Uncharted 4: Weapon Locations – All The Guns Trophy Guide


Let’s face it, Nathan Drake loves shooting guns and blowing stuff up. And in Uncharted 4, so do we. The developers at Naughty Dog love it too, because they saw fit to include a hidden trophy that challenges us to use every weapon available in the third-person action series’ last hurrah. Learn how to unlock the “I Accidentally All The Guns” trophy, and see how to unlock a cool bonus feature in the Extras menu, allowing you to arm up with the (almost) full arsenal of Uncharted 4 guns.

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I Accidentally All The Guns Trophy Guide

To earn this trophy, you’ll need to earn a kill with every weapon available in Uncharted 4. That doesn’t just include firearms — you’ll also need to use explosives, barrels, and turrets.

There are a total of 27 weapons required to earn this trophy. To easily complete most of the list (and make sure you didn’t miss anything) you’ll need to unlock the bonus Weapon Select.

  • To unlock Weapon Select in the Bonus menu [from the pause screen] — complete story mode on any difficulty to unlock the Extras menu. Each weapon costs 3P to unlock.

The Weapon Select menu features 21 out of the 27 weapons needed to earn the trophy. There are six other weapons not included in Weapon Select — see where to find each in the locations guide below.

You do not need to earn all 27 kills in one session. To use every weapon, you’ll need to switch to multiple different encounters. It doesn’t matter which encounters — just make sure to earn at least one kill with each weapon.

Special Weapon Locations

The weapons listed here cannot be spawned through Weapon Select. To access them, load the encounters listed below and use the tips to acquire them.

  • DShK: Chapter 20 – Ship Graveyard | These heavy machine guns are carried by the armored brutes in Chapter 18 and 20. After defeating one, pick it up and use it against your enemies.
  • Dynamite: Chapter  8 – Bridge | Dynamite is found all throughout Chapter 8, but you start with some in the Bridge encounter.
  • Turret: Chapter 9 – Tunnels | Turrets with shields first appear in this chapter. Use dynamite to kill the soldier manning the turret before using it yourself.
  • Grenade: Grenades are common in any of the later chapters.
  • Exploding Barrel:  Chapter 9 – Tunnels | Look for stationary red barrels marked with an “X” symbol. Shooting these barrels causes them to explode — during your escape, there are many explosive barrels to use against enemies standing near them.
  • Propane Tank: Chapter 8 – Bridge | The small white propane tanks that litter the corners of enemy encounters can be picked up and thrown like a grenade. Find these around the ruins — throw, then shoot the canister.

Weapon Select List

To earn “I Accidentally All The Guns” — go to the Chapter Select option from the Main Menu and select any encounter where enemies spawn. Use these encounters to quickly get into battle with lots of opponents: Chapter 20 – Ship Graveyard / Chapter 10 – Drawbridge 

  • Aegis 9mm
  • Fossa R-81
  • Raffica
  • Pistole
  • Barok .44
  • Flintlock
  • Para .45
  • XCR
  • FAL
  • ARX-160
  • HS39
  • Mettler M-30
  • Copperhead SR7
  • MP34a
  • Mazur LDR
  • M14 Custom
  • Spezzotti 12 Guage
  • Condor
  • China Lake GL
  • RPG

Trophy Unlocked

  • I Accidentally All The Guns (Bronze): Use every weapon in the game.

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