Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 7 The Lost Legacy

Chloe and Nadine ventures into what the duo believes to be the resting place of the fabled Tusk in Chapter 7 The Lost Legacy of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.


New Weapons
  • DShK
  • Krivosk-XS

Walkthrough Table of Contents

Gaining Access To Capital

The beginning of Chapter 7 The Lost Legacy make your way down the pathway and jump from structure to structure in order to gain access to the city.

  • Note: Insurgents will be in the area keeping guard. They’ll be easy to spot on the first structure jump. Likewise, they will be easy to take out from this area.

After taking down the first few insurgents, keep progressing through the structure. You’ll still run into small groups of insurgents to deal with along the way.

  • Note: Insurgents who have the DShK weapon is best to take down by aiming at their head. A few blasts should knock off their armor to expose their head.

Once the group of insurgents has been killed, continue on to the doorway and work with Nadine to open it up.  From there, push forward until you reach a dead end. You’ll want to run forward and jump off the cliff and grab hold of the edge of the cliff in front.

Progress through the pathway, climbing up various ledges as you make your way upwards towards the city entrance.

Reaching the entrance, you’ll find that Asav has blown it up preventing Chloe and Nadine to enter the city. Head to the left stairway and climb up to squeeze through a smaller entrance.

Inside, you’ll find insurgent soldiers once again, but getting close the soldiers will blow the entrance blocking Chloe and Nadine. Instead of going around, you’ll need to jump into the pool of water and dive down.

Swim through the pathway and you’ll reach a new area where you’ll progress by walking up the stairs.

Eventually, you’ll make, your way into the library where a cutscene will play.

Progressing Through Capital

Once the cutscene ends progress through the newly opened door and continue on through the pathway. You’ll reach a dead end where you’ll need to jump down in the waters below.

In the pool of water, swim towards the left and you’ll find a doorway to go through. On the other side, jump up the rocks and cliffs to reach the entrance above. You’ll have to repeat the climb process twice thanks to Nadine.

Again, progress through the only real pathway available where Chloe and Nadine will eventually reach a statue with a pool of water and columns. Swim up to the statue and dive under to reach an entrance.

Throne Room

This pathway will take you to what is believed to be a throne room. You’ll find a means to climb up on the left hand side of the room.

Making your way up you’ll find that there are new wheel cranks around the chamber to activate. Head to each one and activate them.  The first will activate an arm of the statue to move allowing Chloe to jump onto it and climb upwards.

After climbing up to about chest height, you’ll reach a new platform. Hop over onto it and use the next crank to lift the hand holding a trident. Once the staff is raised, climb further up on your current platform so that you’ll be able to jump onto the trident’s end.

  • Note: You have a time limit on how long the trident will stay up so quickly make your way up to the top otherwise you’ll be forced to start over with the second crank.

At the top of the trident rope swing over to the next platform and turn the wheel mechanism to unleash a waterfall that Chloe can use to slide down.

At the end of the waterslide, rope swing over to the next hand. You’ll then want to make your way to Nadine followed by jumping over to the next available platform.

Climb upwards to get towards the next crank which will bring the statue’s hand that’s holding a drum. Chloe will then be able to jump towards the drum from the closest platform, which is just below where you used the crank to lower the arm.

Climb your way up and hit the next jump to reach another wheel to activate another waterfall. This will then open up a door for Chloe and Nadine to progress in. This will lead to a set of stairs followed by another crank.

Use the crank to bring together the hands and shinning a light towards the opposite end of the room. A cutscene will then play out.

After the cutscene plays, use a rope swing to make your way towards the other side of the room. You will then learn that the object which the light is shining from is a prism. In fact, there are several prisms around the area.

Shiva Light Puzzle Solution

  • Middle Statue Faces Shiva
  • Right of Middle Statue Faces Shiva
  • Last Statue Drags To Meet Light Beam
  • Nadine Will Use Mirror For Broken Statue

Dealing With Asav

Immediately after completing the puzzle, the insurgent soldiers will have discovered your location so get ready for another battle. After the battle, Chloe and Nadine will once again come face-to-face with Asav in a cutscene.

Following the cutscene, you’ll be forced into following Asav and his soldiers which will eventually lead to a new cutscene.

After the second cutscene, Chloe must solve a puzzle.

Parashurama and Ganesh Puzzle Solution

  • Head by the gear pieces and pull the handles to reveal paintings.
  • Use disc to arrange paintings where Ganesha yielding against the attack.
  • Arrange Ganesha’s arm to match the middle painting.

This will follow up with a cutscene.

With water rising, Chloe will have to quickly pick the handcuffs of Nadine and Sam. Afterwards, quickly swim up to the top where a new cutscene will play out ending the chapter.

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