Epic Tavern Serves a Pint of High-Fantasy Pub Management

Heading to the tavern after a hard day’s work is great for letting off some steam, but managing one is a different story altogether. In Epic Tavern, Hyperkinetic Studios is going for a “brew of dynamic storytelling and classic RPG party management” where you play as the tavernmaster. So if you’ve ever wondered how battered knights and weary paladins restore their HP, you’re about to find out.

Gameplay revolves around recruiting adventurers over cups of frothy beverages, and picking the strongest, best equipped for epic quests. The mythical world of Beor is renowned for its heroes, but as the tavernmaster, it’s your responsibility to heal the wounded, stock them up with loot, and keep your business thriving. There’s also a choose-your-own-adventure element where your decisions can foster friendships, form rivalries, and ultimately, alter the course of destiny. Cheers to that!

Epic Tavern will be releasing as an Early Access title via Steam on September 7.