. Up top, you’ll find another platform with the treasure.

Treasure #36: Parchment Scroll – After completing the sequence with the jeep winch, drive down the slope until you reach another ruin as the road bends. Hop off and look behind the ruined wall closest to the path. There’s a crate with a glimmering treasure on it.

Treasure #37: Ancient Fertility Idol – Following a jump with your car, you’ll land in a muddy area. Drive toward the rocks past the water — there’s a narrow path the jeep can’t fit through and a fallen rock in the way. Get out and climb over the rocks to reach a small area with another treasure to your left.

Journal Entry #6: Ahead you’ll drive into an enemy ambush. Clear out the snipers from the tower. At the base of the largest tower, you’ll find a door wired with explosives. There’s a plunger on one of the smaller tower ruins opposite the door. Hit the plunger and look inside to find another sigil. Studying it unlocks a journal entry.

Treasure #38: Pocket Celestial Map – Continue down the path. The characters will discuss buying off Nadine by offering her a cut of the treasure. As you progress, watch right for a ruin that’s just a wall and a roof. Stop at this ruin and climb onto the second floor. The treasure is resting in a window.

Treasure #39: English Ale Bottle – Entering a much larger section, check left for a large rocky outcropping with a fortress ruin built into the side. Use the hood of the jeep to climb onto it and shoot the explosives barrels to blast the wood covering a hole in the ceiling. Drop into the fort and check out the table next to the front door.

Treasure #40: Pewter Letter Cylinder – From the start of the open area, travel right instead of left to find a well just off the dirt road. Use the winch to lower yourself inside. Deep in, find the weak pillar across from the lower well entrance. Attach the winch, pull it down, then mount the the corner of the pillar sticking out toward the left. That points to a hidden handhold pathway. Climb up and pillage the table for this tough treasure.

Journal Note #4: In the same area as Treasure #40, look for a skeleton resting at one of the pillars to the right of the well entrance.

Treasure #41: Mughal Box – Still in the open savanna, drive up the hill toward a large rock outcropping. There’s a stone pillar marker on the cliff you’ll want to aim for. Drive up the rock path until you reach a square homestead ruin overlooking the entire area below. The treasure is located in the open, on a barrel in the back corner of the home.

Treasure #42: English Musket Bandolier – Follow the smoke to a cave tunnel at the base of a steep cliff on the right side of the large valley. The cave leads to an area occupied with enemies. Clear them out and look for explosive barrels in the center of town. Blow them up and climb into the hole. There’s a ruin below with the treasure in the corner, to the right of a long table.

Treasure #43: Antique Tea Tin – Leave the village and drive up the center of the hill area, turning left near the top to discover a larger ruined estate surrounded by mercenaries and trucks. On the terrace, look for a military crate with a plunger. Use the plunger and explore the wreckage. The treasure is at the end of the path.

Journal Entry #7: See the white beacon above the cave entrance that lead to Treasure #42? Go up the hill and check the beacon out. This is an objective, and approaching it will make a [Triangle] prompt appear.

Optional Conversation #9: Sully – Standing near the Beacon, speak with Victor Sullivan when his prompt appears.

Optional Conversation #10: Sam – While you’re at the Beacon, Sam will also offer an optional conversation. Watch for his [Triangle] prompt.

Treasure #44: Scottish Two Pence Coin – Climb up the Beacon tower and look in the fire brazier to discover this treasure.

Journal Entry #8: Continue on toward a second small village with an unfinished white Beacon tower near the cliff. Climb the stone terrace and look at the stone terrace at the base of the tower interior to get this entry.

Treasure #45: Scottish Snuff Mull – At the third Beacon tower, climb the steps and check a staging area to the left of the tower before going inside or travelling underground.

Treasure #46: Brass and Ivory Tankard – After knocking down the wall with explosives under the third Beacon, you’ll open a door by turning a crank wheel. Go inside and look behind the crates pushed up against the left wall.

Treasure #47: Muff Pistol – A second treasure is found in the same room. Smash the three crates directly right of the entrance into the room with the descending spiral staircase to collect the final treasure.