Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Episode 3 – Operation: Star Power

August Gaunt is a one man boyband, inventor, and all-around trashy bro — and he’s one of Dr. Babylon’s evil lieutenants. The auto-tuned fraudster is hosting a benefit concert for Seoul, and only the Agents of Mayhem can stop him from mind-controlling the entire city with his cheap VR headsets. Let’s get to work, agents.

For this mission, you’re required to unlock Daisy — but three more awesome agents are available. There’s Joule, a brilliant inventor and Italian model that summons a deadly turret into battle. Then there’s Red Card, an addlebrained German Football enthusiast with a shotgun / rifle combo weapon. Lastly, there’s Oni the Yakuza assassin that gains an ever-increasing debuff field as he kills LEGION goons.

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Episode 3 – Operation: Star Power


TIP: Three new optional Agents can be unlocked in Seoul. I recommend you unlock all three – Oni, Joule and Red. LEGION will also begin deploying more dangerous doomsday weapons in the city. Spend some times clearing out LEGION outposts to make the city safer. It also helps to reach at least LEVEL 10 with your team.

Mission: All the Rave

  • Recommended Difficulty: 6 – Super Agent
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Joule, Hardtack

Take a quick trip to Scandals – that was Gaunt’s last location. At the nightclub, the not-so-friendly bouncer will point you toward a nearby garage. Go search for Gaunt’s ugly ride over in that neck of the wood – the underground tunnel leads to a car park with three ugly cars to investigate.

The first car explodes, but the second car leads to an ambush. Joule’s turret and special ability are perfect for weathering turrets, especially if you unlock the core ability to give your turret a shield. Use the “Peek-A-Boo” gadget so Joule gains Fortify when repairing her turret, too! It makes her extra tough.

Joule can withstand an ambush — use her turret and Mayhem turret to wipe out incoming Helltroopers.

The ambush is all Helltroopers, Commanders and Boombots. The third and final car finally reveals Gaunt’s secret door. Use Joule to hack the console and grab the fancy (ugly) car. Drive it through the waypoints to smash through the gates of the Ancestral Temple and face off against Gaunt himself. He’s not very happy about what you just did to “Tiffany”.

Inside the temple, use the scanner and follow the green cloud of stinky cologne up to Gaunt’s room. Don’t worry, it’s just a hologram. But there’s a free loot chest and a computer to hack inside. Swarmtroopers and a Shocktrooper will ambush you near the room – take them out and then clear the Helltroopers and turret below. Use Braddock’s AP Round from the top floor to kill that turret before dropping down.

The temple gets dangerous when turrets and Shocktroopers ambush your agents. Stay out of turret range!

Clear the enemies. Next stop – the rave! Take out the evil bouncer to open the doors and get inside the secret lair. Deeper inside, you’ll learn a little bit more about Gaunt’s evil plan – he’s equipping everyone with VR mind-control headsets. Take out all three transmitters; party-goers will rush you, so make good use of the turret or Hardtack’s shotgun. Wipe out the remaining troops to finish up Part 1.

Mission – Run the Gauntlet

  • Recommended Difficulty: 6 – Super Agent
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Rama, Hardtack

Use the construction lift to reach Gaunt’s meeting place. Of course he isn’t there – it’s just a trap. And a pretty deadly one too, because a new enemy is waiting for you; the Snipetrooper. Rama has the longest range, so she’s the best at counter-sniping.

Snipetroopers make life difficult at any range. Dash to their position and engage in close-range combat for an easier time.

NEW ENEMY: Snipetrooper – These deadly assassins shoot Agents from long range, usually standing on a tower or vantage with a good view, and their powerful rifle can kill unsuspecting heroes fast. Rush in close, and the Snipetroopers will dash away. When their beam hones in, quickly dash to avoid a damaging shot.

You’ve probably met Snipetroopers before, but this is their first story introduction. Say goodbye with a barrage of AP Rounds from Braddock. Three snipers will appear, before a group of Helltroopers appears with a fourth Snipetrooper. Inspect the terminal, then drop down to the street level – set the truck as your primary Agency vehicle, and smash that traveling van. When it’s rammed to death, inspect the van and take a quick trip to the Distribution Center. That’s where all the Anti-Mayhem propaganda is coming from!

