Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 9 End of the Line

Chapter 9 Partners of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy marks the last chapter of the expansion. Here’s everything you need to know.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

Stopping The Train

The start of Chapter 9 End of the Line will have players racing behind the train. You’ll keep racing the train where eventually Nadine will be able to jump on board followed by Chloe. Players will then follow behind as you go onto the rooftops.

The train will be filled with insurgent soldiers along with insurgent soldiers who will be driving alongside the train. At one point, Chloe and Nadine can jump onto an insurgent vehicle and steal it to further progress towards the train front.

Chloe will hit an area where a blue train cart will have a rope jump icon, use this as a means to hop back onto the train. During this time, you’ll still be fighting off insurgent soldiers regularly on vehicles so don’t get too comfortable. Keep progressing forward while taking out the enemies.

Again, hop onto an enemy vehicle when the icon becomes present and race towards the truck ahead of you to grapple onto it. Use the turret on the truck to take out the enemies that come up your way.

Eventually, Chloe and Nadine will jump back onto the train when the truck proves to be on its last legs. Progress through the train carts until you reach the cart with a door that holds the weapon. This is where a cutscene will play out.

After the cutscene, Chloe and Nadine decide to head towards the train engine. Climb up on top of the train to reach the hatch above where another cutscene will play out.

When the cutscene ends, Chloe and Nadine become separated. It’s Chloe’s job to race towards the switch which will prove to be difficult as you’ll be dealing with the enemies that come your way alone.

Luckily, you’ll find that Sam is already at the switch looking to divert the train. Quickly take out the enemy insurgents around the area and push the switch before the train heads their way.

With the train now diverted on another set of tracks, Chloe must race towards the train once again to help Nadine. You’ll drive and crash your vehicle onto the train once you reach an area where there’s a rock ledge big enough for your car to drive onto.

This time on the train, Asav is waiting for you with a cutscene.

Fighting Asav is all about timing. You’ll need to focus on evading his attacks and melee his back when he goes to attack Nadine.

There are three stages to this fight and the first two, for the most part, retain the same strategy mentioned above. The third and last stage is a bit different. Asav will eventually push you where Chloe will have to climb the railings. When this happens, make your way towards the right and reach the flat platform following up with a rope swing to the compartment.

A cutscene will play where players will deal with some quicktime events to beat Asav. This will lead to another cutscene following up with Chloe and Nadine racing to safety and ending the game.

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