Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 1 The Insurgency

The first chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is more of a tutorial for players to go through. You’ll learn to melee fight, dodge, among other little aspects that may come more naturally to the seasoned Uncharted player. Regardless, the chapter will showcase a few key players in the narrative so far, which is Chloe, Nadine, and Asav.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

Following Meenu

The start of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will have our protagonist Chloe in a market, waiting for a specific truck to come rolling on by. At the market, you’ll meet a little girl named Meenu who will tag along being your guide.

For the most part, you’ll be making your own way through the market, heading towards the truck of interest. Once you reach the truck, however, there will be a soldier present making it impossible for Chloe to hop onto the truck unseen. Luckily, Meenu will distract the soldier allowing players to sneak by.

Crossing The Bridge

After reaching your destination from the truck, Chloe will pull her phone out to reveal that she is looking for a red door. Head up through the corridor and make a right. You’ll continue to follow that pathway until you reach a group of insurgents interrogating a civilian. It’s at this point, players will be forced to head towards the opposite direction of the insurgents.

Shortly after following the road you’ll come to an insurgent checkpoint, where a small cutscene will play out. Luck is on Chloe’s side as she is able to move right on through in which after passing through the alleyway, Chloe will spot the red door she’s been hunting for just behind a gated fence.

Continue moving on the same pathway where you’ll come across a small area that has the fencing cut for Chloe to fit through, granting her access to the other side.

  • Note: You’ll soon deal your first two stealth attacks upon entering the gated fence area.

Quickly into the pathway, you’ll find two insurgent guards talking. Make your way to cover and wait for the conversation to end, allowing one guard to leave and another to head towards your area. At the right moment, Chloe can strike and knock the guard out.

Push forward and sneak around towards the area where the second guard is located to take the insurgent down stealthily. Likewise, you’ll progress forward by crawling under the small opening.

This opening will take players directly towards the red door, though you’ll have to be careful as there will be a group of insurgents nearby. Chloe can still make it to the door while the group is by their caravan, though she will have to use a lockpick in order to gain access before the insurgents heads towards her immediate location.

Red Door Access

Once inside, Chloe will have to be stealthy as there will be more insurgents roaming about. Push forward, though you’ll want to head to the right and not up to the stairs of where the insurgents went through. Continue climbing up the wreckage until you reach the floor with red colored walls.

  • Note: There will be a number of insurgents around this area with indicators showcasing players how close they are of being dedicated. Keep stealthy and get rid of any guards that are necessary. We were able to progress by just taking down one soldier.

Make your way to the stairwell located on the red wall floor where players will gain access to the rooftop. Head towards the end of the rooftop and look left to spot a metal ladder Chloe can climb up. Once on top of the building, jump down to the lower nearby building with the Pink Lotus neon sign, triggering a new cutscene alerting Chloe that the shift has changed and the roof is too dangerous.

Cue three new insurgent soldiers who stumble upon Chloe. Players will have to melee take down the three soldiers with Nadine popping in at the last minute to lend a hand, though the pleasantries don’t last long as more insurgent soldiers will be heading towards the roof, so expect another small melee fight.

After the fight, a new cutscene will play as Chloe and Nadine discuss Asav, ending the first chapter.

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