Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Episode 2 – Operation: Heaven Sent

Stop Dr. Hammersmith’s insane plans and save the city from multiple airborne attacks in Agents of Mayhem Episode 2 – Operation: Heaven Sent. The evil Hammersmith is Dr. Babylon’s chief engineer, and this guy sure knows how to build a space laser. Not only that, but he uses is constantly. He’ll call down beams from the sky on more than one occasion to wipe your puny team of Mayhem Agents out.

There are three missions in this operation, and we’re covering them all here. That includes two boss fights, and multiple chases as you avoid flying debris / lasers falling from the sky. Choosing the right heroes for the job will make matters much easier, and if you’re ever having problems, remember you can lower the difficulty from the ARK deployment screen.

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Episode 2 – Operation: Heaven Sent


TIP #1: As of Episode 2, three more optional Agents will unlock. Complete their Agent Missions to permanently add Braddock, Kingpin, and Yeti to your roster. I recommend getting characters as early as possible.

TIP #2: From this mission onward, you can (and should!) select unique mission difficulty. I recommend setting it to Difficulty Level 3 or 4 – you’ll earn more XP and cash, and get more of a challenge.

Mission: Beam With Pride

  • Recommended Difficulty: 5 – Detail Leader
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Fortune, Kingpin

Time to stop the evil machinations of Hammersmith, the first of Dr. Babylon’s lieutenants. Before we can stop him, you’ll need to investigate some strange reading – go to the reactor exhibit. Go up the ramps in the building to activate the first terminal – it’s straight ahead when the reactor over-loads.

Interact with the second terminal, then wipe out the LEGION troops at the top of the tower. Helltroopers and Blitztroopers will attack – get to the top and clear the upper floor first so you don’t have to deal with snipers shooting you from above. Braddock’s special AP rounds will take out ranged LEGION fast, and her melee attack instantly makes enemies vulnerable.

Fight through the Helltroopers on the tower rooftop to reach the third terminal.

Interact with the third (and final) terminal to spot a giant green beam in the distance. You can use the floating platforms to reach the planetarium, or drop down to the street and summon a car to get there fast. Be prepared, because there’s a battle waiting for you at the planetarium.

Clear the planetarium of Helltroopers and Swarmtroopers, then use the terminal. That’s when the villainous Hammersmith shows up – he’s turned the planetarium into a tractor beam, and he’s pulling a strange comet out of space for unknown reasons. Doesn’t matter, because the Agents of Mayhem will stop him.

Hammersmith protects the tractor beam controls with a shield, leaving himself vulnerable. Swap to anti-shield or anti-armor heroes to defeat him faster.

BOSS: Hammersmith

Hammersmith is similar to Dr. Babylon’s first battle. He flies around on a platform while unleashing devastating attacks on the agents. There’s one major difference – Hammersmith has two layers of extra health meters. He has shields and armor – that’s why we Kingpin AND Fortune on the team.

TIP: Kingpin starts with the Skinpiercer Specialization. This allows him to deal bonus damage to Armor and pierce armored opponents. Fortune has Shieldbuster, which does the same thing for shields. Use these characters to really put the hurt on Hammersmith’s protection – swap to Kingpin to smash his armor, and Fortune to bust his shields.

Hammersmith protects the first console with an invincible shield. He’ll also summon guards while firing on the heroes with a charge beam. Wait for the lasers to meet in the center, then dodge out of the beam’s path. Swap to Braddock and use her AP rounds to kill the incoming soldiers – she’s even more powerful when aiming. Fortune’s Shieldbuster pistols (and special) will drain Hammersmith’s shields fast.

Dash to avoid Hammersmith’s kaleidoscope beam.

When his shield is down, he’ll leave the first terminal. Hack it, and prepare for phase 2. Now Hammersmith only has his armor – swap to Kingpin or Hardtack. I prefer Kingpin’s extra range, but Hardtack (with extended shotgun range gadget) will do just fine. Hack the second terminal – and the last phase will begin. Use Braddock’s Mayhem ability for the last section, or pelt him with AP Rounds to finish the fight.

Hack the last terminal to deactivate the tractor beam and complete the mission.

Mission: Skyfall

  • Recommended Difficulty: 5 – Detail Leader
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Yeti, Hollywood

At the start of the mission, the agency sends a souped-up car. You’ll need it – the sky is raining meteors! Try to avoid the explosions as you drive, but this upgraded car won’t go flying if you take a hit. Drive around until Friday points you to a meteor impact site – at the site, use the scanner indicator to find all three impact sites.

After all three are scanned, you’ll need to rundown a LEGION vehicle. Use boost to ram them from behind – they’ll be knocked off the road and explode. Take out two trucks, and you’ll find the location of a secret LEGION lair. Jump from the awning into the interior at the next waypoint and take down the Swarmtroopers – Yeti’s powerful melee and durability make these nuisances no problem.

Avoid the meteors as they fall from the sky!

