Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Walkthrough | Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper

Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper from Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a really short chapter in comparison to the past chapters we’ve gone through so far. Expect one big battle followed by more narrative chatter between Chloe and Nadine as they make up from their previous rift.


Walkthrough Table of Contents

New Weapons
  • Mettler M-30
  • C4
  • RPG

Catching Up To Nadine

Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper starts off with Chloe and Nadine splitting off after their rift. With Nadine taking off with the vehicle, Chloe is left to go on by foot. Make your way down the cliff, following the water until you reach the waterfall. You’ll instead, make your way by jumping and climbing the ledges.

Continue on and take the mudslide down and keep progressing to your next fortress area. Once you reach the closed door, climb up the ledges and go through the hole on top of the doorway.

  • Note: Inside this room, you’ll find weapons and C4 in a weaponry crate.

Toss a C4 onto the door next to the weaponry crate and detonate it to progress through. You’ll hit a mudslide followed by into tall grass, keep hidden as the truck from the previous chapter will drive by. Wait for it to pass and Chloe will then spot Nadine in trouble, so you’ll be traveling to her location.

  • Note: Insurgent soldiers will be in the area along with the truck. Take them out, use C4 and the RPG to destroy the truck.

After taking down the insurgent soldiers, meet with Nadine to spin another wheel opening up a doorway.

Keep progressing through the fortress as there’s only one main pathway to take and you’ll eventually run into a trapped elephant. Chloe and Nadine can free the trapped elephant by getting on top of it and moving the debris.

After freeing the elephant, Chloe and Nadine can then ride it forward, again, there’s only one real pathway to take so keep pushing forward.

A cutscene will play followed by Chloe and Nadine parting ways with their elephant. On foot, progress towards the right and up the flight of stairs where you’ll find two crates full of weapons to choose from.

Keep moving forward climbing up the mountains and into the small cavern. Eventually, you’ll make your way up to a point where you’ll jump and hang from a spear followed by jumping again to reach the next set of stairs. Progressing up the stairs will end the chapter.

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