Agents of Mayhem Walkthrough | Episode 5 – Operation: Red Queen

Steeltoe’s digital bride is on a rampage after the Agents of Mayhem crashed her wedding reception. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Red Aisha is on the warpath. She wants to bring down Mayhem’s flying home base called the Ark. To defeat this K-Pop AI superstar, you’ll have to enter her digital world.

This is the first “surprise” lieutenant — she isn’t really a soldier working for Dr. Babylon, but her interests align with LEGION, so they’re a match made in heaven. Aisha isn’t just one personality either. She’s a construct made of five different sisters, and each has their own goals. You might even find one of the Aisha sisters sympathetic to Mayhem’s cause. Check out how to handle Red Aisha with the complete Episode 5 walkthrough and boss guide.

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Episode 5 – Operation: Red Queen


After every episode, LEGION may retake outposts and deploy new doomsday weapons on Seoul. Spend some time between episodes completing agent missions and clearing out problems in the city – or just barrel ahead and skip the city activities. If you bring a fast enough car, you can just plow through just about anything.

Mission: Dancing in the Streets

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Scheherazade, Braddock, Joule
  • Requirement: Skinpiercer (Anti-armor)

Red Aisha, Steeltoe’s former bride-to-be is on a rampage. She’s released a single on Seoul, and the sound is causing people to uncontrollably dance the night away. It doesn’t just make them dance – it makes them die, too! Travel to the first concert area and destroy all of Aisha’s speakers. At the second party location, fight through the Blitztroopers and Swarmtroopers to smash all the speakers.

Aisha’s terrible K-Pop is killing people! Destroy the speakers.

At the third party location, you’ll find a party bus used to amplify Aisha’s signal. Hack it and protect it from the incoming LEGION soldiers – fight the Swarmtroopers until the hack is complete and the first mission is complete. Mayhem needs to find a way to confront Aisha, or she’ll bring down the Ark!

Mission: Grief Counseling

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Oni, Hollywood, Joule

Instead of keeping Aisha out, Mayhem plots to trick Aisha to enter their system and quarantine her. To do that, you’ll need to enter an outside VR Booth. To capture yellow, just follow her on the platforms as she appear. Blue is more of a challenge – approach her, then defeat the Swarmtroopers and Snipetrooper. Destroy the Tanktrooper to capture her.

Red Aisha summons swarms of LEGION troops. Watch out for the moving platforms — if you get caught between one, it’s an instant death.

In the green room, quickly hope around the platforms and collect 10 treasure chests. Red won’t go down so easily. Like blue, red summons swarms of enemies – she starts with Helltroopers while the arena platforms shift and move. Later, Swarmtroopers and Shocktroopers will spawn – Oni can wipe out Helltroopers with easy. Joule is good at tricking Swarmtroopers into attacking her turrets. Defeat two shocktroopers to face the final Aishia.

Purple Aisha is the last of the Aishas, and she’s the most reasonable. Red Aisha is the angriest, and she’s losing her mind – run through the opening / closing doors and ignore the enemies. Mixer will open each. At the end of the path, when the simulation is crumbling, quickly interact with the terminal to escape.

Mission: Sibling Rivalry

  • Recommended Difficulty: 9 – Agent of Mayhem
  • Recommended Team: Oni, Hollywood, Joule

Not all the Aishas are on the same page. Red Aisha is losing her mind, but Purple Aisha is on your side. She can be used to track down (and destroy) the rest of the Aisha personalities. Shoot through the glass at the waypoint and ride the elevator to the rooftop to find the first network node. Destroy two nodes, then hack the third on the restaurant rooftop. All three are lightly guarded.

On the restaurant roof, after hacking, Purple Aisha will access the nodes while Red Aisha summons LEGION reinforcements. Her billboards will appear periodically – shoot them down by the drone! Oni is especially good against heavy enemies like Tanktroopers. His special will instill fear, leaving them vulnerable. Swap to your strongest hero to bring them down fast.

The Aishas buff the enemy waves. Destroy them, then prepare for a long fight against two Pride Bot Captains.

BOSS: Red Aisha

Scan the area outside the planetarium and hack the terminal to enter the lair where Aisha is located. Down below, you’ll find a giant Aisha hologram in a LEGION robot factory, producing an endless supply of COPs. These are the weakest enemies in the game, but the alternate Aisha personalities will buff the bots as they spawn.

NOTE: The left and right side of the upper arena each have four health dispensers. Swap heroes if you’re low on health and make quick trips to these health dispensers – they refill as you fight.

The battle gets tough when a Pride Captain spawns – it will provide shields to nearby COPs. Oni’s special is great at disrupting and instilling fear. His special causes multiple debuffs at once, which should counter-act the Aishas’ buffs. After the first Captain is defeated, two more Captains will appear without COP reinforcements.

Oni’s special shot still seriously debuffs the Pride Bot Captains.

Phase 2: The Green / Yellow Captains have three layers of HP – shields, armor, and health. Use Joule first to drain their shields, then Braddock / Scheherazade / Hollywood can rip into their yellow armor layer. Watch out when Aisha calls on “Hug Mode” – just keep running when the Captains are enveloped in a red sphere and fly directly toward you.

The pair will also activate “Hyper Beam”, causing them both to teleport and hover in the center of the arena. They’ll fire sniper-like sustained beams of energy. Keep moving and dodge when the light appears from their chests. When using these special attacks, both robots can still be damaged or destroyed.

The giant robot prototype’s hands are vulnerable when they charge. Blast them, then unleash Mayhem on the head.

Phase 3: Red Aisha takes her true form – a giant robotic prototype. It isn’t finished yet, but it does pack a whole lot of heat. Aim for the red spot on the hands when they open – Hollywood is great for this. Blast both hands, and the “eye” will lower, leaving the boss stunned. Blast the eye while it’s most vulnerable.

It’ll take about two rounds of stun to defeat the giant Red Aisha. Between attacks, Red Aisha will launch a tracking rocket barrage – drop down to the lower level and run all the way to the back. There’s plenty of cover to hide from the rockets here. When that’s over, quickly rush back in close to shoot the hands before they’re able to unleash attacks of their own.

Destroy the Red Aisha to end the threat. That’s another operation down, and another potential ally – Purple Aisha is still on your side. Hey, Purple is the color of Mayhem after all.

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