More Snipetroopers will ambush you at this mini-concert. Scale the closest building and defeat them first.

Inspect the crate at the tiny concert and prepare for a second ambush. Snipetroopers land on the rooftops above the stage. Quickly target those Snipetroopers first on the rooftops, then clear the Helltroopers on the ground. Grab a VR headset from the table before leaving for our next objective – Gaunt’s warehouse.

Open the doors, and you’ll be greeted with an armored turret. Hardtack or Braddock can cut it down while weaving around a group a Swarmtroopers that swoop in. Lead the Swarmtroopers to the street, clear them out, then take care of the turret.

Mission – Working In Concert

  • Recommended Difficulty: 6 – Super Agent
  • Recommended Team: Braddock, Joule, Hardtack

Gaunt is plotting to take over Seoul with his mind-control virtual reality headsets. Before facing off against Gaunt, you’ll need to investigate his Gauntlet production facility. Scan the waypoint to open the door to the LEGION facility – and there’s even a new enemy type waiting below.

Enhanced Bufftroopers can make multiple LEGION soldiers invulnerable. Kill them first.

NEW ENEMY – Bufftrooper: These annoying soldiers buff allies in the field, providing a variety of bonuses depending on your difficulty level. They can even make targeted troops invulnerable. Always aim to take out these jerks first – don’t worry, they’re not super tough, though they do typically have shields.

Annoyingly, Bufftroopers like running away. This is especially annoying in the second chamber – there’s an electricity field they can safely cross but you can’t without taking damage. Lure the Swarmtroopers away from the Bufftrooper and his cronies, then circle around.

Continue fighting down into the LEGION base and destroy the VR headset factory.

Down the lift, you’ll have to deal with Bufftrooper Commanders guarding a Snipetrooper. Dash into combat. The Bufftroopers aren’t very dangerous fighters, and you can weave out of Snipetrooper shots at close-range fairly easily. Additional Bufftroopers, Snipetroopers and Helltroopers will warp in on the central platform, so be prepared for a fight. When they’re all gone, grab the keycard.

Set the factory to self-destruct in the next room, and sprint to the exit while the factory crumbles. Up top, it’s time to face Gaunt! Drive through the checkpoints before the timer runs out to reach Gaunt’s concert, then enter through the back entrance. This chump is going down tonight.

BOSS: August Gaunt

Gaunt fights in a neon arena, and uses a variety of special attacks – he launches green tracker swarms, and uses laser turrets that randomly sweep across the center platform. Stick to close-range combat – swap to Joule to drain his shields, then use Hardtack to hammer his armor.

Gaunt won’t sit still, and uses multiple debuffs to slow your agents then attack with close-range AoE.

Instead of standing still, Gaunt dashes and rolls, deploying area-of-effect attacks directly around him if you get close, and blasting you with shots that debuff Agents, slowing their movement. Braddock’s AP Rounds are a useful tool to wreck Gaunt’s armor. When he’s down to just his armor, Phase 2 will begin.

NOTE: If you need health during this battle, look for the “+” dispensers on the walls. Get close for a quick health boost.

Use melee to knock out the incoming Gaunt fans to free them from his mind-control.

Phase 2: Gaunt retreats and summons his Roadies. While he’s flying around from above, you’ll have to take out Helltroopers and Bufftroopers. Gaunt will continue to drop explosive blasts from his platform, stay frosty and avoid the center of the arena at all costs. When the Elite Stage Manager (Snipetrooper) spawns, you’ll know the fight is almost over. Take them out to enter the final phase of the fight.

Phase 3: Gaunt’s mind-controlled fans swarm the stage. They’re innocent, so don’t shoot! Use melee to knock the helmets off their heads, freeing them of Gaunt’s hypno-suggestion powers. Melee the incoming fans, then hack both terminals between enemy waves to completely disable Gaunt’s auto-tuner, revealing his truly awful singing voice to the world. After three hacks, Gaunt loses control of the crowd and the battle is won.

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