Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Special Episode – Operation: Raging Arrow

Before sprinting into Episode 2 of Agents of Mayhem, the crew must complete a quick Special Episode to unlock the stealthy Rama. The most heroic of the Agents, Rama seeks to find a cure for the Mumbai Plague released by LEGION, and her combination of bow-wielding hunter skills give her an edge in combat — even if her low shields make her more vulnerable than your first set of heroes.

The Special Episode introduces Rama and walks you through her many powerful skills. She’s one of my personal favorite characters, so expect to see her used for quite awhile in this walkthrough. After completing the first required Special Episode, more optional Special Episodes will unlock in the Seoul map — you can get Braddock, Kingpin, and Yeti before starting up Episode 2. I suggest you do that. The more Agents of Mayhem, the merrier, right?

Table of Contents

Special Episode – Operation: Raging Arrow


Mission – Special Investigation: Rama

This is the first Special Investigation. These are unique missions where you (eventually) play as only one Agent. You’ll be introduced to their skills and abilities – and their backstory – while fighting against lower-difficulty enemies. Die with just this one agent, and you won’t swap to another. These are, generally, very easy so there usually isn’t any danger of losing.

To complete this quick job, go investigate the drop pod launcher. This device will summon enemy soldiers as long as its active in the environment – hack it and destroy the controllers. Next, follow the waypoint to the terminal near an lift that takes an agent up to the LEGION outpost.

Smash local LEGION outposts to stop deployment of Drop Pod Launchers and other LEGION weapons.

Destroy outposts in Seoul to stop special weapon deployment in each area of the city. All outposts are the same – destroy random stuff until the meter fills up, then hack the antennae to take it over.

When an outpost is captured, you’ll be able to see all the LEGION activity in a quadrant. Each outpost will be tougher than the last, so you might want to save some of these bad boys for later. Set up the four disruptor pylons around Gremlin’s shop to gain an R&D lab in Seoul. Talk to Gremlin to complete the job.

Mission – Operation: Raging Arrow

Rama uses the Energy B.O.W. — hold down the fire button to make it even more powerful.

Time for some fun. In this mission, you’ll play as (and unlock) Rama, as well as the ability to call Agency Vehicles at will in the environment. Rama is a unique character, so let’s dive into her first mission.

TIP: Press [UP] on the D-Pad to summon your Agency Car. Stand in the purple circle to automatically enter when it arrives.

Agency cars can boost, they’re tough, and they do extra damage to other vehicles on the road. Basically, there’s no reason to steal a car unless you’ve lost an agency vehicle and the timer is still ticking down. Drive to the first investigation point to start your first fight with Rama.

Rama can turn invisible, and her energy bow auto-aim tracking will help her always land shots.


  • Weapon: Rama comes equipped with a deadly bow that can be charged for extra damage. Great for long-range headshots, with a nice auto-aim so you won’t have to worry about too many missed shots.
  • Special: Rama shoots a high-damage death trap. Aim for the ground or embed into an enemy. The trap will explode when an enemy enters the effect radius.
  • Mayhem: Shoots a single plague arrow. An affected enemy takes damage over time, and spreads area-of-effect poison when they die that will infect any other enemies caught in the blast.
  • Traversal: Rama can climb walls and, instead of dashing, she will turn invisible for a short time.
  • Specialization: Rama deals bonus damage to debuffed enemies, and does extra damage to shields.

Rama is a stealthy fighter with low shields, so she won’t last long in a fight if you aren’t careful. Use her invisibility skill to sneak out of fights and land headshots, or swap to tougher fighters to escape than swap back to finish enemies off with Rama’s charged energy bow.

Test your skills at the first data point. Hack the terminal and stay in the area as LEGION Helltroopers land all around you. Aim for charged shots when the pop out of cover and clear them out. At the second access site, hack the cherry tree and deal with the incoming enemies. There’s a new bad guy introduced here, too.

Swarmtroopers can debuff your agents with slow. Watch out for their thrown blades.

NEW ENEMY: Swarmtrooper – These fast, blade-wielding close-range experts sprint toward their target and throw knives that slow agents on impact. They’re difficult in groups, so save your explosive weapons when they bunch up.

Rama isn’t exactly a close-range expert, so she’ll need to use invisibility to avoid the Swarmtroopers and tag them with charged shots to take them down fast. Clear the troopers and drive to the last access point – scan the stand and defeat the enemies and travel to the waypoint.

Use scan to find the construction lifts and face off against the last group of LEGION enemies.

Ride the lift up to one last arena at the top of a construction site. Hack the terminal and defeat the combination of Swarmtroopers, Blitztroopers and Helltroopers to unlock Rama permanently.

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