Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 2 Infiltration

Within the second chapter of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Nadine and Chloe come face-to-face with Asav. It quickly becomes a race to a mythical treasure between the insurgency and our heroines.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

Locating Asav’s Den

The second chapter starts off with Chloe and Nadine making their way out of the area, knowing that there will be insurgents looking out for them. Head straight to find a ladder and make your way through the various building rooftops.

Once you land on the final building, look to the left where the neon signs are and jump over to the railing. From there, climb up and jump onto the signs themselves in order to make your way to the building below.

While on the lower building, you’re going to shimmy across the siding and jump up to the top by climbing the railing attached. Following this up, you’ll jump onto the signs and climb up them to reach the next rooftop.

It’s at this point you’ll come across your first insurgent in Chapter 2 Infiltration. Use the lighting cable as a zip line to reach the area below then stealth kill the insurgent.

  • Note: A treasure can be found within the building shack of the insurgent’s. It will be laying on the wooden table.

Head into the shack and grab the moveable wooden crate and place it by the doorway so that Chloe can reach the rooftop. Afterwards, run and leap onto the next building rooftop facing directly ahead of you. On that particular rooftop, make a right and head into the wrecked building and look out the window to trigger Chloe stating where they need to head next.

Head back out of the building and jump onto the visible signs and climb over them to reach the window ledge of the next building. From there you are going to make your across to the pipe and climb it up to reach the rooftop.

Much like the first insurgent shack, there will be a small shack on the rooftop that will have a moveable wooden crate. Pull the crate out and toss it off the rooftop towards Nadine below. Jump down into the wrecked building and use the railings to gain access to the building noted by Chloe earlier as their next designated point of interest.

  • Note: A treasure can be found at the end of the left corridor once in the desired building location of Chloe and Nadine.

There’s only one path through the building so make your way through it, though once you reach the steel beam, you’ll find an insurgent guard to take down once you climb up the wall.

After taking out the guard, Chloe will have to hang off the ledge and shimmy towards the left to climb up the building. On the balcony above, Chloe will have to lockpick the door to gain access to Asav’s den, though Nadine lends a hand.

  • Note: There is a treasure located in a wooden crate next to the slanted windows inside Asav’s den.

Asav’s Den

At the back of the building, there will be a map with the tusk image pinned to the wall. Grab the image which will cause Nadine to alert Chloe of a lock box.

Pick the lock box and find the disc Nadine and Chloe have been hunting for inside. Afterwards, insurgents burst through the door following Asav in which a cutscene will play.

Immediately after the cutscene ends, Nadine and Chloe is forced into jumping through the window to escape the insurgency. There will be firefight causing players to race through the last bit of this chapter, but luckily the pathways are fairly clear in which way Chloe must go.

Once you managed to race through various rooftops and buildings, a new cutscene will play with Nadine and Chloe, though it’s quickly followed up with more firefight from the insurgency.

Race through the corridor following Nadine’s lead until you reach the building where Chloe and Nadine will have to fight off members of the insurgency.

  • Note: There will be three insurgency members to fight.

Again, players will have to follow Nadine’s lead and jump off the current roof onto the lower rooftops below. From there, follow the pathway across further building rooftops and shacks.

Eventually the insurgency will fire off bombs which is a good indicator that you are close to ending the chapter. Continue racing through the pathways until you find another lighting cable to use as a zip line. Afterwards, Chloe and Nadine will hit the riverbed below triggering a new cutscene that will end the second chapter.

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