NEW ENEMY: Shocktrooper – The ground-pounding heavy Shocktrooper is a dangerous foe with high health and shields. He shoots small green knife-life projectiles, like Swarmtroopers, but he’s much tougher. When he jumps, he’ll slam the ground and slow anyone caught in the blast.

Yeti is another powerful hero for fighting Shocktroopers. His freeze-ray, when frozen, unlocks a powerful melee attack. Hold do the freeze ray until the super soldier is frozen and your gun doesn’t work, then smash him with a souped-up melee. When he’s down, scan the area, find the hacking terminal (Yeti can bypass easy / medium hacks) and use the lift to reach the lair. Watch out for the incoming boombots!

Shocktroopers charge into battle with high durability. Freeze them in place with Yeti’s ice blaster.

Inside Hammersmith’s lair, start smashing objects in the first room. You’ll have to deal with large numbers of Helltroopers and Blitztroopers. In the second room, rush to the targeted Shocktrooper Commander – he’s tough, so unleash a Mayhem ability. I prefer Hollywood’s Blockbuster attack – it adds lots of extra defense, and the explosions / unlimited ammo will help take the Shocktrooper down.

Scan the terminal in the larger third room, and you’ll finally find the path to the crystal shard storage. Interact, and Hammersmith will sends groups of troopers to kill you. A mixture of Helltroopers, Blitztroopers, and Swarmtroopers – defeat them with your agents, activate the lift when you’re clear, and hop into the agency truck on street level to deliver the fragment back to the ARK for study.

Mission: All You Can Eat

  • Recommended Difficulty: 5 – Detail Leader
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Fortune, Kingpin

Time to track down Hammersmith. Jump into the special Agency vehicle, and drive through all three waypoints. Hammersmith launches space strikes with his laser – avoid the thin lasers before they turn into giant blasts and use boost to speed out of a stop.

After completing the race against Hammersmith’s beam weapon, you’ll arrive at the BBQ restaurant. Hack the first terminal under the bridge, then the second one on the roof. Both are guarded by Helltroopers and Swarmtroopers. Scan the little cow on the restaurant roof itself to meet a new enemy.

Turrets don’t mess around. Shoot down the plasma orbs and pound them with Gremlin tech, AP rounds, or anti-armor heroes.

NEW ENEMY: Hellfire Turret – A powerful turret that fires plasma balls. The plasma moves slowly, but is very powerful. Shoot the plasma to divert it, and target the turret itself with anti-armor agents. Braddock’s AP Rounds are strong enough to drain the turret.

Hack the terminal and use the lift to reach Hammersmith’s lair. In the first large room, you’ll have to deal with Arc turrets and destroy 3 conduits on the lower levels. Avoid the deadly lasers down the trenches, and avoid the turrets – the turrets aim like snipers, and their shots will lock an agent’s abilities. If you’re hit, swap to a new agent to unlock your agent.

Arc turrets will lock the affected hero. Swap to a new hero to remove the energy cuffs.

In the second room of the lair, you’ll have to fight Helltroopers, Blitztroopers, Swarmtroopers, and a Shocktrooper. Use the many, many explosive barrels to take out the Shocktrooper even if you don’t have a strong anti-shield agent. In the third room, you’ll need to use your scanner to locate three terminals – look for red terminals. They spawn in random locations every time.

When the door is unlocked, the final hallway leads to Hammersmith’s control room. Time to take this clown down for good.

Hammersmith’s control room is a busy place. Destroy the turrets and stun Hammersmith with his own energy balls.

BOSS: Hammersmith – Second Encounter

Hammersmith flies on a platform with an invincibility shield, firing rockets and summoning defense turrets. Like the previous fight, Hammersmith’s laser weapon will slowly focus before firing a powerful beam. Keep moving, and use AP Rounds (Braddock) to blast the turrets. When all the turrets are down, the next phase of the fight will begin.

Hammersmith will begin to summon explosive energy balls. They’ll sweep around his platform, or fly out in all directions – dash through the explosives and aim for the balls that are summoned and launched directly at the agent.

If you manage to shoot the energy balls, they’ll bounce back into Hammersmith, lowering his platform and leaving him stunned. Use anti-armor agents or powers – Braddock’s AP Rounds, Kingpin or Hardtack will rapidly drain his armor.

Stand in the white circles to trick the red orbs into blasted the core controllers, exposing Hammersmith’s power source.

When the armor is gone, he’ll dock the platform and begin to pelt the arena with space laser blasts. Save Braddock’s enhanced Mayhem power for this part, but before we can hurt Hammersmith, you’ll need to destroy the core. To reveal the core, hide behind the targeted terminals – stand so that the red orb lasers hit the terminals, destroying them. When they break, the core will be temporarily exposed.

Keep exposing and blasting the core – if you need health or revives, kill the incoming Helltroopers that swarm into the control room arena. Stand on the left side, then the right, then the center. When the core is destroyed, the mission will end. That’s one evil plot foiled.

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